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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Symptoms of Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Symptoms of Concussions

Many people may not realize that concussions can cause visual problems says eye doctor Edmonton. And even the symptoms that they are experiencing that point to visual system damage. May not be obvious to most people, especially if they are unaware that they suffered a concussion in the first place.


People can end up suffering from headaches, as well as eyestrain and dry eye. Which are also symptoms of eyestrain, and from spending too much time on a computer.

Which often leaves people to think that they need to change their computer habits. In order to minimize the symptoms that they are getting. And while these are symptoms of eyestrain.

The cause of the symptoms is completely different. And while changing computer habits might improve their symptoms in they short term. It will not improve things in the long run.

People also might experience double vision or blurry vision. Either after focusing for a long period of time. Or when they try to focus. Which are also symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

There also visual symptoms that are related to concussions. That are not obviously visually related. Such as balance problems, light sensitivity, and motion sensitivity causing dizziness and nausea.

Therefore, it is very important that people go see their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to find out the cause of their symptoms. Instead of self diagnosing them.

Because if they have damage to their visual system caused by a concussion. Then they are not going to get the relief from the symptoms. Unless they actually undergo visual therapy.


Individual therapy will help them fix the broken connections in their brain. That are related to their visual system. And strengthen those connections. So that they can eliminate the symptoms altogether.

In fact, people can just continue going to their regular family optometrist on an annual basis. Even if there prescription has not changed. And they still are able to see clearly. That does not mean they should miss their eye exam.

There eye doctor Edmonton will be able to look at their vision, but also other symptoms. In order to see if they have any damage that may be causing symptoms. That people are not even aware of.

Whether the solution is a prescription for lenses that will minimize or eliminate the symptoms. Or getting a coating on the lenses such as prisms that can help with bad balance issues.

Or getting the glasses slightly tinted in order to eliminate hypersensitivity to light or motion. Can be enough to eliminate the symptoms of concussion on a visual system.

However, if there is a lot of damage. It will might end up needing optometric rehabilitation. That will help significantly heal the brain, so that they can permanently get rid of the symptoms.

This is why it is so important for people to continue going to their eye doctor. Even when they do not think they need to. Because it can help maintain overall I and visual health.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Symptoms of Concussions

People need to understand that visual symptoms of concussions can take place immediately following the event says eye doctor Edmonton. Or can take up to two weeks to develop with the person.

Therefore, even after a person’s body feels like it is healed. They may not even start to feel the effects of the concussion on their visual system. Which can cause problems in them understanding what the symptoms are caused by.

Especially when the symptoms are not necessarily immediately recognized as problems in the visual system. Such as balance problems, dizziness and nausea. Or having dry eyes.

While these are some common symptoms of a concussion on a person’s visual system. When they show up two weeks after concussion. People may not make the connection that the concussion because these problems.

What can make it even more difficult to understand says eye doctor Edmonton. Is when people do not even realize that they have had a concussion. Because they have not had trauma to their head.

While head injuries often result in concussions. It is not necessary to have had trauma in order to suffer from a concussion. As long as their brain hit the side of their skull, perhaps following fall.

That can have been enough of an injury to cause a concussion. Even if a person did not hit their head. And when those visual system symptoms happen two weeks after that event.

Can be very difficult for people to realize that they are experiencing visual problems from a concussion that they know that they had. It is why is very important for people to continue going to their eye doctor Edmonton every year.


Most concussion damage can be witnessed by an optometrist during a routine examination. However, for a full diagnosis with treatment. People will need to have a more lengthy assessment.

This assessment can take anywhere between one and three hours. And will look at the patient’s brain, their eye muscles. As well as how well their eyes are working during several different scenarios.

Depending on what the optometrists find. They might need some simple treatments including prescription glasses. That can eliminate the symptoms that they are experiencing.

However, people might find that they need more intensive therapy. Which is why their eye doctor Edmonton will prescribe vision therapy. That can help them heal the broken connections in their brain.

Using the vision therapy, it may take several weeks, several months or even longer. Depending on how severe the damage is. However, once the brain has made the connections, and strengthen them.

Vision therapy can eliminate symptoms and problems permanently. Because it will have effectively treated the problem, by fixing the connections in the brain itself.

However, patients need to be aware. That if they have suffered from a concussion. Any future concussions can cause even more damage to their brain. And subsequently their visual systems.

Therefore, it is very important that they take as many precautions as is necessary. To eliminate the risk of concussions in the future. So that they do not have to undergo this treatment again, or deal with symptoms of concussion on their visual system.