Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

People who are suffering from symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome might not realize there is a larger problem says eye doctor Edmonton. This is because the symptoms can often be written off as being tired and so many people live with the symptoms for longer than they should.

The symptoms of computer vision syndrome can include things such as eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. But can also include dry eyes, which present as red, itching or burning eyes. Eyes that are excessively teary. And even more troubling symptoms including eye spasms and blurred vision.

And although many people often write off these symptoms as being tired, or living in a dry climate. They can be indicative of a larger problem that can actually be treated. That people can live their life without these symptoms in their eyes.

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time on computers, or any electronic devices. Can end up with computer vision syndrome. Not only because prolonged use means that people are going to have their eyes focused on close-up work. Which can cause eyestrain.

But also because electronic devices emit a blue violet light that can add to the eyestrain and fatigue. And contribute to computer vision syndrome. Not only can this blue violet light because additional problems. But it is also responsible for people having their sleep cycles interrupted. Especially if they are using electronic devices right before bed.

While studies have shown that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes. It is not just people who spent all they at the computer for their work are affected. Many people are spending even more time on electronic devices than ever before.


Whether it is watching television, playing video games, social networking. Even people who are using electronic readers to read books can develop computer vision syndrome.

And while adults were spending 10 to 12 hours a day on electronic devices can develop symptoms of computer vision syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton . In order for children to develop the same symptoms, they only have to spend to two three hours at they on electronic devices to develop problems.

Therefore it is incredibly important for people to take enough breaks from computer use. To minimize eyestrain and other symptoms.

Eye doctor Edmonton recommends in adults a break every twenty minutes to focus on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds. This will give patients eyes an opportunity to stop focusing so intensely. And relax, so that the eyes can get a break.

And in children, the recommendation is for them to spend 20 to 30 minutes on electronic device before moving on to a completely different activity for at least half an hour.

By taking these brakes while at work or school. And then minimizing the use of electronic devices while at home. Can be enough for many people suffering symptoms. To be able to get a break, and stop experiencing problems associated with computer vision syndrome. So that they can be comfortable, while at work and at home.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

While many people are aware that close-up work can cause eyestrain says eye doctor Edmonton. Computer vision syndrome is a lot more than strained eyes.

Because people who use electronic devices also tend to not take breaks often enough. They also tend to not blink enough, which leads to dry eyes and increase symptoms. But also because of the blue light that is emitted from devices. All work together to make computer vision syndrome a lot more than just strained eyes.

And while the obvious solution is for people to stop using electronic devices. This is not always possible or even practical. Making treatment extremely important to a lot of people.

While the recommendation is to take breaks every twenty minutes from focusing on a computer screen. This is is not always enough to help people manage their symptoms. And often require a prescription from.

One of the first things that they can recommend is for people to treat their dry eyes with lubricating teardrops. Especially because Alberta, tree Association has discovered that instances of computer vision syndrome is on the rise in drier climates. Minimizing dry eyes can help improve a lot of people’s symptoms.

Other than eyedrops, eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe a variety of lenses that can help people minimize their symptoms. For people who do not typically wear eyeglasses, they can get what is called computer glasses. That will help their eyes look at electronic devices without straining so hard.

For people who do their glasses or contact lenses. They can get prescribed modified lenses that are designed for use with electronic devices. That can reduce symptoms.


In addition to that, people can get a variety of coatings on their glasses lenses. That can significantly help with computer vision syndrome. Such as antireflective lenses that stop light from ounces off of people’s glasses. Which can contribute to eyestrain.

To blue violet light blocking coding. That can prevent that blue violet light from reaching people’s eyes, minimizing the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But also helping people get a more restful sleep. Because they will not have the same amount of blue violet light reaching their eyes as before.

By making a routine eye appointment, can help ensure that people who are suffering from some or all of the symptoms. Can find out if computer vision syndrome is the reason why they are having problems with their eyes.

Parents who are concerned about their children having computer vision syndrome. It can be a lot more difficult to figure out. Especially because a lot of children are not aware that what they are experiencing is not normal. Such as blurred vision, eyestrain or headaches.

And especially in children, those symptoms can mean a variety of different things. Which can be even more difficult. Which is why it is extremely important for people to get themselves as well as their children into doctor Edmonton for regular eye appointments.

So that they can get diagnosed with any problems that they might have. Including computer vision syndrome that can significantly and negatively impact their quality of life.