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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Concussions

The understanding that can concussion symptoms of the visual system is important says eye doctor Edmonton. The reason why, is because people can end up with visual symptoms. And not realize that they are related to a concussion.

Concussion symptoms can happen immediately after the event. Or, it can take up to 10 to 14 days. In order to have all of the symptoms that a person might get from a concussion.

Even concussions that seem very mild. Or accidents where people did not even get hit in the head. Can result in a concussion. Without people even realizing that they have had a traumatic brain injury.

The reason why concussions are so damaging. Is because it causes the connections in the brain. That affect all systems of the body. To be broken or damaged.

So that people end up having a difficult time doing certain activities. Or might lose abilities altogether. Because of those damaged or missing connections.

This is why people who had serious concussions. Can end up with an inability to walk or talk. However, since the visual system is used in so many different parts of the body.

Such as used for balance, walking and hand eye coordination says eye doctor Edmonton. Can end up with people having a wide variety of visual symptoms. That they may not connect to their visual system, or a concussion at all.

Some concussion symptoms that affect the visual system. Might include headaches, eyestrain or blurred and double vision. Which are very obvious that they are related to the visual system says eye doctor Edmonton.

However, other symptoms are less obvious. Maybe not considered a visual system problem. For example, people might have balance problems.


Or they might feel dizzy or nauseous, especially triggered by motion such as riding in a car. Or, triggered by people moving fast around them, or things like cars travelling fast by them.

A person might end up being very sensitive to write either inside or outdoors. And they could have dry eyes as well. Because the system that requires them to blink is damaged.

Because all of these symptoms may not be immediately obvious that they are vision related. It can cause a person to delay seeking treatment. Because they do not know why they are experiencing these symptoms.

this is why it is very important for people to have regular eye exams with their eye doctor. And even if they feel that they have not damage their brain in a concussion or accident.

They should still see their eye doctor following an accident. So that they can check visual system. Throughout damage that might happen. Or, if there is damage they can come up with a treatment plan.

When it comes to healing the body, time may impact heal all wounds. Mending bones, and healing abrasions and bruises. but it is a different story when it comes to healing the brain.

The damaged and missing connections are not going to be fixed through tonight. Each is why important to see a doctor that can help optometric rehabilitation for all patients.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Concussions

People should get in the habit of going to their eye doctor Edmonton. Following an accident, including a concussion. But even if they have not experienced a concussion. To ensure that their visual system was not damaged.

The reason why this is so important. Is because people may not realize that they had a concussion. Especially when they do not have immediate symptoms. And have not hit their head.

However, it is very important for people to understand. That what causes a concussion is not necessarily head injury. Although head injuries definitely can cause concussions and most people.

But concussions are actually caused. When the brain the inside of a person’s skill. Because there had either stopped moving very quickly. Or was moving in one direction fast, and then changed directions.

Because the brain is suspended in brain fluid. Momentum can carry it forward, even when a person has stopped working. Which is why whiplash can cause a concussion.

Even if a person does not hit their head in the process. Other circumstances that could cause a concussion even when a person does not hit their head. Include calling on the ground.

As well as support accidents, include getting body checked while playing hockey, or getting tackled during football. Even if a person did not actually follow the ground, or hit their head.

This is why it is very important to see eye doctor Edmonton anyway. Because they will be able to have a number of diagnostic tests their disposal. That not only can check the visual system.


But also check the muscles and the tissue. To determine if there was damage to the visual system. And if so, how much. And come up with a treatment plan for the patient.

Depending on how severe the damage is. Eye doctor Edmonton may simply prescribe glasses that can minimize symptoms. But also, they could put lens coatings on the glasses.

Such as prisms that can help balance issues. Or tints that can help affect hypersensitivity to light to our motion. So that people can minimize the symptoms either temporarily. Or permanently.

However, if this is not enough to minimize symptoms. The eye doctor may have the patient. Attend therapy sessions, on a regular and ongoing basis for visual therapy rehabilitation. Also called neuro optometric rehabilitation.

This is nicknamed physiotherapy for the eyes. Because it can retrain the brain, and fix the damaged and lost connections. That cause a person’s visual system to not function properly.

Therefore, if a person has had an accident. Whether they know they have had a concussion or not. They should see their eye doctor within about a month of the incident.

Because if they see their optometrist to early. Their true symptoms may not fully have developed. Which can end up with them not getting the proper diagnosis for their issue.

Even if people have been living with these types of symptoms for many years. The problem could be an undiagnosed concussion. Finally getting a proper diagnosis can be life changing.