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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of a Damaged Visual System

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of a Damaged Visual System

Many people who have suffered a concussion, end up damaging their visual system says eye doctor Edmonton. However, it can be very hard for a lot of patients to recognize. And therefore, very hard to diagnose.

And with the high number of patients who can experience symptoms for longer than a year. The sooner a patient can get properly diagnosed. And the sooner they are going to be able to help heal their brain from this injury. And minimize their risk for concussions in the future.

In order to help identify this, patients should understand what a concussion is. And how they can recognize that they are suffering from one. A concussion is a type of mild rain injury caused from the brain moving around inside the skull.

The more that the brain has moved inside the skull, can increase the severity of the concussion. But what makes it very difficult to diagnose, is that a patient does not need to lose consciousness in order for it to be at concussion.

And patients do not even need to be hit in the head, to suffer from a concussion. They can get injured to their body in such a way. That causes their head to move quickly, causing the brain to jostle around inside their skull.

What makes it even more difficult to diagnose, is that people may not even be symptomatic directly after the injury. When this is the case, people often do not even recognize that they have had a concussion.


Which may cause them to continue the activity that caused the injury in the first place. Especially if that activity was playing sports says eye doctor Edmonton.

Symptoms can show up anywhere between directly after their injury. And as late as seven to ten days after the event. It is very important that immediately following the concussion. The patient not only rests their body.

But they also need to get cognitive rest as well. And avoid activities like reading, using their cell phone, or watching television. In order to give their brain arrest.

Patients may find it very helpful in the days following their concussion. That they should only read in five or ten minute periods. And that they should be taking long breaks in between.

Limiting time on their digital devices, such as cell phones and tablets is important. As is decreasing the brightness on those devices when they do use them.

In addition to this, patients should understand some of the symptoms that they may be experiencing that can point to damaging their visual system. While some symptoms are quite obvious such as having eyestrain, headaches, double vision or dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton.

They might also be experiencing symptoms like balance issues, dizziness and nausea. Or even having a hypersensitivity to motion. If these other symptoms, they should get to an eye doctor Edmonton right away so that they can get appropriate evaluation done.

And if they do have damage to their visual system. They will be able to undergo the right treatments, to heal from this brain injury efficiently.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damaged Visual System Symptoms

Since a concussion is a type of brain injury, and there are many visual systems within the brain, eye doctor Edmonton says concussions can end up affecting vision.

It is quite common that people suffering from concussions and up having damage to the visual system in their brain. However, it may not be very obvious to patients. And even to doctors, which can often delay in treatment.

People can have a variety of symptoms including blurred or double vision, dry eye and eyestrain. But they also might have a lack of balance, suddenly be motion sick when they were not before, and find that they are dizzy or nauseous.

These symptoms can show up immediately following the concussion. Or they can take up to a week or week and a half to develop. Due to the altered metabolic activity in their brain.

Very important to note that once these symptoms present themselves. They will not necessarily resolve on their own. And can linger for even longer than a year.

This is by its very important that if people suspect that they have damage to their visual system. They need to contact an eye doctor immediately. And one that has training in neural rehabilitation.


The doctor will do different evaluation than a routine eye exam. Because they will check systems such as I tracking, I focus, as well as checking the motion sensitivity and balance of the patient.

If the eye doctor Edmonton concludes that the patient does have damage to their visual system. They can put together a neuro- optometric rehabilitation program. That can help heal their brain. Based on a variety of visual activities. That are designed to improve the efficiency of their visual system.

However, they can also prescribe treatments that can help minimize or eliminate symptoms immediately. Such as prescribing glasses that have a certain tint to them. That can affect visual processing. Or that the lenses have yoked prisons in them, that can help fix the patient’s balance.

It is sometimes only after a patient has gone to physiotherapy or occupational therapy. And found that they are not healing as well as they should. That those rehabilitation doctors will suggest working collaboratively with an eye doctor.

Since the visual system impacts so many other systems in the brain. Working together with an optometrist can help improve the success of all other rehabilitation efforts. Successfully healing the brain quicker. And eliminating the problematic symptoms for the patient.

It is very important that regardless of what kind of concussion a patient has. That they are very aware of all of the symptoms that they have immediately after the incident. And up to a week later. And what symptoms are persisting. So that they can get the right diagnosis.

But also so that the patient can get the right treatment they need. In order to completely heal their brain as efficiently as possible. So that they can get on with all of the activities they love. As well as get back to school and work.