Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children Who Have Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children Who Have Vision Syndromes

Many children often need lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because while 25% of children. In Canada have a vision syndrome. The most common vision syndrome is amblyopia.

Amblyopia is known by its nonmedical name. By most people, as lazy eye syndrome. And despite the name, lazy eye. It is not caused by and I that is lazy. Or that has week I muscles.

But rather, people with lazy eye syndrome. Have a broken eye to brain connection. This likely happens during the brains development. While the child is still in the mother’s womb. However, lazy eye syndrome or amblyopia.

Can also be caused by head injuries. Such as a concussion, which damages. The brain connections that are already existing. In order to understand. How the eye to brain connection could be damaged.

People need to understand. How the eyes and brain work together. In order to see the visual world. Light bounces off all objects. And the light carries the visual information. To the person’s eye.

Where it passes in through the front of the eye. Which is also called the eyes lenses. The light will go through the eye. And land on the back of the eye. Where the retina is located. The retina is responsible.

Or carrying the vision information. To the brainstem. Where it will then organize. All of the information, to the various brain centres. That need that information to function properly. This is a monumental task.

Not just because there is a vast amount. Of visual information. But because the brain is organizing this. Every second that a person’s eyes are open. And not just for one retina. But for two of them.


The brain also has many different places. That it needs to send this visual information. For example, there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision. And over three hundred that use vision.

As a secondary function. For example, people who are communicating. Use visual cues. Whether it is lip reading. Or whether it is paying attention. To the person that they are speaking to, their facial expressions.

To gain a clue on how they are feeling. And how that impacts the communication. This is a huge job. And people who have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The brain has a problem.

Understanding the vast amount of visual information. That it is receiving at a time. Therefore, to make its job easier. The brain simply discounts the visual information. From one I altogether.

Because of this, that I does not get used. And the muscles become weaker. This is what gives it an appearance of a lazy eye. But it is truly the eye to brain connection. That needs to get corrected.

People who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Are going to need to strengthen the weaker I. Typically through prescription lenses. And then, they will need vision therapy. In order to train the brain.

How to except the information. From both eyes at the same time. If people are looking for the best vision therapists in the area. They should look no further than vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Without A Vision Syndrome

It is most common for people to find out they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. When they are children. Often because that is when a teacher. Notices that they are struggling. Since 80% of learning in a classroom. Is visually based.

But also, vision syndromes are common in childhood. Because if the situation does not get fixed. The brain simply compensates. By turning off vision. To the affected eye. So that the brain is not confused any longer.

Parents should not feel upset. If they have not noticed. That their child has a vision syndrome. The reason why, is because first of all. The home is less visually intensive. Then a classroom setting. Also, most children.

Develop coping mechanisms. In order to compensate. For there blurred, double or troublesome eyesight. They may memorize things. Or learn to find things by feel. They may squint their eyes.

Cover one eye, or even tilt their head. In order to see things clearly. And parents may wonder why. Their child does not let them know. That they are having a hard time. With their vision.

Because since they have had this vision syndrome. Since the day they were born, children have no idea. That what they are seeing is not normal. And think that everybody sees the world this way.

Therefore, they do not tell their parents. That they have a hard time. Because they do not realize that they are having a hard time. However, when children get into a classroom setting.


Not only is it more visually intensive. But also because teachers. Are taught what to look for in children. Such as their behaviours and mannerisms. That may indicate. That they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

Because they have amblyopia. Or another type of vision syndrome. They understand that children who are not paying attention. May not the paying attention. Because they are having trouble seeing.

It may cause them I irritation. Or headaches when they focus. Either close up, or far away. Therefore, rather than being day dreamers. Or being unable to concentrate. Teachers know what to do.

To find out what is the problem with the child. If they are happy to concentrate. When they do not have to focus. This is the most common explanation. Of the child’s behaviours. They also may fidget.

Or get out of their desk frequently. Because they are board, from not being able to see clearly. All of these signs enable the teacher. To share with the parent. That they suspect their child has a vision syndrome.

Such as amblyopia, and may need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. If this is the case. Parents should get the child in. To a qualified vision therapist. Such as the ones at vision by design optometry. For an assessment as quickly as possible.