Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Diagnosing Vision Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Diagnosing Different Vision Problems

Often, when parents think of their child having vision problems, they assume their child needs lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But if they have gone to the eye doctor. And found that their child has perfect vision. They may not even think that their child could possibly have a vision problem to begin with.

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However, optometrists and vision therapists. Understand that having perfect vision. Does not mean that a child would not have certain visual problems. Because vision is a very complex process.

And many different visual skills are needed. In order to learn, read. And interact with the world. And if one visual skill is not fully developed. It can result in the child having a lot of difficulties.

And certainly, if the child has one I that is not functioning. They may need to get lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. However, there are many different visual problems that could be affecting their child.

In fact, one in four children have a visual problem. Even though they might have perfect vision. And they could have a lazy eye, which would require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

However the most common visual problem into children is called a convergence insufficiency. This is referred to as binoculars vision. And what it means, is that the child is not able to turn their eyes inward.

Which is required for viewing things up close. Therefore, they may score perfect vision when they get an eye exam. However, if they or the parent does not disclose. The child is struggling with reading, or other near work.

Then it might not get detected early enough. And the reason why a child would not say that they see blurred or double vision. When they are reading. Is because they may not realize that this is not normal.


Because this is how it has always been for them. Another visual problem that a child might have. That could be affecting their ability to see, and learn is an accommodative issue.

When people are looking at objects far away, their eyes are relaxed. However, the closer an object is. The more their muscles are going to have to work. And an accommodative issue means their eye muscles will fatigue easily.

Therefore, they can get tired very quickly. When they are reading things that are close up. Or, similar to how overworking a muscle can cause pain. Children might feel this physical pain in their eyes when they try to focus close up for more than a few moments.

And another I issue that might be causing a child to have difficulties reading, or interpreting their visual world. Is an eye tracking issue. When children are reading, they must be able to focus on words that are close up.

But also, move their eyes from one word to the next. While continually refocusing on each word. If they have a problem with following words with their eyes. They are going to have a problem with this.

Parents should be watching for their child avoiding reading or near work. And if this is their issue, they might want to bring them back in to the optometrist for an exam, to look for eye issues.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems Diagnosed

One of the most important things that parents can do, is look for I problems in their child that may require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another solution. Because when children have visual problems. It can actually look like a behavioural problems.

For example, if a child is having a hard time focusing on objects that are close to them. Reading becomes a tiresome, difficult. Or even painful event. Especially when their eye muscles fatigue, or hurt from focusing so hard.

Therefore, they will tend to avoid doing classwork, reading or even homework. But before they are labelled as having behavioural issues. Or ADD or ADHD.

Parents should consider if there is a visual problem that requires something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or treatment for a handful of other visual problems that they might have.

There are many behaviours that will look like children are not paying attention. Or that they are hyperactive. But all it is, is having an aversion to the things that are irritating or painful.

Therefore, if a child avoids reading at all costs. But loves when someone else like the parents or teachers agreed to them. This might not be them being defiant. Or not being able to concentrate.

Instead, they might have an eye tracking issue. That causes them to not be able to follow words along and read sentences and paragraphs. And can have reduced comprehension.


However, when they do get read to, they love it. Because they love hearing about the story, and letting their imaginations work. So rather than think that they have a behavioural problem.

They might need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, or another treatment for any other visual problem that they might have. When this is the case, children will be able to get the help they need, and read without problem.

Or, if parents notice that their child does not necessarily avoid reading. But they read, and do homework exceptionally slowly. This could be because they are compensating for an eye tracking issue.

Or, if they are using their finger to follow along well they are reading. To help them overcome their problems of not being able to easily focus on the next word.

This is a good indication that they should take them to vision by design, for a routine eye exam. But then share with the optometrist their concerns. And what they see their child doing.

There are many things that parents can watch for. And while they might not need specifically a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They might need something to help with convergence insufficiency.

Or an accommodative issue. Or to help an eye tracking issue. But once they get the right diagnosis from a vision therapist. They are going to be able to get the help they need, to overcome their vision problems. And have no problems with interpreting the visual world.