Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Do You Need Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Do You Need Vision Therapy

Vision syndromes are much more common than many people might think, requiring the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment. Based on what vision syndromes they have.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

And while many people think that children. Are the most likely people. Who will suffer from a vision syndrome. This is not necessarily true. Yes, 25% of all children.

Are diagnosed with some vision syndrome. This problem, is caused in the brain. And typically happens, during the brains initial development. And children’s vision syndromes.

Are not going to heal as the child ages. And their brain matures. And they will need the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or, another treatment. Based on what vision syndrome they have.

But also, adults can have vision syndromes as well. And while many people might assume. That those adults, are from untreated children. This is not necessarily the case.

Untreated vision syndromes. Such as amblyopia. Eventually turn permanent, and adults. Which is why is of paramount importance. The children get the right help when they are young.

Now, adult vision syndromes. Are typically caused by some type of brain injury. Such as a concussion. The reason why brain, or head injuries. Can so easily result in vision syndromes.


Is because of how extensive the vision system is. When people think of what they see. They use their eyes. There is a lot of information that the eyes are taking in. For example, they use their eyes.

To read, in order to learn, and for recreation. They must use several different visual skills. Such as keeping their eyes trained on a small spots. Then jumping very quickly from one word.

Another, recognizing all of the letters. And what all of the letters form into each word. And then be able to follow every single word to the end of the line. But also, they use their vision.

When they are communicating, looking at a person’s lips. To help them understand the words they are saying. Looking at their face, for visual cues. About what type of mood they are in, and what motion they are conveying their words.

They also look at people’s body language. In order to understand how they are feeling. When they move about the world, they need to use their vision. In order to avoid objects. And see obstacles that are coming towards them.

In fact, the visual system is so extensive. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That specifically use vision. And three hundred connections in the brain. That deal with vision in some way.

Because of how extensive it is. Almost any brain injury. Damages some part of the vision system. Therefore, finding someone who has had a head injury. The right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is crucial for their complete healing. Patients, or parents of children. Who are looking for a vision therapist. Can contact vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Discovering You Need Vision Therapy

Vision syndromes are common, such as amblyopia that needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or, strabismus that needs across I treatment. Those are just two of the very many vision syndromes that there are in the world.

However, many people still believe. That vision syndromes are caused by the eyes malfunctioning. But this is not the case. Vision syndromes occur. When there is a problem in the brain.

And specifically, the eye to brain connection. In order to understand this. People need to understand how the eyes, and the brain work together. In order to help a person see the visual world.

When people open their eyes, light carries the information. About the objects around them. Into their eyes, through the front of them. Called the lens. And then will land, on the back of the eye.

Where the retina is. The retina is the part of the eyes. That takes that visual information. And sends it to the brain for processing. The brain, will then receive this information. In the brainstem itself.

And then the brain is responsible. For sending this visual information. To the different centres of the brain that need that particular information. Or the different connections, that require it.

For example, if someone is reading. The brain must send the information. About the words that they are reading. To the centre of the brain that deals with language. And if a person is playing a game.


The brain must send various parts of the visual information. To many different centres. In fact, there are thirty-two connections in the brain. That deals with vision . And three hundred connections.

That use vision in some way. This is a very large, complex job for the brain. And people who have vision syndromes. The problem is in the brain, and how it processes that information.

People with amblyopia for example, and who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The problem in the brain, is that it is unable. To process such a vast amount of visual information effectively.

Therefore it turns off the vision to one eye. In order to have only half the information to process. However, that results in the patient losing the eyesight and that I, having people call it lazy.

Therefore, the best treatment for those with a vision syndrome. Will be a vision therapist, leading that patient. Through exercises designed. To train the brain how to use information it receives.

From both eyes at the same time. It is possible to heal the brain. Simply due to the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. However, treatment must happen within a few years.

Otherwise, the connections of the brain, may not be able to be altered. This means children needs to get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Before they are on adults. And adults, should get treatment.

As soon as they recognize, that they have a vision syndrome. If people would like more information about vision syndromes. Or vision therapy. They can contact vision by design in Edmonton.