Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome refers to a variety of symptoms associated with close-up work says eye doctor Edmonton. And while studies have shown that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes. A more recent study done by the Alberta optometry Association indicates those numbers are likely low.

What causes computer vision syndrome is people straining their eyes for a long period of time. This is often caused by computer use. As well as use on digital devices such as phones and tablets. But can be caused by any prolonged close-up work as well.

Symptoms can also be exacerbated by living in a dryer climate such as Alberta. Which is why the Alberta optometry Association believes that the numbers in Alberta are actually much higher than 50 to 90% of computer users.

While there is no specific diagnostic test that an eye doctor Edmonton can use to diagnose computer vision syndrome. Anyone who would like to find out if this is why they are having problems with their eyes. Can go to the clinic and go through a routine eye exam.

They will take the patient’s history, and ask about the exposure that they have two computers and other digital devices on a daily basis. They will also take into consideration how many hours every single day a person spends doing near work.


And then during the exam, eye doctor Edmonton will look for physical symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. Including dry eyes, and accommodative spasms. Even though there is no specific diagnostic test. Optometrists will be able to easily spot computer vision syndrome to diagnose patients.

Not only are adults susceptible to computer vision syndrome. Especially if they have a job that requires them to be on a computer for all or most of the day. But this syndrome is also on the rise in children. Who can develop even more troubling symptoms if they are diagnosed early on in their life.

The incidence of nearsightedness in myopia is on the rise in children under the ages of twelve. And children that develop nearsightedness as children. Can develop into his severe nearsightedness as adults. Which is why it is crucial for parents to minimize exposure to digital devices.

And while it is very hard for parents to eliminate all use of digital devices. Especially as children are using more computers at school. If they cannot eliminate exposure to digital devices. They should take their he frequent breaks. Such as for every twenty or thirty minutes on a digital device, spending the same length of time doing something that does not require close up focusing.

By understanding what computer vision syndrome is, can help people minimize the exposure to electronic devices. As well as close up work that causes eyestrain. And can help people ensure that they are taking the brakes that they need. Or stepping away from certain activities that require computer usage.

The more aware people are of this syndrome. The more they can can be empowered to help themselves avoid eyestrain, and the discomfort of this syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is what eye doctor Edmonton calls a variety of symptoms that can present and a variety of ways. That are caused by people focusing their eyes for prolonged period of time.

It is often called computer vision syndrome, because more than ever, people are using computers for prolonged periods of time. That are forcing them to focus their eyes for extended periods of time. And her not taking enough brakes.

The symptoms of computer vision syndrome that can appear in any combination includes eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. As well as blurred vision, or double vision. And while many people might assume that the blurry or double vision is when people are doing work close-up. This is not necessarily true.

Since people are spending so much time focusing close up during their day. That often when they stop focusing so hard and go to leave work. They might notice that when they are driving away from work, that this is when they experience blurred or double vision.

Eye doctor Edmonton says this is because they have been straining their eyes so hard during the day for so long. That their eyes are unable to relax themselves quickly, causing blurred and double vision.

Other symptoms of computer vision syndrome include I spasms, and dry eye. And dry eye can include a wide variety of symptoms itself. Including red eyes, burning or stinging eyes, excessive tearing as well as fluctuating vision.


There are a variety of ways that computer vision syndrome can be treated. Over and above the obvious solution which would be minimizing use of computers and other electronic devices.

For people who are suffering from dry eyes associated with this syndrome. A simple solution can be using eyedrops whenever they are having problems with burning, stinging or excessive tearing.

People can also go to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get prescription lenses. That can help the eye focus, so that the eyes do not have to work so hard during the day. Also there can be blue violet light blocking coatings that can be put on lenses. To block the light that can exacerbate computer vision syndrome.

For people who are already wearing glasses or contact lenses. There can be lenses used that are designed for computer use. That can help people avoid eyestrain when using computers or digital devices.

For people who do not already wear glasses, they can get prescribed a lens that is similar to reading glasses. But are actually designed for computer use. That have a wider field on them that is designed for computer use. That reading glasses cannot help with.

And ultimately, prevention is often the best treatment. And while it is not practical or even possible for a lot of people to minimize computer work and time spent on digital devices. Eye doctor Edmonton says taking ample brakes often is incredibly important. And can minimize symptoms just by incorporating breaks into their day.