Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Amblyopia Be Fixed

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Amblyopia Be Fixed

While amblyopia does require a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And can be serious, because it. With time, becomes permanent. However it is actually quite easy. To solve, with vision therapy.

Many parents may be nervous. About bringing their child to vision therapist. In order to get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, this may be because. They are familiar with the treatment. Called patching.

Patching was a treatment. That was used many years ago. People believed that lazy eye syndrome. Was caused by weaker I muscles. In one eye. Which is why patching. It was thought to be beneficial.

Patients would have an eyepatch. Covering their strong eye. In order to force the weaker I. To become strong. And while this worked. In helping the patients I muscles become stronger. It actually did nothing.

To help fix the problem. Amblyopia, the medical name for lazy eye. Is actually caused. By a damaged eye to brain connection. That happens, during the brains. Initial development, in utero.

In order to understand why. People should understand. How the eyes and brain work. Together, in order to process. The visual information. The eye takes in light. Through the cornea, and that light.

Lands on the back of the eye. Where the retina is, and the retina. Will carry this light information. To the brainstem. In order for it. To send this information. To the various centres of the brain. That will use it.

This is quite complex. Because the brainstem. Must constantly be sending. Information from two inputs, both eyes. For every second that the eyes are open. To complicate matters.


There are thirty-two centres of the brain. That use vision specifically. And three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision. In some way. This means, the brainstem has extremely complicated tasks at hand.

In people with amblyopia. And who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The eye to brain connection. Is not fully formed correctly. Therefore, the brain takes matters. Into its own hands, to fix.

It does this, by turning off vision. To one of the eyes. Having less information to process. The brain can now concentrate. On doing its job better. Unfortunately, the brain will eventually turn off vision to this I permanently.

If a vision therapist. Cannot help the patient. Train how to use both of their eyes. And train the brain. How to accept information. From both of those eyes. At the same time.

A vision therapy session. Will consist of guided visual exercises. That will over time, train the brain. How to use the eyes together. And then except the visual information from both of them.

Most patients can get full symptom resolution. Within approximately six months. To a year, of half an hour. Weekly sessions. In the vision therapist’s office.

Patients in the Edmonton and surrounding area. Can actually contact vision by design optometry. Not only are they a full service optometry clinic. They also have vision therapists on hand.

And if parents are worried. Their child needs a treatment. The therapist’s at vision by design can help.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Correcting Amblyopia

Amblyopia requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, parents should be aware. That lazy I is a bit of a misnomer. It was called this, when people believed. That it was caused by weaker I muscles.

While the eye muscles. Will have atrophied a certain amount. Due to under usage. Strengthening those eyes. By using treatments such as patching. Would do absolutely nothing. To fix the problem at hand.

While many parents believe. That they will either notice. Their child struggling with visual tasks. Or that their child will tell them. That they are struggling visually. But neither is actually true.

Children will develop coping mechanisms. Quite early in their life. So that they do not have to struggle. With difficult tasks. And will do this silently. Because they are completely unaware. How they see the visual world.

Is abnormal. Or, that it should be fixed. Therefore they will live. With blurred or double vision. Not even realizing. That there is another way to be. Therefore, parents are usually the last to know.

That their child has a vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia, or that they need. Something like a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Teachers on the other hand. Not only are specifically trained. To watch for vision syndromes in children.

But because 80% of learning. In a classroom is visually based. Which means there are more opportunities. For teachers to witness children. Who may be struggling with their vision.


As well, there coping mechanisms. Typically no longer work. In a classroom setting. And it can become quite apparent. Quickly, that a child needs help. The parent will be called in for conference by the teacher.

Who will share their observations. But it is simply up to the parent. To bring the child to a vision therapist. For a full assessment. A vision assessment is much more in-depth.

Than a routine eye exam, which can take only thirty minutes. A vision exam on the other hand. Will typically last for an hour and a half. And will give the therapist. A complete understanding of the child’s issues.

At the end of the assessment. Therapists will not only have a diagnosis. They will have put together. The best treatment. Which may include corrective lenses. That may have a prescription. Help one I become stronger.

So that therapist. Has an easier time. Training the eyes to work together. And subsequently training the brain. How to use the information. It receives from both of the eyes at the same time.

For the most part, patients typically. See a vision therapist for six months. To a year, and experience. For symptom resolution. In the cases where this is not possible. Surgery can help.

And patients that undergo vision therapy. Before surgery, also heal faster. The last thing that parents should do. Is ignore the problem. And not get lazy eye treatment Edmonton. As it will not go away with age.