Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children And Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Children And Vision Syndromes

One in four children have a vision syndrome, and need something like a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. According to vision therapists. Despite the fact that 25% of all children. Will have a vision syndrome.

At some point in their life. Many parents are not as proactive. As they should be, would it comes to. Getting their children’s eyes checked. Many parents often think that vision syndromes, such as amblyopia.

Will go away with time and age. Because often, children who have lazy eye syndrome. Or also known medically as amblyopia. Tend to complain less. About the symptoms that they are experiencing.

Such as blurred or double vision. However, the reason why. These children are no longer complaining. Is because the brain has simply. Turned off vision to one eye. In order to deal with.

The confusing information. That is coming from the eye that is affected. And once the brain has turned off vision. To one eye, no lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Will be effective. And it is often permanent.

Many parents are under the misconception. That if they take their children. To the optometrist for a routine eye exam. That it should be enough. And means that they do not have any vision syndromes.

However, the biggest problem with this. Is that a standard eye exam. Simply checks to see. If a person can see clearly. While looking at a static image. Many children who have vision syndromes.


Can see clearly. During the routine eye exam. But then, when it comes to visual skills. Such as reading, focusing close up. Or focusing far away, and doing things like. Tracking moving objects with their eyes.

It becomes even more difficult. And that is where the children is struggling. Therefore, it is quite common. That a child might have. Perfect vision on their routine eye exam. But also need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

With amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. The problem is not in the eyes itself. But rather, a problem in the eye to brain connection. For example, the eyes take in visual information.

As light, which passes through. The front of the eye, called the cornea. And lands on the back of the eye. Then, the eyes must communicate. With the brain, in order to make sense. Of that visual information.

The light information. Travels along a section of the eye. Called the retina. Which attaches to the brainstem. The brain is then responsible. For sending the various bits of information it receives.

To the various parts of the brain that need it. There are thirty-two connections in the brain. That deal specifically and exclusively with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain.

That deal with vision in a secondary way. This is a massive job. And people who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Have a problem with this eye to brain connection. In lazy eye syndrome.

The brain simply turns off vision. To one eye. In order to deal with only. Half the visual information. This is something that a vision therapist can help with.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Seeing Without A Syndrome

Often, children who have vision syndromes, and need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Find this out when they start going to school. Parents should not feel bad however. That they did not notice this problem.

Children are extremely adept. At developing coping mechanisms according to experts. And especially when it is in their home. They can do things like memorize where things go. Or are able to see clearly.

If they squint their eyes, close one eye. Or hold their head at an angle. Therefore, because they have coping mechanisms. Parents are less likely to notice. That their child has a vision syndrome. Or is struggling at all.

As well, it is very important for parents to know. That their child is not going to bring a vision syndrome. To their attention. Because vision syndromes in children. Exist from childbirth.

Which means the way the child is seeing the world. Whether it is blurred vision. Double vision, or a mixture of both. When they are focusing close up. Focusing far away, or both.

Is how they have seen the world their entire life. And are completely unaware. That they even need. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton at all. Therefore, it is often the teachers. In school, that notice.

That the child is struggling. 80% of the learning that happens. In a classroom setting is visually based. Which means it does not take long. For a student with a vision syndrome. To start struggling significantly.

They also are trained. In looking for the symptoms. Of various vision syndromes. And if they suspect. That a child has one. They will recommend to the parents. To take their child to a vision therapist.


In order to get a comprehensive vision test. This test is going to be much longer. Then the routine eye exam. Which often takes anywhere between twenty minutes to half an hour.

However, a comprehensive vision exam. Is going to take approximately one hour. To an hour and a half. Because the vision therapist. Will need time to make measurements. And have the patient do many tests.

These tests will ensure. That the vision therapist knows. Exactly what is going on. In the eye to brain connection. So that not only can they diagnose the problem.

They will know if they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or something else that would be more beneficial. Treatment ranges from corrective lenses. To vision therapy, or most commonly.

A mixture of the two, this will help fix. The eye to brain connection. And once it is fixed, because of the brain’s neural plasticity. The vision therapy. Is permanent.

If concerned parents. Want to get their child tested. All they have to do is contact. A vision therapist, such as the ones. At vision by design in Edmonton. And they will be able to test, diagnose. And treat children from any vision syndrome they may have.