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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Trouble After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Trouble After a Concussion

It is very common for people to have damaged the visual system in their brain following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. However, this is often not diagnosed. Or not diagnosed soon enough. Due to the nature of concussions, as well as the symptoms.

The first thing that is important to note with concussions. Is that many people are not aware that they have suffered from a concussion. Or what they should expect if they have.

A concussion is a type of mild brain injury. That happens when a brain hits the inside of a person’s skull. There may be a lot of reasons why this happens. From a car accident, to an injury during a sports game, or even after a fall.

if a person has their head moving at a certain velocity. That suddenly stops, or goes in another direction. The brain hitting the inside of a person’s skull. As what causes the concussion.

Some people believe that a concussion needs to happen after a hit to the head. But this is not true. A person can fall to the floor, without their head ever touching the floor. Or during hockey game get slammed into the boards, or have a car accident, that does not result in their head getting hit. But it can still cause their brain to become injured.

Therefore, if people have injured themselves during minor mishaps. They may not realize that they have caused injury to their brain. Resulting in a concussion.


This is further complicated says eye doctor Edmonton. Because many people will not have symptoms directly after getting injured. And symptoms can show up anywhere between directly after the incident. To a week hath leader.

Therefore, if the concussion was very mild, and the symptoms did not show up until quite late. It can be very difficult to diagnose.

It gets even harder when these symptoms are not very obviously related to their brain injury. For example, people who have had their visual system damaged by a concussion. May have balance issues, dizziness or nausea, motion sickness. Or even a hypersensitivity to motion that they spot out of the corner of their eye.

These symptoms may not specifically point to a brain injury. Especially if a person does not even realize that they have had one.

A person should be mindful of other symptoms that they might have. That could point to a brain injury. Such as also having dry eyes, eyestrain, cognitive difficulties, difficulty concentrating, headaches, or double vision or blurred vision.

While these problems are far more conclusive. That point to a problem. It is not until a patient can go see an eye doctor Edmonton. That they are going to be able to get the appropriate diagnosis.

They should seek out an eye doctor that has training in neural rehabilitation. Because they will be able to take them through a different evaluation than the standard eye tests. And ultimately, get to the bottom of why a patient has these symptoms. And what to do about it.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Trouble Post Concussion

Concussions can be very difficult to treat says eye doctor Edmonton. Because so many different parts of the brain can be affected. And the symptoms that develop, may not be immediately obvious to a patient.

In fact, there are 3.8 million concussions that occur in this country every single year. And while they all present differently. Most of them have some aspects of a visual system damage. That presents in a variety of different ways.

Therefore, seeing an optometrist with neural rehabilitation training. Should be standard procedure for all patients who have suffered a concussion of any kind.

Eye doctor Edmonton says that there are three hundred neural connections in the brain related to a person’s a visual system. As well as thirty-two different centres in the brain that deals with vision in one form or another. Therefore, when a brain gets injured.

It stands to reason that some of a person’s injuries would damage some parts of the visual system. However, what parts of the visual system is damaged. Might not result in symptoms that obviously point two that problem.

While an eye doctor will be able to not only diagnose this problem very easily. They also can come up with treatments that can reduce or even eliminate symptoms while they are coming up with an effective treatment program.


The treatments available can include prescription glasses that have lenses that can have tenants, or prisons in them. That can affect the visual processing, or improve things like balance and dizziness.

By treating the symptoms, the eye doctor can then come up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation vision therapy program. To start to heal the brain itself. So that not only can a patient get back to their normal activities such as work. But that they can start making headway in healing their brain.

Eye doctor Edmonton will work very closely and collaboratively with other rehabilitation doctors. Such as physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists. To ensure that everyone’s treatments are working in conjunction with each other. To help heal patients brain. Ensure maximum success with each other.

And while concussion patient may not necessarily have seen an eye doctor right away. If they are working with the number of rehabilitation doctors. They might realize that something else is wrong. If a patient is not progressing through their therapy as well as they should.

When these rehabilitation doctors are able to understand that perhaps the reason that they are not responding as quickly to treatment as they should. It could because there is other parts of their brain that is damaged. That is when they can call in the eye doctor Edmonton. Work collaboratively with them.

The sooner that doctors can figure out that a patient has a damaged visual system. The sooner they can get effective treatment.