Eye Doctor Edmonton | Who Gets Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Who Gets Computer Vision Syndrome

Even though the name computer vision syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Might suggest that only people who use computers can get this affliction. It actually is the name of a condition that people can get from any electronic devices. And not just time spent on the computer.

Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and televisions. As well as things like the readers. Can all cause computer vision syndrome. The underlying cause of this problem is how it causes people to have to focus their eyes. For a prolonged period of time on something very close.

And while close-up work has always been known to cause eyestrain. Computer vision syndrome is more than just close-up work causing eyestrain. The blue violet light that is emitted from electronic devices can exacerbate this problem.

Blue violet light is very damaging because since it is the shortest wavelength of light. It has the most energy, which causes a lot of fatigue in addition to eyestrain. For people who are using electronic devices for a prolonged period of time.

According to studies, 50 to 90% of people who use computers and electronic devices suffer from vision syndromes. And this number is actually on the rise. Not only are more adults getting diagnosed with this syndrome. But more children than ever before are suffering from computer vision syndrome as well.

And the unfortunate news according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is the younger a person is when they are diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. The more it is going to spell out problems for their vision in the future. And can actually develop into severe nearsightedness as adults.


Since this damage is not reversible. It is extremely important that parents know how important it is that they must limit their children’s time on electronic devices as much as possible. As well as how important it is to take regular breaks.

Children and adults alike can benefit from having breaks every twenty minutes from a digital device. In adults, eye doctor Edmonton says this means simply focusing on something that is 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

However, experts recommend that children should leave their activity and do something completely different for minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. To give their eyes a much needed break not only from the blue violet light. But also from the eyestrain they get from using computers.

Ultimately, the best practice is prevention. But it is not always possible for everybody to eliminate all of their electronic device use. Or even to minimize it. Especially if they are using electronic devices for work or for school.

Which is why it is very important that they understand why they must take breaks. But also what symptoms they need to be watchful for. So that they can get a treatment as early as possible. To minimize the damage to their eyes.

With more people than ever before suffering from computer vision syndrome and with how prevail and electronic devices are in the world today. People need to become more knowledgeable about computer vision syndrome. So that they can minimize their risk. And minimize the symptoms that they get from this affliction.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Who Gets Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye doctor Edmonton says that when people end up looking at computer screens or electronic devices for an extended period of time. That can actually end up causing a series of symptoms called computer vision syndrome.

When people focus so intently at something close-up for an extended period of time. Not only can they fatigue the muscles in their eye. But also if they do not take enough breaks. It can be difficult for their eye to relax quickly. Causing them to get blurred or double vision. When they walk away from their electronic devices the end of the day.

When that is coupled with the blue violet light that is emitted from electronic devices. This creates a variety of symptoms that make up computer vision syndrome. Not all these symptoms must be present in order for it to be diagnosed as computer vision syndrome.

And the symptoms can come and go, or appear in any combination. But all have the same commonality. People with this syndrome often complain of eyestrain, as well as headaches and fatigue. And while they often have blurry or double vision. This happens when they walk away from their computer. And not while they are using it.

They also can complain of having dry eyes, and all the symptoms that come with that says eye doctor Edmonton. Including burning or stinging eyes, itchy, watery eyes that are often red in appearance.

In some extreme cases, people end up having the spasms of their accommodative system from doing sustained close-up work on computers. And what makes this even more of a problem, is the fact that when people are on electronic devices. They typically do not blink often enough. Which exacerbates all the problems.


While dry eye is one of the symptoms. It is also a cause of computer vision syndrome. Which is why recent studies done by the Alberta optometry Association has discovered that numbers are on the rise in dryer locations including Alberta. Which is why using eye drops is often one of the first things that optometrists will recommend.

If regular use of eye drops, minimizing electronic use. And frequent breaks every twenty minutes is not minimizing symptoms. People can go to their eye doctor Edmonton to get prescription glasses that can help them out.

Even if people do not typically wear glasses. They will be able to get computer glasses, which are designed to help a person’s eye focus on computers and electronic devices.

They can even be made for prescription glasses and even contact lenses. So that people can minimize the strain on their eyes when they are looking at computers and electronics for a long period of time.

These glasses can also have a lens coating to minimize or block blue violet light. So that people can avoid feeling fatigued after they spend a lot of time on electronic devices as well.

The more common computers and electronic devices are becoming. The more common computer vision syndrome is. But with the right knowledge and treatment. People can avoid problematic symptoms for many years.