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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Sensitive to Light After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Sensitive to Light After a Concussion

While some patients experience symptoms immediately following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. It can often take up to two weeks for symptoms to develop.

And when those symptoms are related to a damaged visual system. Symptoms can be less obvious. And therefore much more difficult to diagnose.

Even if the symptoms are quite obvious such as headaches, eyestrain and dry eye. Or blurred and double vision If they appear fourteen days after the initial injury. People may not connect them to the concussion.

And when the symptoms that they are experiencing are even less related to what they consider their visual system. Such as dizziness and nausea as well as balance problems.

It can be even more difficult to understand that this is damage caused by the concussion. This might cause people to delay getting treatment. Or not to seek treatment altogether.

Because they do not understand it is related to the concussion. Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton once everybody to be aware of what common symptoms of a damaged visual system is.

So that if they have had a concussion. Or even if they have just been injured, and do not think they have had a concussion. They know what they should look for in order to seek treatment in a timely fashion.

People can experience headaches, blurred or double vision, and eyestrain. That could cause trouble reading, or having a difficult time focusing or staying focused with their eyes.


Eye doctor Edmonton says people can complain of dry eye. Because the system that regulates blinking their eyes is damaged. Which causes people to not blink as often as they should.

They might have balance problems, be dizzy or nauseous, especially when triggered by motion. Whether they are sitting in something moving, or watching something moving fast around them.

They could have light sensitivity, as well. Whether that is inside or outside says eye doctor. And all of the symptoms could point to a damaged visual system.

The reason why a person could suffer from so many different ocular problems. Is because the visual system is used for many different aspects of a person’s body.

From and eye coordination, to communication, motion like standing and even balance. That there are so many different parts of the brain that contain connections regarding visual systems.

This means that no matter how a person gets can cost. Whether it is the front of the brain that is damaged or the back. Or if it is either side of the brain.

There is of very good chance that some visual system gets damaged in the process. This is why it is very important for patients to know the symptoms. But more importantly, see their eye doctor two weeks to a month after the event.

When they are able to see the right professional in the right amount of time. They will be able to find out what parts of their brain have been damaged. And what visual therapy program they can participate in.

That will help them fix those damaged or broken connections in the brain. So that they can heal their brain and eliminate their symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Sensitive to Light After a Concussion

The reason why many people do not connect a lot of their symptoms to their concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because they are completely unaware that they have had a concussion in the first place.

This is extremely common, because many people make the assumption. That in order to have a concussion. They need to have first received head injury.

And while head injuries can cause concussions very easily. That only makes up a very small percentage of all of the concussions. With most concussions happening with no head injury at all.

Some examples of how a person could get injured, without hitting their head. In a way that causes a concussion. Would be people who are in a car accident and get whiplash.

Even if their heads did not hit the windshield, the side window, or their headrest. The sudden stop their head would take in a car accident. Would necessarily stop their brain, which is in brain fluid.

And that momentum will carry the brain forward, directly into the inside of the skull. Because the person’s head will have stopped moving. This is what causes the brain injury.

And the harder the impact of the brain on the inside of the skull. The more damage it can cause a person. Even without hitting their head.

Therefore, people who trip and fall, or are body checked during sports game for example. Can end up with a concussion, even if they are not aware that they have had a brain injury.


This is also why it is very important for people to have an annual eye exam with their eye doctor Edmonton. Because their optometrist will be able to tell very easily. If there are any problems with their visual system.

If there are, there are several things that they can do to minimize the symptoms. Such as getting a specific prescription of lands. Or getting the lenses coded in order to minimize problems.

Example of this would be a dark attempt in the lenses to help with sensitivity to light. Or getting a coating that has a prisms in it, that can help a person balance more easily.

And in cases that are quite severe. Their eye doctor Edmonton can start them on a vision therapy
rehabilitation program. That can help fix the damaged connection in the brains.

So that people can eliminate their symptoms because the cause of them will no longer exist. This is by its very important to see their optometrist on a regular basis.

However, if patients just want to make an appointment in order to get an assessment done. It can take anywhere between one and three hours. And can help determine if there are any brain issues affecting the visual system.

If people know that they have had a concussion. Or they do not know they have had a concussion, but are experiencing some troubling ocular symptoms. They can always visit their optometrist. In order to find out exactly what is going on.