Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Are Vision Problems Common?

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Are Vision Problems Common?

Many parents may not realize how common vision problems are and their children, and whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or treatment to fix their convergence insufficiency or accommodative issues. But the first step is getting their children diagnosed.

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One mistake that many parents often make. Is thinking that their child will not have vision problems. If they are found to have perfect vision. As their annual eye examination.

However, children that have perfect vision. Can also have vision problems. Because the visual system is so complex. And involves many different movements their eyes.

For example, just because a child can see something clearly, when they are focusing a few feet away. Is not going to mean that they will not have problems moving their eyes.

For example, children with convergence insufficiency. Have a hard time moving their eyes in order to focus on things that are close up. Therefore, they may see things close up blurry. Or get eyestrain from trying.

Another problem that children might have. Is an accommodative issue, which refers to the physical pain and fatigue. Their eye muscles get when they do try to focus on things that are close up.

Another common vision problem. Is an eye tracking issue. Which means they have a hard time being able to follow movement. And when they are reading, moving from one word to the next. Is very difficult.

And of course, there is a lazy eye vision problem. Where one I does not work with the other eye. And as children can see blurry out of that. And just like there is an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


For the child’s lazy eye problem. Accommodative issues, convergence insufficiency and eye tracking issues. All have a great treatment as well. Once the child gets diagnosed.

However, diagnosis is the key. And the first step. Is helping parents understand. That even if their child has perfect vision. They still could have a vision problem. And in fact, 25% of all children.

Have a vision problem despite the fact that they have perfect vision. Therefore, it is extremely important for parents to understand what the symptoms are of vision problems.

And that the most common symptoms. Or in fact behaviours. Because they are not going to be able to see if their child is having a hard time seeing. And their child will not articulate with words that they have a hard time seeing.

Simply because the way things are, or what they perceive to be normal. And do not realize that anything else is how they should be seeing things. Therefore, they are not going to say with words what is wrong.

The biggest behaviour to look for is avoidance of near work. Which includes reading, homework and assignments. As well as a lack of attention to visual tasks.

When they noticed this. They should bring their child to an optometrist, or an eye exam. To get the right diagnosis. And whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Or a different vision problem treatment. They are going to get the diagnosis, and treatment they need to function well in the vision oriented world.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Common Are Vision Problems?

Many parents may not realize that vision problems are fairly common in children, such as a lazy eye which needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Or other things like an accommodative issue, convergence insufficiency. Or even an eye tracking issue. These things can easily be fixed with the right treatment. But knowing what they are, and how to get them diagnosed.

Is the most important thing for parents, as well as teachers to do. One of the first vision problems that parents and school teachers should be aware of. Is a convergence insufficiency.

And that is because this is the single most common vision problem that children have. And while 25% of all children have a vision problem. Most will have this particular issue.

Convergence insufficiency is often referred to as binocular vision. Because children with this can see straight ahead and several feet in front of them just fine. But they are not able to see clearly things that are up close.

The reason why, is because their eyes do not have the ability to turn inwards. Which is how they need to work, in order to view things that are up close, such as reading and schoolwork.

And while they might see text that is blurry. They often can work extremely hard to focus. And while this works, they either develop eyestrain from working so hard.


Or they have a difficult time focusing. Which means it goes from very clear tax, to fuzzy or double vision. Which is extremely irritating to look at. And so children will typically avoid near work when this is the problem.

And while there is the right treatment for convergence insufficiency once it is diagnosed. Just like there is a great lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That does not involve patching, for children that have a lazy eye.

There is also an accommodative issue. Which is what it is called, when children have to work extremely hard to focus their muscles. And feel physical fatigue or pain in their eye muscles.

Similar to the fatigue someone would feel after a weekend of working out, or going on a run. After not running for several months. Children can develop that feeling in their eye muscles.

Therefore, they will tend to stop reading very quickly, and avoid doing near work. Such as assignments and homework. Because they want to avoid feeling the physical pain of the accommodative issue.

Therefore, when parents see certain behaviours and their children such as avoidance of near work. They can get them to an optometrist to get diagnosed.

And whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment. Getting a diagnosis is the first step to helping them overcome their vision problems.