Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Many people suffer from dry eye syndrome for years without finding out the cause says eye doctor Edmonton. And what is even more surprising, is they suffer from dry eye syndrome. Without realizing the symptoms that they are experiencing are caused by having dry eyes.

It is very important for patients to have lubricated eyes for optimal eye health. As well as to see well, and to be comfortable.

The reason why people need to have tears, is because it will allow the eye to be lubricated. Because that will help light pass through the eye easily. And that is how patients see clearly, is when the light can pass through their eyes without a problem.

People with dry eye syndrome often find that instead of having blurred vision all of the time. That they have good vision sometimes, and blurred vision the rest of the time.

This might be people who have clear vision when they wake up in the morning. And as the day progresses, it gets progressively worse.

Or people might find that they get blurred vision after being on the computer for extended periods of time. And even people might find that they have clear vision immediately after they blinked, but it quickly gets blurred.

This is because if patients do not have good quality tears. The tears evaporate quickly off their eye, causing their vision to become blurred right after they blinked.


Other symptoms that they might be experiencing include burning, itchy and red eyes. Or feeling like they have a foreign body in their eye, or having a sand paper feeling in their eyes. In fact, many people may not even attribute these symptoms to having dry eyes.

And the most surprising symptom having dry eyes according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is having excessive tearing in their eyes. In fact, many people are surprised when their eye doctor prescribes lubricating eyedrops when they complain of having excessive tears in their eyes.

However, the reason why a patient might have excessive tearing is either because their eyes are not producing a good enough quality of tear causing their eyes to dry out quickly. Or their eyes are not producing enough tears.

And when these things happen, a patient’s body has a reflex to increase tear production to fix the dry eyes. Unfortunately, these reflex tears are not very lubricating, and so they do not help fix the dry eye symptoms, no matter how excessive the tears might be.

By understanding all of the different symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Can help patients recognize when they have dry eye syndrome. So that they can get to their eye doctor Edmonton in order to get an evaluation.

Patients who get diagnosed with dry eye syndrome will be able to talk to their optometrist about all of the different ways that they can treat the symptoms. To minimize the cause of dry eye syndrome. As well as minimizing the symptoms associated with this problem.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

There are a lot of environmental factors that can cause people to develop dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. And in Alberta, because it is an extremely dry climate. There is an overabundance of people with dry eye syndrome.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults in Alberta experience symptoms of dry eyes.

And while it can be very difficult to overcome this environmental factor. There are wide variety of other environmental factors that contribute to dry eyes.

People who smoke, or are in a smoky environment a lot will develop dry eyes. People who are around fumes, typically for work can develop dry eyes. As well as excessive computer use.

In fact, there are even medical conditions that can cause dry eye symptoms to develop. Such as inflammatory conditions, thyroid disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Regardless of the reason why people are experiencing dry eyes. There are many different ways that patients can treat the symptoms. As well as helping the body develop better quality and more tears itself.

One of the first things that eye doctor Edmonton will do, is help a patient change their environment. In order to minimize symptoms first.

The reason why this is the first place to start. Is because even if a doctor prescribes different treatments to minimize dry eye syndrome.


If a person still has environmental factors that are contributing to dry eye syndrome. The treatments that the eye doctor suggests may be ineffective because of the environmental causes.

Therefore, they often discuss with the patient to remove air attendance that can cause dry eye syndrome. Such as using a humidifier at home if they are in dry climate like Alberta.

As well as minimizing computer time, and taking a lot of breaks while using computers. Limiting exposure to smoke, or quitting smoking. As well as avoid getting eyelashes extensions, or eyeliner tattoos.

In addition to that, patients can find a lot of relief if they start eating foods that are high in omega-3, because omega-3’s help a body produce the oil that lubricates the tears that they produce.

If a patient cannot get enough omega-3 in their diets naturally. They can talk to their optometrist about what supplements they should take. In order to get more omega-3 into their body to combat dry eye syndrome.

If all of these changes do not minimize the symptoms of dry eye syndrome in F. The next thing they can do, is get a prescription from eye doctor Edmonton for lubricating and medicated eyedrops.

These not only will help lubricate the surface of a patient’s eye. But these medicated drops also encourage the body to produce more tears on its own. As well as develop better quality tears as well.

Regardless of how a patient is treating the dry eye symptoms. They will likely need to continue some course of action for the rest of their life.

Because it is a chronic condition. And if patients find that there dry eye syndrome goes away. And they stop treatment, the symptoms will come back. Therefore, managing symptoms on a long-term basis is what patients will need to do.