Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Curing Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Curing Amblyopia

Amblyopia, requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton says experts. It simply will not go away on its own. While many parents think that they can ignore it. This is actually quite dangerous.

What causes lazy eye syndrome. Is a broken connection. In the brain, as it connects. To the eyes retinas. Therefore, the brain. Turns off vision. To one eye. In order to have fewer problems.

Processing the visual information. That it does receive. Unfortunately, the brain. Will make this permanent. If the problem does not get fixed. By the time a child reaches to a certain age. And while many people believe.

That this means that the problem. Has simply resolved with age. The reason why. The child who has amblyopia. No longer sees double. Or blurred images. Is not because their symptoms have fixed with age.

But rather, the brain. Has completely turned off vision. To that I, and that means. They are not seeing double. Because they are not seeing anything. Out of one eye. This is a permanent situation.

And since lazy eye syndrome. Can actually be treated quite easily. And without the fuss and fights. That was seen years ago with patching. There is truly. No reason for parents. To delay in getting their children.

The right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. In order to get the right treatment. Parents should first. Meet with a vision therapist. At vision by design optometry. Located in the neighbourhood of Collingwood.


In West Edmonton, they have. Several vision therapists on staff. And they offer free consultations. If after the first consultation. They believe the child should be tested. That can be arranged.

In contrast to an eye exam. A vision exam. It takes much longer. Usually lasting for an hour, or an hour and a half. Because of the many measurements. And exercises the patient must do.

In order for the vision therapist. To gain a complete understanding. Of exactly what is going on. With the patient’s eyes and brain. There are several different vision syndromes. That patients may have.

And while it might be obvious. That a child has a vision syndrome. Figuring out which one. And then, which subsequent treatment. Is going to be best. Is what takes the most time.

They might have amblyopia, which requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or they might have strabismus. Which requires a slightly different treatment. They might have a convergence difficulties.

And all of these, require slightly different treatments. That may or may not include. Corrective lenses, lenses with prisms or tenants. And vision therapy. Or, the vision therapy they require.

Will be different for each of the different syndromes that they may have. The one thing that parents need to keep in mind. Is that they should not have any shame. Vision syndromes happen in the brain.

And usually before the child is born. It is nothing that they did. And it is nothing that they did not do. But simply matters. Is getting the child help. That they need today.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Remedy To Amblyopia

Amblyopia is also known as lazy eye syndrome, requiring lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, understanding. That the child needs an assessment. With the vision therapist. Is often the first hurdle to get over.

Parents are usually. The last ones to know. That their child has a vision syndrome. Often because children. Are very good at developing. Coping mechanisms, for problems they have.

And parents who are expecting. Their child to alert them. To the fact that they have vision problems. Will be waiting forever. Simply because children with vision problems. Have no idea.

That they have vision problems. They assume the way they see the world. Is how everyone sees the world. Therefore if it is blurred, or if it is double vision. Or if they get nauseous when they focus for example.

They have no idea that this is not what everybody experiences. And are completely unaware. That there is a problem that needs to be fixed. They will simply develop coping mechanisms. Such as memorizing where things are.

So they do not have to use their eyesight. In order to navigate the home. However, when they get to school. This coping mechanism. Becomes a lot more difficult. To pull off. What is more, is that the learning.

That takes place inside of a classroom. Is 80% visually based. From reading in a textbook. To paying attention to a teacher. Who is giving a lesson at the front of the room. Flashcards, and all learning materials.


Our primarily visually based. Because of this, it is quite easy. For teacher to learn. A different symptoms they should watch for. That might point to the fact. That one of their students may have a vision syndrome.

Symptoms like not paying attention in class. Staring off into space. Or not paying attention to detail. When writing or drawing. Are often indicators. That a child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

However, vision syndromes. Often share symptoms with. Other syndromes, such as ADHD. And while both are considered a neurodevelopment disorder. ADHD is in one part of the brain.

Where vision syndromes happen. In the eye to brain connection. Teachers who notice. That children are exhibiting. Troubling symptoms should notify parents. Who should bring their child as quickly as possible.

Into a vision therapist’s office. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. However, for people. Living in Edmonton and surrounding area. All they have to do. Is pick up the phone and call. Vision by design optometry.

Located in West Edmonton area, in Collingwood. They will make an appointment over the phone. To bring a child in. For a comprehensive vision exam. Which is much lengthier. Then a routine eye exam.

Parents should schedule. Approximately an hour and a half. So that the vision therapist. Has as much time. As they need, to make a thorough assessment. And a diagnosis as well.

In approximately six months to a year. Enough vision therapy. Can help resolve symptoms in most patients. Therefore, parents should rest easy. That help is not far away in the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton.