Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms Related to Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms Related to Computer Vision Syndrome

Anyone who uses computers or electronic devices for a significant portion of their day could suffer from computer vision syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. Whether this is because they spend time at work on these devices. Or if they have hobbies that have them spending a lot of time on electronics.

There are many different symptoms that are associated with computer vision syndrome. And all of them can be present in some people who have computer vision syndrome. Or people suffering from this affliction may only have one or two of these symptoms.

The most common symptoms include eyestrain, which anyone who does a lot of close-up work can get. Such as artists who draw or paint. As well as people who do embroidery or bead work. Because looking at computer monitors, or even electronic devices is close enough to be considered near work.

In addition to eyestrain however. Other symptoms include fatigue and headaches. As well as blurred vision, or double vision. While some people might assume that the blurred vision or double vision happens when their eyes get tired from looking at things close-up this is not the case.

It happens when people are focused on near work for a significantly long period of time says eye doctor Edmonton. And when they are finally done, several hours later or at the end of their workday. Their eyes have a hard time on focusing themselves.

And they often say that they have trouble seeing the road when they leave work, and are having a difficult time focusing on things that are farther away from them.


Other symptoms of computer vision syndrome include dry eyes, and all of the various ways that dry eyes can react in a variety of people. Including red eyes, burning, stinging or itchy eyes. And people who have excessive tearing in their eyes as well.

However it is not just people who have dry eyes as a symptom of computer vision syndrome. But dryness can also bring on computer vision syndrome. Since studies by the Alberta optometry Association. Report that by being in a dryer climate such as Alberta. Increase the likelihood of people getting computer vision syndrome.

And finally, in some severe cases, people can develop something called spasms of their accommodative system. This happens when their eyes focus or unfocused seemingly on their own, without a person trying to focus or unfocused them.

With any variety of these symptoms. People can be diagnosed with having computer vision syndrome. And while many people think that anyone who focuses on close-up work can suffer from computer vision syndrome.

What makes this syndrome worse than simply doing close-up work. Is the fact that electronic devices emit a blue violet light, that is the light that contains the most energy. Which when coupled with close-up work, adds to eye fatigue and headaches.

If people suspect that maybe they have computer vision syndrome. Or if they want to engage in some preventative measures. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton for an eye exam to discuss their concerns.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms Related to Computer Vision Syndrome

If people spend a significant portion of their day either at work, at home or a combination of the two, eye doctor Edmonton says they may have computer vision syndrome. It is estimated that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from this affliction. However, the actual numbers may be much higher.

While prevention is the best treatment. This is not always possible. With people needing to be on computers for work. Or as part of their curriculum at school. This is why understanding what people should do during their day to minimize their risk for developing it is extremely important.

Since one of the most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome is spasms of their accommodative system. And blurred vision. This typically happens when people are unable to relax the muscles of their eye. Forcing them to only be able to focus on things close-up.

In order to guard against this this symptom. Eye doctor Edmonton suggests that all computer and electronic device users. Take regular breaks often throughout their day. And exactly how often is often? The recommendation is for computer users to have a break every twenty minutes.

And while this sounds like a lot of time being wasted on breaks. The recommendation is only for people to focus on something farther away then 20 feet for only twenty seconds. And that can give their eyes a break enough. To relax, so that they do not get stuck in the focused position.

Also, since dry eyes can be a symptom as well as a cause of computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends people use lubricating eye drops daily. Or as often as directed on the package.


This can keep the eyes lubricated so that people do not end up developing computer vision syndrome. But if they already are having some of the same symptoms. This can minimize the symptoms that they are getting.

However breaks and eye drops may not be enough to eliminate the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But eye doctor Edmonton has a wide variety of treatments available to help people who are suffering from the syndrome.

Treatment can include putting clothing on people’s glasses lenses that can reduce the reflection off their lenses from computer devices. As well as coatings that can filter out the blue violet light. That contribute to eye fatigue.

As well as computer glasses, that are similar to reading glasses. And can help people reduce the constant refocusing pattern that happens when they use electronic devices.

Whether people do not have any corrective lenses, do have corrective lenses already. Or where contact lenses. They will be able to get computer lenses or contact lenses that can help them with this so that they can minimize the effects of computer vision syndrome.

The sooner they can minimize their symptoms, the sooner they will start to feel better because they will not have the pain and fatigue associated with this syndrome.