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Lazy Eye Treatment | Can Lazy Eye Be Fixed?

Lazy Eye Treatment | Can Lazy Eye Be Fixed?

Often, parents will notice that their children are starting to struggle in school, and may want to consider a lazy eye treatment. As ocular motor dysfunctions such as lazy I are common in children.

In fact, one in four children have an undiagnosed vision syndrome such as a lazy eye. That goes beyond needing reading glasses. And should get assessed by vision therapist.

People need both of their eyes to work properly as a team. And if a child has a lazy eye. They will not be able to do things such as focus on a target, track moving objects.

And these will lead to things such as having a difficult time reading, learning. And difficulty doing tasks such as playing sports, and can affect their ability to move about the world properly.

When parents notice that their child has a difficult time reading, or playing sports. The best way to get lazy eye treatment. Is to book an appointment with a visual therapist. Such as the doctors at vision by design.

All they have to do is book their child in routine eye exam. And the reason why, is because all children who come in for a routine eye exam. Will get tested for a number of visual deficiencies.

If the vision therapists at vision by design detect any problems. They will ask the parents to bring the child in for a more comprehensive test. To test their visual inefficiencies.

These tests will look for issues such as I teaming ability, ability to focus. And give them an in-depth test of their ocular motor skills. Once they have all of this information, they can make a recommendation to the parents.


And if their child does have an ocular motor dysfunction such as lazy eye. The best lazy eye treatment will be getting them in for visual therapy.

During visual therapy, the patient will learn how to use their eyes as a team. So that they can focus, follow objects. And be able to process the world visually which will help them significantly.

The reason why visual therapy is so important. Is because they will not be able to fix the problem using eyeglasses or corrective lenses. And I patching is extremely damaging to a child’s self-esteem. And is completely unnecessary with visual therapy.

Parents will notice a dramatic change in their child after the completion of visual therapy. Such as the child who used to complain about doing homework will no longer put off this task.

They will increase their reading speed as well as their reading comprehension. And can do tasks such as copy notes off of the blackboard in school onto their paper. And to do so efficiently and correctly.

Children who have gone through a great visual therapy program successfully. Will not only be more coordinated. They will also be more confident in navigating the world around them.

It will not only help them in the school and sports. But it will help them socially as well, as they will be more confident. And have a better time interacting with other children.

Lazy Eye Treatment | Can Lazy Eye Be Fixed?

Often, if parents suspected their child had a lazy eye, the lazy eye treatment used to be patching. Which not only affected the child’s self-esteem. But it was not completely effective in solving the problem.

Now, lazy eye is considered an ocular motor dysfunction. With 25% of all children having an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That means parents who suspect their child has lazy eye, should take them to a vision therapist.

If the child’s eyes cannot work as a team. Not only will they have a difficult time focusing on objects. Whether they are moving or stationary. And they will have an extremely difficult time processing visual information.

Which will affect them not just in school when they are reading and learning. But they will also have a difficult time with sports, and other activities such as social gatherings with other children.

Often, parents or teachers will notice that their child is struggling. And will make recommendation to get an assessment done at a visual therapist such as vision by design.

The reason why it is important to get an assessment with a vision therapist. Is because corrective lenses are not going to fix something like a lazy eye. Because the child will need a lazy eye treatment in order to learn how to make their eyes work as a team.

Also, when a child has lazy eyes, they may have other ocular motor dysfunctions, such as saccades or a saccadic eye movement. Which means they have a hard time moving from one object to another.


When a child has a difficult time moving their eyes from one object to the other, it makes reading significantly difficult. Because they cannot successfully follow a line of text.

Because their eyes are jumping to several different words in different orders on the page. This makes reading frustrating and difficult. And they often will avoid reading whenever possible.

Another problem that children who have lazy eyes might have in addition to that. Is pursuit eye movement. Which means their eyes can stay steady on a moving target.

When children have a difficult time with this. It again makes reading extremely difficult. Because they will need to follow a line of text to the end. And then be able to start on the next line below it.

This also causes them difficulty during sports. If they cannot follow a moving ball. Whether they are trying to hit the ball, kick it or catch it. And will often appear uncoordinated in sports.

Luckily, children can get help, with a lazy eye treatment. By going to a visual therapist. And if a parent or teacher suspects that the child has difficulty with their eye movements.

They can go to vision by design for routine eye exam. Where the visual therapist will automatically check for ocular motor dysfunction as a part of their regular checkup.

Once children are in the right visual therapy program. Things that were difficult such as reading and playing sports. Become easier, and more enjoyable for the child to engage in.