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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Concussions Harm Visual Systems

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Concussions Harm Visual Systems

Many patients may not realize that they have damaged their visual system following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. However, it is also very common for patients do not even realize they have had a concussion.

The reason why many people may not realize that they have had a concussion in the first place. Is because they did not have head injury. However, despite what people think this is not required.

In order for people to have suffered from a concussion. What causes a concussion, is the brain hitting the inside of their skull. Which can have been any time a person stops moving suddenly.

Or changes direction very quickly. Their head moves, but their brain continues travelling in the same direction. And depending on how fast the brain hits the inside of their skull.

Causes the damage to the brain, which is how people can end up with a concussion. A great example of ending up with concussion even though they have not had a head injury is when people get whiplash.

Their bodies and heads are travelling at one speed in a car. And then suddenly stop. The brain, which is suspended in brain fluid keeps travelling. And hits the inside of a person’s skull.

If people have had a concussion and do not even know it. It can be very understandable why they may not associate some of the symptoms that they are experiencing. With any kind of injury.

However, if people are regularly seeing their eye doctor Edmonton for routine eye exam. There optometrist should be able to tell if they are experiencing any problems.


And if they are, there optometrist can order a special assessment. Where they will have many more tools at their disposal. To determine what part of the brain is damaged.

And what treatment they propose. For some damage to the visual system, it can be fixed very simply. By prescribing glasses that can minimize or eliminate the symptoms.

Often, these glasses can have attempting on them, or a coating such as prisms. In order to help with balance issues.

However, more severe problems may often require visual therapy rehabilitation. Which is similar to physiotherapy, but for a patient’s visual system instead of their body.

But this visual therapy does, is over time, can help the brain repair damaged or broken connections. That are related to the visual system. And when these connections are fixed or strengthened.

A person’s symptoms may lessen or completely go away. And the most beneficial thing about vision therapy. Is that it is permanent.

Therefore, if a person is experiencing symptoms, and their eye doctor Edmonton determines that it is caused by a damaged visual system. The visual therapy that they undergo can completely eliminate their symptoms permanently.

This is why it is very important that if people understand that they have had a concussion. That they go see their optometrist in a timely manner.

But even if people do not know that they have had a concussion. They need to maintain their routine eye exams. So that their eye doctor can ensure they have healthy eyes. And healthy visual system as well.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Concussions Harm Visual Systems

Many concussions can end up damaging parts of a patient’s visual system according to eye doctor Edmonton. Which is why they might have some symptoms that they may not be able to explain.

In fact, so many parts of the brain contain some visual aspects. In fact, over three hundred connections in a person’s brain relates to vision. And thirty-two different centres of the brain uses vision in some way.

Because of that, regardless of where the brain was injured during a concussion. Chances are very high that part of a person’s visual system in that area of their brain was damaged.

When people look at some of the most common symptoms of a damaged visual system following a concussion. It can be very easy to understand why they mistake these problems for something else.

Or even consider them unrelated to their injury in the first place. Common symptoms of a damaged visual system include headaches, eyestrain and blurred or double vision.

They might have a difficult time focusing up close or far away. Or once they focus, they cannot keep that focus says eye doctor. They might have a difficult time reading, or following motion.

Other symptoms can include dry eye, because the part of their brain that regulates blinking has been damaged. And they are not blinking as often as they should.

As well as balance problems, dizziness and nausea that are triggered by motion. And having light sensitivity, can all be symptoms of a damaged visual system.


Even if they are not very obviously related to their visual system. Which is why, it often goes undiagnosed for months or even years.

One of the most important things to take note of says eye doctor Edmonton. Is if their visual system is damaged. No matter how much time goes by, their body is not going to heal itself.

Because the problem is with the damaged or broken connections in their brain. Which needs to be fixed using Nero optometric rehabilitation, or visual therapy.

However, the most beneficial thing about this visual therapy. Is that it is completely permanent. And it can greatly minimize or completely eliminate a lot of the symptoms.

And all of the progress that a patient makes, is completely permanent. Because it effectively heals those connections in the brain. So when a patient is done, the effects they have will be long-lasting.

However, eye doctor Edmonton does caution people who have suffered concussions in the past. To take all of the precautions that they can to not get concussions in the future.

The reason why, is because all future concussions will cause more damage in the brain. Therefore, if a patient gets another concussion, they might have even more damage to their visual system that needs healing.

Healing from a concussion can be challenging if patients do not have the right treatment. But seeing their eye doctor on a regular basis. Can ensure that even if they are unaware of an injury, that they get the treatment they need.