Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Do Eye Doctors Do?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Do Eye Doctors Do?

One misconception that people often have is that optometrists are only therefore routine eye exams and prescription glasses says Eye doctor Edmonton. When in fact, many optometrists do much more than that, particularly the optometrists at vision by design. They are dedicated to ensure the overall visual health of all of their patients on a regular basis. They understand that 80% of the world that people taken is visual. In addition to that, people use their eyes for everything from work and leisure activities, to getting to work, and doing things like caring for their children, taking care of the house and cooking and cleaning. If people could not imagine how they would function without the use of their eyes, they should consider all of the services that optometrists can offer.

One of the first things that people should understand, is that routine eye exams are important for everyone every year. Eye doctor Edmonton says many people believe that they only have to do a routine eye examination if they think that their eyes have changed prescription. However, people need to understand that it is important for everyone children and adults alike should come in every single year for the high exam. The reasons for this, is in order to test people’s vision. It is possible for people’s vision to change at various points in their life. In order to ensure that people are always seen as clear as possible, they should come in for a regular eye exam. Not only will it help them see clearly, about a variety of other symptoms can happen if people are not able to see clearly such as headaches, and eyestrain.

Another reason why people should be getting routine eye exams every year, even if they do not have corrective lenses says Eye doctor Edmonton is because one of the things that the optometrists do in the routine eye exam is check for conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachments. They use different technology to take different pictures of people’s eyes, to ensure that they are healthy, and if they are showing any signs of these issues, they are treated right away. This is especially beneficial to people who are diabetic, as this disease can affect the health of their eyes.

People should be ensuring that if they do wear glasses, that the shape and design of the lenses are still adequate for they activities that they are engaging in. This is especially important if people have recently started a new job that is different than what they did for, or if there engaging in different hobbies. Different lenses are used for different activities, and if a person recently went from a desk job to not sitting at a computer anymore, there lenses may need to be adjusted.

When people can understand all of the different services that optometrists can provide, they can ensure that seeing an optometrist is part of their regular health routine. Not only should they be ensuring they are seeing an optometrist, but they should ensure that everyone in their family is getting regular checkups says Eye doctor Edmonton.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Do Eye Doctors Do?

Many people are unaware of the wide variety of services that optometrists can provide for their patients says Eye doctor Edmonton. In addition to that, optometrists are able to treat a wide variety of problems, and patients as well. In order to ensure the person’s overall health, they should be ensuring the health of their eyes, and ensuring that they are saying there optometrist as often as they need.

Something that many people may not realize, is that the optometrists at vision by designer able to serve patients of all ages. This means patients that are infants, all the way up to seniors can get there visual needs met at vision by design says Eye doctor Edmonton. And this is true whether they need typical eye exams done, or if they need some more specialized care.

Some of the specialized care that the optometrists at vision by design can provide for our patients that have visual inefficiencies including children have learning disabilities, developmental visual issues and people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or concussions. What services the optometrists can provide for these people is called vision therapy. This is therapy where weekly patients come in to train there visual system on how to work efficiently. This can help a variety of patients through a variety of needs, helping train their brain and how to use their vision again.

Something else for people to take into consideration, is if they are experiencing and I emergency, rather than going to a walk-in clinic or an emergency room, going to the vision care professionals at vision by design is often much more effective says Eye doctor Edmonton. The reason why, is because not only can they treat people same day, but they often are the best experts that are able to take care of issues such as I infections, foreign bodies in the eye, or conditions like flashes of lights, or loaders in the eye that are impeding a person’s ability to see. If people are going to a walk-in clinic instead, they may be waiting around for hours, and then not seeing an eye specialist anyway.

Ultimately, people who are experiencing a variety of symptoms including headaches, dry eyes, eyestrain or blurry vision can get there eyes checked out by the optometrists at vision by design says Eye doctor Edmonton. By doing this, they can ensure that if it is a visual or nigh problem, that they can get it solved quickly and during their appointment. Often by taking care of the symptoms, people can get the care that they need for their eyesight that they are not even aware was necessary. Therefore, people should make it a regular part of their healthcare routine to see their eye doctor, and ensure that they have their eyesight intact for many years.