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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Therapy for Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Therapy for Concussions

People believe that if they have a concussion, that can heal on its own says eye doctor Edmonton. But that is not necessarily the case. Because it depends on what part of the brain is damaged.


And while a person can have one concussion. And be relatively unaffected by the damage. If they have future concussions. The damage that can because it can be even greater.

Which can result in more problems in the future, if they do not avoid the activities. That cause them to get a concussion in the first place. Which can result in more symptoms than ever before.

As well, eye doctor Edmonton says many people do not realize. That a lot of the symptoms that they have following a concussion. Are actually caused by damage to the visual system.

And do not think to either visit their optometrist for a diagnosis or treatment. But they think that the problem is related to somewhere else in their body.

Or worse of all, they do not think that the problem that they have. Is related to the concussion at all. But is caused by something else, such as simply getting older.

This can cause people to not get the treatment they need to heal their brain from the concussion. It can cause them to live with significant symptoms for many years. Without them ever fully healing.

Because there are thirty-two centres of the brain related to vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain that relate to vision. Chances are very high that anyone who has suffered a concussion.

Will suffer from visual symptoms of that concussion. Such as headaches, dry eye, balance problems, dizziness and nausea. As well as light sensitivity.


However, these are all very typical vision problems related to concussions. That may require a lens prescription to solve. Or having a coating put on their lenses. Such as prisms, or a tint.

That can help minimize the symptoms, and allow people to live normally. Without the effects of the concussion on their visual system. However some damage needs more treatment.

This is where neuro optometric rehabilitation comes in handy. Often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes by eye doctor Edmonton. It can help a person heal those damaged connections in their brain.

Depending on what the symptoms of patient has are. As well as how bad the damage to the brain is. May require several weeks, a few months or several months in order to heal fully.

However, the positive thing about this is. The neuro optometric therapy is completely permanent. And as long as a patient does not suffer another concussion. Will be healed for the rest of their life.

Therefore, is very worthwhile for concussion patients to undergo this type of therapy. Even if it takes a long time to heal. Because it will heal them completely.

When people have had a concussion. They should automatically go to their optometrist for assessment. Because they may not realize that they are suffering from visual symptoms relating to a concussion.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Therapy for Concussions

While many people may be experiencing blurred vision, or seeing double even mere hours after their concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. They may not realize that those problems are related to their concussion.

And when the symptoms are far more ambiguous. Such as being sensitive to light and motion. Or having a problem with balance or dizziness. People may not realize this is all concussion damage.

How concussion happens, is the brain hits the inside of a patient’s skull. Either following trauma to the head. Or any other situation, that causes a person’s head to move very quickly in a different direction than it was travelling.

Therefore, a tumble down the stairs, being in a car accident where they suffered whiplash. Or getting a body check in hockey. Can all cause a concussion. Even though people’s heads were not hit at all.

Because the visual system affects so many other body functions. Such as reading and writing, standing, walking and running. Among many other things.

The connections related to vision can be in many different spots of the brain. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain hits the inside of the skull. There was the front, the back or either the left or right side.

Chances are quite high, that they are going to experience some visual symptoms. And if they are not even aware that they have had a concussion. Like many people who have had a concussion are unaware.

The symptoms that they are experiencing. May not be obvious to them that they are related to a brain injury. Such as having headaches, developing eyestrain after being on a computer for a few hours.


People even can stop blinking properly, and not blink as often as they should according to eye doctor Edmonton. Which is caused by damage to a certain part of their brain.

Even if people have a hard time focusing, finds that the focusing becomes more difficult with time. Or that they cannot hold focus at all. These are also symptoms of brain injury.

They should make an appointment for their eye doctor Edmonton. Because they can find enough out during a routine eye exam. If a person is likely suffering from brain damage caused by concussion.

And if so, they can have a more involved assessment. Lasting anywhere between one and three hours. In order to do enough tests, to look at the patients eye muscles, process how they see.

And looking for actual trauma to the eye or brain. These tests not only can help diagnose a concussion resulting in visual problems. But they can also help the optometrist determine the best treatment plan.

The treatment plan might be a certain prescription of glasses, or putting a certain tent on those glasses to help with the symptoms. But could also be more involved.

Such as visual therapy similar to physiotherapy for the eyes. Once they have a treatment plan, they can start getting the help they need. That will not only reduce symptoms.

But it can help them heal their brain completely, so that they do not have to deal with symptoms ever again in the future. People can call their optometrist any time for an assessment.