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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Rehabilitation for Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Rehabilitation for Concussions

Since there are so many connections in the brain relating to vision according to eye doctor Edmonton. If someone has suffered a concussion, they might end up having visual symptoms related to the injury.


What is even more difficult for a lot of people to understand. Is they might be suffering from visual concussion symptoms. And not even be aware that they have suffered trauma.

Many people believe that in order to have a concussion, they need to have sustained a head injury. However this is not necessarily accurate. A concussion happens any time a person’s brain hits the inside of their skull.

Therefore, people can wind up with concussions. Even if they have not been hit in the head. Such as if they have been in a motor vehicle accident and had whiplash, or if they were injured in a sporting event.

Such as having the ball in soccer, being tackled in football. Forgetting a body check into the boards in hockey. All of these things can result in a concussion.

And while many concussion symptoms relating to vision are quite obvious according to eye doctor Edmonton. Such as having headaches, eyestrain and dry eye. As well as blurred or double vision.

Other symptoms are less obvious. And people often think that those issues are related to something completely different. Other than their visual systems. Such as balance problems, dizziness and nausea.

However, many optometrists can find symptoms of a concussion in their routine eye exam. Which is one of the most important reasons why people need to have an annual exam with their eye doctor Edmonton.


And when the optometrist finds that there is likely concussion damage. They can set up an assessment, that can take anywhere between one and three hours. To do the tests required for a diagnosis.

Once the eye doctor finds all of the damage related to the concussion. They can start treating the problem, through a wide variety of methods that they have their disposal.

Often, a solution can be as simple as prescribing glasses, that correct to the vision. And can help prepare the damaged connections in a person’s brain. So that they can fix their visual system.

Or, they can get glasses that have a coating on the lands that helps with specific symptoms. Such as getting a lens coating that has a prisms in it that can help balance issues.

As well as a variety of tints that can help hypersensitivity whether that is light related, or motion related. In some cases, this is all that is required to fix symptoms and damage caused by concussions.

For people who are not helped with these solutions. Or who have significant brain damage caused by the concussion. They can start vision rehabilitation. Which is like physiotherapy for person’s eyes.

However, the first step if anyone thinks that they are suffering from problems related to a concussion. Is to make an appointment with their optometrist. In order to get a proper assessment done.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Visual Rehabilitation for Concussions

When a person suffers concussions, they may not realize that their visual system could be damaged according to eye doctor Edmonton. And this can result in problems, when they try to heal from their injury.

Often, when people have a concussion. They have damaged their body as well as their brain. Which has them going to a doctor, or a physiotherapist. In order to fix their problems and heal their body.

However, since there are over thirty-two centres of the brain related to vision. And three hundred connections in the brain dealing with vision.

If people have suffered a concussion in addition to their injury. They might find that physiotherapy alone. Is not enough to fix their problem.

In fact, if there physiotherapist thinks that they should be healing faster than they are. This is a good indication that they should pay a visit to their optometrist.

An optometrist can look at a patient’s history. And find enough evidence of a concussion during a routine eye exam. And if they think that there is visual damage due to a concussion.

They can book a patient in for a more intensive examination. That has a wider variety of tests. That can help diagnose visual problems caused by can questions.

They will look at the eye muscles, to see if there are any damages to the muscles themselves. As well as processing tests, to see how well people can focus and track movements.

There eye doctor Edmonton also be able to look for potential trauma to the eye itself or brain. The importance of this more involved assessment.


Is that it will help the eye doctor Edmonton figure out a treatment plan. That will help the patient heal the connections in the brain. So that they can be more likely to heal properly from their physiotherapy.

While some solutions can be as simple as prescribing glasses, or putting a coating on people’s lenses. This is not necessarily the best solution for someone who has had more significant damage.

For these cases, eye doctor Edmonton recommends visual therapy rehabilitation. That can help fix the broken connections in the brain related to the visual system.

And once these connections are fixed, it will provide long-lasting results. And as long as a patient does not suffer from another concussion in the future. The rehabilitation should heal their visual system permanently.

However, it is very important to note. That after a patient has had one concussion. All subsequent concussions that follow. Can cause even more damage to a person’s body.

Not only can this cause patients to have additional visual problems related to the concussion. But they can have even more damage to the rest of their body that they had with the first concussion.

Therefore, patients who have had a concussion. Should take extra precautions to ensure that they do not repeat the injury. So that they do not cause even more damage to their body in the future.