Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

When people are experiencing dry eye syndrome, eye doctor Edmonton says that may not know it. The reason why, is because symptoms associated with this chronic condition. Are not necessarily obvious.

Some of the symptoms that people can experience include vision, itchy, red and burning eyes. As well as excessive tearing. People may say that it feels a they have sandpaper will sandpaper on the inside of their eyelids. Or that they have a foreign body in their eye.

It can be very confusing why people would have excessive watery eyes when they are suffering from dry eye syndrome. Is because that is their body’s response to not having good quality tears lubricating their eyes.

Body recognizes the dry eye symptoms. And tries to correct the situation. By flooding the body with more tears. However, since a patient is having a hard time with good quality tears.

This does not end up fixing it. Because the tears that the body sends in. Does not have the lubricating oil in it either. Therefore, people will end up continuing to have dry eye symptoms. Even though they have very teary eyes.

Therefore, people end up going to eye doctor Edmonton with complaints of having watery eyes. Getting a prescription for lubricating eyedrops. Not realizing why they are being diagnosed with dry eyes. Even though they have excessive tears.

The next thing that people may not realize is a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Is if they have blurred or double vision. They end up making an appointment with their optometrist. Thinking that they need glasses when they previously did not. Or thinking they need a new prescription in their glasses.


When the problem is not that they need a new prescription. Or that they need glasses. But the problem is dry eyes instead.

The reason why blurred vision is caused by dry eyes. Is because how important lubrication is to help people see clearly.

The surface of the eye is very rough. And when Leah passes through the eye, they can bounce around off of all of the rough areas. Causing people to see blurred vision, or double vision.

When people have well lubricated eyes. This will make the surface of the eye smooth. So that when light passes through it. Does not bounce around. And can help people see very clearly.

When people are experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes. There eye doctor Edmonton is going to suggest several things that can help treat the symptoms without medication first.

This includes treating environmental causes first. In dry climates, such as Alberta a humidifier can be enough to minimize dry eye symptoms.

In fact, if people can get a humidifier for both work and home if possible. They can end up managing their dry eyes and eliminating symptoms.

However, for people who still have some symptoms, the next things they can do include drinking lots of water. Increasing the amount of omega 3 they consume, in diet and in supplement.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

One of the most important things that people can do, is go to eye doctor Edmonton whenever they are experiencing symptoms of dry eye. Although many people are not sure what symptoms of dry eyes are. Which can cause them to avoid getting the help they need.

The symptoms that they should be aware of include itchy, burning and red eyes. Along with excessive tearing and blurry vision. Even though they might not seem like dry eye symptoms.

When they experience these, they can go to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get diagnostic testing done. These diagnostic tests can verify if people are experiencing dry eye syndrome. And can also help advise the course of treatment.

The diagnostic tests that are available to eye doctors to diagnose dry eye syndrome include taking a family history. As well as testing the modality of the tears, in order to see if they are normal.

They can also measure to your production and tear evaporation rate. As well as being able to look at the cells of their cornea under a microscope. And check the glands. In some cases, the lands glands have done to atrophy. Or atrophy, which means they started to swell. Tear ducts can also be blocked.

In these cases, eye doctor Edmonton will be able to treat the ducts or glands that are damaged or blocked. So that people can end up starting to produce tears. And will use the oil in their tears so that they can lubricate their eyes again.

Other treatments can include using eyedrops with lubrication. So that people can lubricate their eyes in the way that they need in order to operate well. And semi with can also have anti-inflammatory properties.


There is also prescription eyedrops that their eye doctor can prescribe. That contain medication that encourage the eye to actually start producing more tears, and want oil so that the tears can be more lubricating.

The type of treatment an optometrist suggests. Will depend on the cause and severity of the dry eye syndrome. In fact, some medical conditions can gauze dry eye syndrome.

And people are suffering from a wide variety of different inflammatory diseases. As well as things like rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid disease. Can develop dry eye syndrome.

Controlling these kinds of medical conditions become an important tool that people have at being able to control and minimize dry eye syndrome symptoms.

Ultimately, any eye issues that they are having. Should be dealt with by their optometrist. And when it comes to dry eye syndrome and its symptoms. Working with national can be significantly beneficial.

The sinner can treat their dry eye syndrome. The sooner they can minimize the discomfort that they are feeling. However, it is very important to note that dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition. And minimizing the symptoms is going to be an ongoing treatment.

Some things that people can do can be decreased over time. It is still going to be very important for people to continually minimize their dry eye syndrome symptoms a lifetime.