Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Computer Use Causes Problems

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Computer Use Causes Problems

Even though many people know that doing work close up can cause eyestrain says eye doctor Edmonton. Computer vision syndrome is more than just developing eyestrain. Because of the nature of computers and the light that they emit.

In fact, it is not just computers that cause problems. But a wide variety of electronic devices. Including televisions, tablets and cell phones, and even people’s e-readers. Are known to emit blue violet light. That when coupled with eyestrain. Ends up creating something called computer vision syndrome.

The reason why a blue violet light is so damaging to people’s eyes. Is because it is the shortest wavelength. Which means it contains the most energy. And prolonged use on electronic devices means that energy is coming back into their eyes, causing fatigue.

In fact, blue violet light has also been known to suppress things like melatonin levels in people. Which is why people who use electronic devices right before bed. Often report having trouble falling asleep, or that their sleep is not good quality.

And when people wake up tired after a full night’s sleep. That fatigue can go want to exacerbate other problems associated with computer vision syndrome.

Not only is this a problem, but the fact that more people are on computers and electronic devices more often. Means that this syndrome is on the rise. Eye doctor Edmonton says that they see patients on a daily basis who are being diagnosed with computer vision syndrome.

And according to Alberta optometry Association, 74% of all people with this syndrome report having symptoms every day of their life. Making it extremely important to manage or eliminate those symptoms completely.


The first suggestion that eye doctor Edmonton has for people who are suffering from symptoms. Is to minimize their electronic device usage as much as possible. And while the ideal amount of time to spend on electronic devices is no time at all.

This is not practical for most people. Especially as they need to be on electronic devices as part of their work. However that means people need to be very mindful of how much time they spend on electronic devices outside of work.

This can mean modifying people’s hobbies, as a lot of people come home to watch television or play video games. And even use social media and read on their electronic devices. And that needs to be minimized.

In addition to minimizing the time that they spend on their electronic devices as much as possible. The recommendation is for people to take frequent breaks extremely often.

The recommendation is for people to take a break every twenty minutes to focus on something that is 20 feet away. And do this for twenty seconds.

Twenty seconds does not always seem like a lot of time. But changing the eyes focus from close-up to faraway several times throughout the day. Can relax the eye muscles which in turn minimizes eyestrain. And minimizing symptoms of computer vision syndrome itself.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Why Computer Use Causes Problems

While many people are aware of what causes eyestrain says eye doctor Edmonton. Computer vision syndrome is caused by more than simply using their eyes off her up close work for an extended period of time.

When people have been using computers for approximately 10 to 12 hours every single day. They are at risk for developing this syndrome. And may in fact be experiencing a wide variety of symptoms. That they have never really connected to a problem with their eyes. Especially if the symptoms do not involve their eyes.

Some of the symptoms that they can commonly get include eyestrain, and blurred vision. However the blurred vision is not while focusing on something close-up. Which is what many people assume.

Instead, people will find that after they are done working on their computer or electronic device. And they go to leave work at the end of the day for example. When they get into their car to drive away. He cannot focus on the road ahead.

This is a common side effect of eyestrain. And the reason this happens says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because they have been focusing first so long, which causes there eye muscles to work very hard. That by not taking breaks, their eyes have a hard time relaxing those muscles. Which can result in the blurred or double vision that the experience.

Another side effect of this prolonged use is muscle spasms of the accommodative system. In addition to that people often complain about feeling fatigued, or getting headaches. That they often attribute to a wide variety of other causes.


And while dry eye is a symptom of computer vision syndrome. It can actually also be a cause. With instances of computer vision is syndrome on the rise in dry climates such as Alberta.

This is why eye doctor Edmonton often first suggests that patients try lubricating eye drops to minimize symptoms. Because not only is it treating a symptom. But it can be treating a cause of the syndrome itself.

If after eye drops and frequent breaks. People are still experiencing problems when it comes to computer and electronic device usage. Eye doctor Edmonton will be able to prescribe a variety of lenses and lens coatings. That can help minimize symptoms.

Even if people do not typically wear glasses, they will be able to get glasses or lenses that can help them significantly. Even people with contact lenses can find all the help they need. They just need to make an appointment with their optometrist.

People can get computer glasses. Which are similar to reading glasses. But have wider zones that are designed for viewing computer screens instead of books. Optometrists can also make progressive lenses for people who have prescriptions with the computer glasses within their lenses.

They can also have lens coatings that can minimize symptoms. Such as block the blue violet light that cause fatigue. And anti reflective coatings. That can stop reflections from impeding the ability to see the computer screen clearly.