Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Child Have Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Child Have Amblyopia

The medical name for lazy I is amblyopia, and requires the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, getting the right diagnosis is key. To getting the treatment that will help their child.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Parents might suspect that their child has lazy eye. Because to look at them, they might not have their eyes aligned. However, not everyone who has lazy eyes. Has a type this severe, that it is this obvious.

Therefore, many children might start struggling in school. Having trouble reading. Or having a hard time in physical education class. And may even appear clumsy, due to their difficulties.

When this is the case, vision therapists say parents should make an appointment. To bring their child into vision therapist’s office. For comprehensive vision exam. Unlike a routine eye exam.

That is only designed to check to see if the child has perfect vision and their eyes. And to prescribe corrective lenses. A comprehensive vision exam is a lot longer, and more in-depth.

It is going to be approximately an hour to an hour and a half. To allow the vision therapist to perform all of the measurements and exercises. That will help them understand what is going on in the child’s eyes.

As well as was going on in the child’s brain. To make the right diagnosis. And put together the right treatment. Such as if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


At the end of the examination. They will discuss their diagnosis with the parent. As well as let them know what lazy eye treatment in Edmonton they do suggest for their child.

Often, they may prescribe corrective lenses. That will be designed to make their weaker I strong. And then there stronger I slightly less strong. What this will do, is make both eyes able to see similarly to each other.

So that they can use both eyes, overcome their struggles. However, in some patients. They need vision therapy. Which is considered a lot like physiotherapy. However, for the lazy eye instead of the body.

This treatment has the vision therapist leading the child through special exercises. Designed to help them learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. As well as how to train their brain.

To utilize this visual information it receives. From both of the eyes at the same time. This process can take anywhere between six months to one year. Of weekly, half-hour sessions in the vision therapist’s office.

They also might ask the patient to do homework. Consisting of fifteen minutes of special exercises a day. Five days a week, in order to reinforce they have learned at the weekly session.

And practice it, so that they can progress through the vision therapy much more effectively. If parents suspect that their child has lazy eye, or amblyopia.

And are looking for a vision therapist that can help them. All they have to do is reach out to vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange this comprehensive vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Does Your Student Have Amblyopia

Many parents may get nervous to hear that their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they think it might involve putting a patch on their child’s strong eye. While this was a common treatment for lazy eyes, or amblyopia.

It did not actually treat the cause of this vision syndrome. Therefore, it was mostly ineffective. At helping children overcome their difficulties. This is because amblyopia is not caused by weaker I muscles.

But instead, it is caused by a problem in the eye brain connection. To understand why, people should learn how the eyes and brain work together. Visual information is picked up by the eyes.

Going through the front of the eye, and landing on the back of the eye. Very similar to that of a camera. The retina, is the part of the eye that is responsible. For sending this visual information the brainstem.

Once the brainstem receives this vast amount of visual information. It is responsible for sending the appropriate parts of the information. To the correct centres of the brain. That deal with that information.

Since people are constantly viewing information. And there is a lot of visual information. Such as colours, shapes and sizes. As well as lightness, darkness. And even doing objects.

Trying to judge how fast objects are moving. And if they are moving towards the person or away from them. Even communication, reading and learning. Requires visual skills.


Therefore, this is a huge job for the brainstem. And for people who have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. There is a missing connection in the brainstem. Which causes it to have difficulty.

With this task. Therefore, in order to process the visual information more efficiently. The brain simply turns off vision to one of the eyes. And then only has half the information to have to process.

This is what causes lazy eye, or amblyopia. And the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Does not work to only strengthen the muscles in the weaker I. But it actually is designed. To fix the disconnect in the eye brain connection.

This is possible with vision therapy exercises. Because of the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. And its ability to continue to learn, and heal itself. This requires help from a vision therapist.

Who will conduct a comprehensive vision exam. And then diagnose the child, and come up with the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Whether it is corrective lenses, vision therapy.

Or a mixture of the two, the vision therapist. Will utilize special exercises. To help the child overcome their difficulties. This process can take six months to a year. But is much more effective than patching.

Or simply to go ahead and get their child examined. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange this examination with one of their experts.