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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatment For a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatments For Concussion

Even though there are 3.8 million concussions that happen in this country every year according to eye doctor Edmonton. It can be very difficult to fully heal from a concussion for a wide variety of reasons.

Not only are concussions very difficult to diagnose. Especially if they are mild. Because many people may not even realize that they have had a brain injury. For example, if people get hit on another part of their body. That could cause their head to move at such a velocity, that their brain hits the inside of their skull.

Therefore, people can get injured, not hit their head. And still end up with a concussion. Especially if there concussion is either mild, or does not have the symptoms immediately show up. It can end up with a delayed diagnosis. Or complete lack of the diagnosis as well.

What further contributes to a concussion not getting properly diagnosed says eye doctor Edmonton. Is the fact that symptoms can often show up seven or ten days after the injury.

If the symptoms are not very obviously related to the concussion. They can often go un-diagnosed as well. This is especially true when the concussion has affected some of the visual systems in the brain.


Some of those symptoms can be a loss of balance, sensitivity to motion in their periphery, dizziness, nausea, or motion sickness says eye doctor Edmonton. They can even get a headache, that may or may not be considered related to the injury.

Because of how unrelated these symptoms might seem to be to a concussion. They might get diagnosed as an inner ear problem. Or not get diagnosed at all.

A patient can live with these symptoms for up to or longer than a year. Which can continue to have them be considered unrelated to their concussion.

However, the sooner a patient can realize that these symptoms can be related to a problem with their visual system. The sooner they are going to be able to find a doctor who can diagnose them. And then find an eye doctor Edmonton who can treat them as well.

Patients should mindful of having other symptoms that can help point to the right issue. Is if they also have dry eyes, eyestrain, double vision or blurred vision. If they have any of the previous problems in conjunction with these ones. That is likely to point to a damaged visual system.

In in addition to that, people might notice that immediately after their injury, they had cognitive fatigue. Which meant they found it difficult to concentrate, read, or look at their cell phone or television.

They might even reports that they are still having problems with this, and they might need to enlarge want to read it, or take frequent breaks while reading. They might have even indicated that they must to decrease the brightness on their cell phones and tablets in order to read them better.

All of these things can be related to each other. And point to a problem with the visual system in a brain. That is most likely related to the concussion they had in the past.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatment For Concussions

It is extremely important for patients to be very aware of all of the various symptoms that they might be experiencing after getting a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. However, this is very difficult. Because there are so many different parts of the brain.

That could be affected in a variety of different ways when it concussion happens. That a person might have to keep track of dozens or more of symptoms. That could point to mild to moderate brain damage

When looking at the visual system of the brain says eye doctor Edmonton. There can be up to three hundred different neural connections in the brain. And thirty-two different centres in the brain that to deal with vision.

If any of these connections or centres are damaged mildly, or moderately. They can present in a wide variety of symptoms. That may or may not be obvious.

If a patient has been diagnosed with having a concussion. They might already be working with number of rehabilitation doctors. Including a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, or a psychologist.

Eye doctor Edmonton says that when patient is working with these rehabilitation doctors. And they are not progressing as quickly or seeing as much improvement. As the doctors think that they should be experiencing.


That might be a clue for them to consider collaborating with an eye doctor Edmonton. Who may be able to shed some light on the reason why.

Because so many parts of the visual system are related to so many other brain functions. If an item doctor Edmonton can be called in to give a evaluation. They may discover that there is damage to the visual system, which is causing a wide variety of problems.

When the optometrist who has training in narrow rehabilitation can work with the other rehabilitation doctors. They will be able to much more effectively treat the symptoms of the concussion.

In addition to coming up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy program. The eye doctor will also be able to provide a prescription that can minimize or eliminate symptoms in the meantime.

They can provide glasses that have lenses that can affect visual processing. As well as glasses that have you a prisons in the lens that can improve balance. By treating their visual system along with all of the other body functions that leave me with their rehabilitation doctors. Can help relax and wealth the success that they find.

By treating the symptoms of the concussion. While treating the brain damage directly. The group of rehabilitation doctors along with the eye doctor Edmonton. Can help patients brain. While allowing they can get back to their life as quickly as possible. So that they can go to school, little work, or anything else in their life that they need to do in order to get back to normal.