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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Problems After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Problems After Concussion

It is very important for people to understand that because a concussion is a brain injury. This can affect many different parts of their body says eye doctor Edmonton. And since there are so many neural connections in the brain dealing with vision. That it is very common for patients suffering from concussions. To experience a wide variety of visual symptoms.

In fact, there are 3.8 million concussions in the country every year. And once someone has one concussion, therefore times more likely to have a second concussion within the next two years. And if that concussion was due to a sporting event. They need to be taken out of play. So that they can minimize their potential symptoms.

Since many people who suffer from a concussion may not be symptomatic immediately afterwards. They may feel that they can get up and resume their regular activities. But this can lead to even more damage. Even if a person has not lost consciousness. Or had a direct blow to their head. They need to be very careful. So that they do not injure themselves more.

Symptoms can show up even as late as 7 to 10 days following an injury. Therefore it is very important for people who have been injured. To rest properly, and then get assessed by the right medical professionals.

Within the first twenty-four hours following a concussion. It is important that the patient not only rests their body. But also gets cognitive rest. To avoid straining their brain. They need to avoid activities like reading or using their cell phone.


It is also very important that patients understand what kind of visual symptoms they might experience up to 7 to 10 days after their concussion. Because many of the symptoms that are related to their visual system. Are not very obvious that they are vision problems.

Some of the more common visual symptoms are dry I, eyestrain, and double vision. But there are many other symptoms that are less obvious says eye doctor Edmonton. From headaches, balance issues, to hypersensitivity to motion. As well as dizziness and nausea.

These symptoms can be quite persistent. And can persist for months after the injury. Therefore, seeing an eye doctor Edmonton with training in neural rehabilitation can help get the appropriate assessment. And find out if they have in fact damaged their visual system.

The doctor will check visual efficiencies such as I focus and I tracking. And even look for motion sensitivity and see if the patient has problem with balance. If they find that the visual system is damaged. It will be able to come up with a treatment program that can be very beneficial.

The sooner a patient can get the appropriate diagnosis. The sooner they will be able to start treating their injuries. Which will allow them to get back to their regular function. Whether it is at work, or at school.

By understanding what a concussion actually is, and what visual systems can be related to a concussion. Can be very beneficial to all people, especially those who do play a variety of sports.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Issues After a Concussion

A concussion is a mild type of brain injury, that can affect many parts of a patient’s brain says eye doctor Edmonton. And 15% of all concussion patients report having a symptoms that persist for a year or longer.

And while some symptoms are immediate. Others take time to develop, and can show up within hours, days, or even a week after the initial injury. This is very important to note. Because if people do not have immediate symptoms. They may think that they do not have any brain injuries.

Even if they have gone to the hospital and got a brain scan. That showed that they had no damage. May not realize that the damage can show up later. And can be very debilitating.

It is quite common for people who have suffered a concussion. No matter how severe or mild it might have been. Can have visual problems afterwards. This is due to the high number of visual connections that exist in the brain.

Not only are there three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. There are also thirty-two centres in the brain that are affected by vision as well.

There are so many different activities that a body can do that require vision. That even if they do not immediately recognize it as a visual problem. It can be caused by damage to the visual system in their brain.


People might be experiencing a loss of balance, or an increased motion sensitivity. That they do not attribute to visual problems. But because vision is required for balance. These symptoms point two damage to that important visual system.

It is very important for anyone who has experienced a concussion. To see an eye doctor Edmonton that has training in neural rehabilitation. The assessment that they give these patients is different than a typical appointment with an eye doctor.

They will check to see if there are any obvious damages to the patient’s visual system in their brain. And then recommend a variety of treatments that can help symptoms. And then put together a therapy program that can help heal this part of their brain.

Treatments that an eye doctor Edmonton might prescribe a patient suffering from this type of brain injury. Might be glasses with a variety of tents on them. The different tents can affect visual processing. And can often provide an immediate impact on reducing symptoms in patients.

They might also prescribe glasses that have what is called eight yoke prisms. That can improve balance in symptomatic patients. These can treat the symptoms. But the needs to also participate in the narrow optometric rehabilitation. To help fix the brain damage.

The sooner a patient that is experiencing the variety of visual symptoms gets to an eye doctor Edmonton. The sooner they will be able to get treatment that can help with their symptoms. And then start to heal their brain. So that those symptoms can be eliminated for good.