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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Therapies For Healing a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Therapies For Concussion

Concussions can be very difficult not only to diagnose says eye doctor Edmonton. But also to treat. Due to how little symptoms can show up. Or how delayed damage can show up on neuro-imaging.

Because of this, many people often have concussions and do not realize it. Or have a very delayed diagnosis. And end up living with symptoms for a lot longer than is necessary.

One of the first things that patients need to keep in mind, is that they may not experience any symptoms related to their concussion immediately after their injury. Or even up to 7 to 10 days afterwards.

In fact, many patients may not even realize that they have suffered from a concussion. Because their head was not hit. Or because they did not lose consciousness. And while these things are not necessary to have an actual concussion. Those things can increase the severity of the brain injury.

If people have experienced an injury, and start finding that they are experiencing symptoms such as cognitive fatigue. Or after an injury, they are realizing that they are increasing the font on their digital devices, decreasing the brightness on their cell phone. Or needing to take frequent breaks in between reading. Eye doctor Edmonton says this can point to damage caused by a concussion.


Other symptoms that patients should be very aware of include dry eyes, eyestrain and double vision. Headaches, balance issues, sensitivity to emotion and dizziness or nausea are also symptoms that can indicate damage during concussion.

The symptoms in fact point two having a damaged visual system. And they are symptoms that patients should pay attention to. Because they do not necessarily point to a brain injury. Particularly the dizziness and balance problems. Are often misdiagnosed by a doctor as an inner ear issue.

It is very likely however that no matter how mild or severe the concussion is. That a patient will damage some of their visual system. In a variety of different places. That can result in unusual symptoms.

The reason for this, is because there are so many neural connections in the brain that are related to the visual system. Three hundred neural connections, and thirty-two centres to be exact. And so if any of these are damaged. The symptoms can show up in a variety of different ways that do not necessarily impact a person’s vision.

Therefore, when a patient can understand what symptoms they should be mindful of. As soon as they start experiencing those symptoms. They can contact their doctor, or seek out help from an eye doctor Edmonton with training and neural rehabilitation. In order to get the proper assessment that they need.

Facing the right doctor and on appropriate amount of time. Can help ensure that people not only get the diagnosis that they need. But that they can get some relief from the symptoms that they are experiencing. So that they can get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Therapies To Heal Concussion

There are 3.8 million concussions occurring in this country every year, according to eye doctor Edmonton. And for every concussion that happens, it makes a person four times more likely to have another concussion within the next two years.

And simply by having one concussion, makes a person more susceptible to more severe injuries in future concussions. Making it extremely important for patients to heal their brain as completely as possible from their first concussion.

However, completely healing the brain means seeing the right therapist to heal. And that can be very difficult when it comes to a concussion. Because there many different parts of the brain that can be effected. That percent in a number of ways that are not specifically obvious.

In fact, many concussion patients find that when they start working with their rehabilitation doctors. Whether they are psychologists, occupational therapists or physiotherapists. That they may not be progressing or feeling as quickly as their doctors think they should be.

When this is the case. It is often because while they are treating an injured area of a person’s brain. Eye doctor Edmonton says they are not treating the part of the brain that ties all of those areas together.

When this is the case, they rehabilitation doctors should contact an eye doctor that has training in neural rehabilitation to assess their patient.


There is a good chance that the patient has damage their visual system. And working with an eye doctor Edmonton in conjunction with the other rehabilitation doctors. Can increase the therapies success rate.

In fact, all of the doctors will be able to work collaboratively with each other. To ensure that all of the therapies that they are using can work in conjunction with the other ones to maximize the success.

Even in patients that have severe brain damage. May think that their injuries are to severe in order to be able to do vision therapy. This is often if they find that they have significant cognitive fatigue. Or that they are not able to read, concentrate or even watch television.

However, an eye doctor Edmonton will be able to come up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation program at their level. That can help ensure that they are able to do the activities they need to start healing their brain.

And as the patient heals, and progresses. The doctor can increase the difficulty of their activities. To continue to heal their brain from this dramatic event. So there is no injury to severe that cannot be helped with this kind of visual therapy.

When a patient can see the right doctor in relation to their brain injury. Then they will be able to start healing their brain completely. Once they do this, not only will they lower their risk for future injuries. But they also will be able to get back to all of their typical functions at school, work and at home as well.