Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Vision Syndromes Effectively

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Vision Syndromes Effectively

Parents may worry that their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, vision therapists say. There is simply no need to worry. Treatments nowadays. Are extremely effective.

While patching used to be a treatment. Many years ago. It is no longer the case these days. Because while it helps strengthen an eye. That does not fix amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome.

The reason why it was commonly used. Was because people once believed. That the eyes were lazy. Because they were week. However now vision therapists understand. That the eyes are weaker.

Because the brain has disregarded their visual information. Therefore, while patching works. To strengthen the eye. It does not fix the problem. And which is why patching is no longer used.

The lazy eye treatment Edmonton that vision therapists recommend. Is vision therapy. This is a series of exercises. That the therapist guides the child through. In order to help the child train their eyes.

How to work together as a team. And how they can train their brain. To use the visual information. From both eyes, with these exercises. What causes amblyopia. Is a damaged eye to brain connection.

Because of the brain is incredibly neural plastic. It is able to fix damaged or broken. Brain connections, through the right exercises. Most children that have amblyopia. Can experience symptom resolution.

In six months, to one year of their lazy eye treatment Edmonton. In some extreme cases. Some children need surgery. In order to fix their vision. However, vision therapists also say.


That children who undergo. Treatment for lazy eye syndrome first. Prior to surgery. Heal from the surgery faster. And end up having a better, overall prognosis. Therefore, vision therapy is never a waste of time.

As well, if patients want to progress. Faster through their treatments. Then the vision therapist recommends. Doing additional exercises. At home, for fifteen minutes a day. Approximately five days a week.

This can help train their brain faster. And help them develop the muscle memory. To reinforce the exercises that they are doing. To help them heal faster, and eliminate symptoms.

As well, vision therapy may require. The patient’s getting corrective lenses. What corrective lenses do. Is even the playing field so to speak. Between the weaker I. And the stronger I. A prescription is put in the weaker I.

To allow it to see quite clearly. And then a prescription is put in the stronger I. To make it a little bit less strong. This allows both eyes. To see th Which makes it easier.

For the patient to learn. How to use both of their eyes as a team together. And then, how to train their brain. To receive and use the information. From both eyes at the same time.

If parents would like more information. Or if they would like to get their child assessed. For a vision syndrome, all they have to do. Is visit vision by design in Edmonton..

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Amending Vision Syndromes


Many children need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because in Canada, one in four children. Or 25% have a vision syndrome. The most common vision syndrome in childhood.

Is amblyopia, which is the medical name. For lazy eye syndrome. This is where one I is not carrying. Visual information to the brain. Due to a damaged eye to brain connection.

This typically happens when the child is in its initial development. Before the child is even born. For some reason, this connection gets missed. And the brain is confused.

At how to process the sheer amount. Of visual information. It is receiving from both eyes. Therefore, in order to eliminate its confusion. The brain simply turns off vision. One of its eyes. And is much more able.

To process the visual information. Parents are less likely. To notice this. For several different reasons. First of all, because children. Are very adept at developing. Coping mechanisms and strategies.

That help them overcome any difficulties. Even before they realize. That they have any difficulties at all. If parents think that their child. Will tell them that they are struggling visually. This also is not the case.

Simply because the child has seen the world this way. Since they were born. And are unaware that this is abnormal. Or something that needs to be fixed. Therefore, children will not alert their parents.


However, when the child starts going to school. This is when they are most likely. Identified as needing a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Most often by the teacher. Because 80% of learning in a classroom.

Is visually based. Also, any visual skills are required. For classroom learning, and if children are struggling with this. Teachers are trained to identify. What symptoms children may have. That could point to vision syndromes.

If they recommend that a child gets assessed. Because they suspect the child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The best thing for parent to do. Is be proactive. And get the child assessed.

The assessment will take approximately an hour and a half. Because many measurements. And exercises are needed. The find out exactly what is going on. With the child’s vision. And to test many different.

Visual skills, such as eye tracking. Focusing close up. As well as faraway. And many other visual tasks. Parents should not assume. If their child has had an eye exam. And has perfect vision.

That they cannot have a vision syndrome. Many children have perfect vision. And need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. This is because seeing an image that is static. Certain distance away.

Is only what is being checked during an eye exam. Whereas a vision exam. Checks these visual skills. That can point to children. Having a problem. If parents would like to know. Which of vision therapist they should visit. They truly should look no further.

Then vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. They are not only a full-service optometry clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. Who can help parents and children.