Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children With Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children With Vision Syndromes

It is extremely common that children may need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because while one in four children. In Canada have a vision syndrome. Amblyopia, or also known as lazy eye syndrome. Is the most common vision syndrome of childhood.

Parents should not be concerned. If their child has a vision syndrome. Because with prompt diagnosis. And treatment, most children can eliminate. All of their symptoms within six months. To a year of treatment.

And in the cases, where they do need surgery. Therapists say that having gone through. Vision therapy to begin with. They will be able to heal better. From the surgery, and have a better overall prognosis.

However, what parents should not do. Is think that vision syndromes are no big deal. And that their child will outgrow it. Children will not outgrow vision syndromes. They will only simply learn.

How to compensate for their difficulties. And in most cases. Untreated vision syndromes. Turn into permanent problems. That cannot be fixed. Therefore, parents should get their child.

Two a vision therapist. As soon as they suspect. That something is not quite right. Or an even better scenario. Would be for parents to take their child. In for an assessment, right when their child starts school.

There will be many things that the therapist can do. That can proactively check. To see if the child has any vision syndromes. That they can start treating.

Before they start school, and then struggle to pay attention. And may fall behind in their lessons. Children who fall behind often get frustrated. And start to dislike school. Therefore, fast diagnosis and treatment.


Is extremely beneficial. Parents should not worry that the treatment. Such as lazy I treatment Edmonton is invasive. While patching used to be a treatment. Many years ago, it is no longer used.

As a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Simply because it is ineffective. Because it only strengthens the eye. And the problem is in the eye to brain connection. Therefore, patching is not used. However, vision therapy is.

Vision therapy is a lot like physiotherapy. But instead of the body’s muscles and joints. The therapist works the patient’s eyes and I muscles. The first steps are getting the child used. To using their eyes at the same time.

Followed by getting the child to go through exercises. That ultimately trains their brain. How to except visual information. From both eyes at the same time. Lazy eye treatment Edmonton takes place.

In the therapist’s office, usually in half-hour sessions. And done, once a week. At this frequency, patients can expect. To go through treatment for about six months. To a year in order to resolve their symptoms.

However, most patients experience. An noticeable difference. Within the first few weeks of treatments. If patients want to ensure that they can progress quickly. Through treatment with the best results. They can ask the therapist.

What types of exercises they should be doing at home. And often they should be doing these exercises. In order to get the best results. From the exercises that they are doing.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Kids And Vision Syndromes

Many people are worried that the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That they will need for their child with amblyopia is patching. Patching was an extremely common treatment. Several years ago.

But it is no longer used. Because while it did work quite well. At strengthening the patients eyes. The problem with people who have amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Is not in the muscles.

But the problem is with a damaged eye to brain connection. The retina connects the eyes and the brain together. So that the brain can process the visual information. Sending it to the various centres.

Of the brain that need to that information. For example, the brain will need to send information to the communication centre. As well as to the locomotion centre. Because people use visual cues for both.

However, for people who have amblyopia. The problem is that the eye to brain connection is damaged. And therefore, in order for the brain. To have an easier time. Processing the visual information it does receive.

The brain simply turns off vision. To one eye. And automatically has half the information. In order to process effectively. Therefore patching does not fix this problem. And when used as a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

Not only is it a frustrating process. But when patients remove the eyepatch. When their weaker I is much stronger. They will not be able to see clearly. Because the eyepatch did not fix the problem.


With the eye to brain connection. Therefore, most therapists have abandoned this lazy eye treatment Edmonton. In favour of vision therapy. Which is a lot like physical therapy, for the eyes.

This often looks like. The therapist guiding the patient. Through a series of visual exercises. First, designed to help train the child’s eyes. To work together as a team. Typically after prescribing corrective lenses.

To make the weaker I much stronger. And then the stronger I less strong. In order to even the playing field. So to speak, and make it easier. To train their brain and their eyes.

Once they are used to using. Both of their eyes at the same time. The therapist will lead them through a series of visual exercises. Designed to help train the brain. How to use visual information.

From both eyes at the same time. This lazy eye treatment Edmonton may take six months. Or, up to a year. In order to resolve the symptoms. However, most people will find complete symptom resolution.

And the best news is. This is a permanent solution. Unless they succumb to a head injury. Patients will not have to come back for additional vision therapy sessions. In order to maintain the degree of vision that they have.

This is possible due to the brain’s incredible neural plasticity. The ability for the brain to heal and grow. Therefore, parents who find that their child. Is struggling with their vision. Should find treatment right away.