Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Diagnosing Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Diagnosing Amblyopia

If children are struggling to see, and read perhaps a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help them overcome amblyopia. What this is, is a common vision syndrome. That can be treated with the vision therapist.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Used to be thought of as a problem. In the eyes themselves. With one eye, not working as hard. As the stronger I in a patient.

Therefore, the common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton many years ago. Used to be putting a patch on the strong eye. In order to force the weaker I to be used, in order to become stronger.

And while this treatment actually worked. To help the weaker I become strong. People who had lazy eye syndrome. Now known as amblyopia. Did not have their vision syndrome resolved by this.

The reason why, is because this vision syndrome is not caused by one I refusing to work. Rather, a problem in the eye brain connection. In order to understand this problem.

People should understand how the eyes work. In conjunction with the brain. When a person looks at something. The information passes through the front of their eye. And lands on the back of their eye.

This is called the retina. And the retina is actually connected to the brain. The eyes send this visual information to the brain. Which then processes this visual information.


By sending various parts of it. To the different areas of the brain that deal with that particular information. There are over thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision.

And over three hundred connections in the brain. That deal specifically with vision. Therefore, with information coming from to retinas. This is a lot of information. For the brain to be constantly dealing with.

People with amblyopia, have a problem. With the way the brain is receiving and processing the visual information. The brain actually is getting confused. By receiving two sets of visual information.

One from each retina. In order to minimize the confusion. The brain will simply turn off vision to one eye. So that it is only receiving information from one retina. And then, has an easier time processing the information.

While this eliminates the confusion for the brain. What it also does. Is it costs the patient the ability to use both eyes. And along with it, other vision skills. Such as depth perception and eye tracking.

People will seek out a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Because they notice that their child is having trouble. Reading, playing on the playground. And even appearing clumsy.

The best way to get the child the help they need. Is to contact a vision therapist. Like the experts and vision by design in Edmonton. Due to the specialized nature of what they do.

Parents must call in. Because they will not accept vision therapy appointments online or by email. But calling can allow them to book a complementary consultation. That can help them get the help their child needs.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Amblyopia Gets Diagnosed

Amblyopia is a vision syndrome requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Often, parents might suspect. That their child has a lazy eye. But are reluctant to find them treatment.

The reason why, is because one of the parents may have had a terrible experience. With a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton as a child. Or, had a friend or sibling who struggled with this.

The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that used to be used. For children with a lazy eye. Used to be putting a patch over there strong eye. In order to force their weaker I to be used more. And become just as strong.

Children would hate this. Because it would cause them to not be able to see. And use their lazy eye. Therefore, the fight would often ensue. Between the child and the parent. With the parent eventually giving in.

It would not take long for the parent to completely abandon this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. No longer willing to fight with their child. Or see their child being miserable.

For people who were able to stick with this treatment. They would find that while both eyes would be able to see clearly. At the end of patching. They still suffered from amblyopia.

This is because patching only made to the weaker I strong. And did nothing to fix the problem. Which is actually in the brain. This is why patching is no longer used to treat amblyopia.


Therefore, parents who are looking to find help for their child. Do not have to worry about this archaic practice any longer. Instead, they will utilize prescription lenses. What these lenses are designed to do.

Our make the weaker I stronger. As well as the stronger I slightly less strong. When the eyes are seeing approximately the same. It will become easier. To teach the eyes how to work together.

And train the brain how to use the information. From both eyes at the same time. This is accomplished through a series of the specialized exercises. Led by the vision therapist.

The benefit of this treatment. Is that the vision therapist is able to tailor every single exercise to each patient specifically. Making it harder as the child progresses. And improves their amblyopia.

The first step to reaching this point. Would be calling a vision therapist. Such as the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. And arranging complementary consultation.

During this consultation, they will be able to give a comprehensive vision exam. Taking approximately an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Due to the numerous exercises and measurements that must be taken.

At the end of the consultation. The vision therapist will have a diagnosis. And a treatment already for the patient to proceed with. If parents have any questions about this, they can talk to the vision therapist directly.