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Eye Doctor Edmonton | See an Optometrist After A Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Optometrist Visits After A Concussion

Concussions can be very difficult to diagnose says eye doctor Edmonton. Partly because many people are not aware that they have suffered from one. Also, because the symptoms that they have can be very difficult to attribute to a brain injury.

It is very important that people understand what a concussion is, and so that they can be more likely to see a doctor after an injury. To get a proper diagnosis.

The reason why it is very important to heal properly from a concussion that someone has. Not only because after the first concussion that a person has. It makes them four times more likely to have another concussion. But also, all future concussions need to be less severe to do more damage to the brain.

When people are able to heal their brain completely from a concussion. Not only can it help improve brain function. But it can also lower their risk of future concussions. And having severe injuries due to that concussion.

Eye doctor Edmonton says a concussion is a type of mild brain injury that happens when a person’s brain hits the inside of their skull. This can happen due to a variety of injuries. However, many people think that in order for it to be classified as a concussion. They need to have their head hit, or lose consciousness.


In fact, it does not matter if the head is hit. If the brain has the inside of the skull. And only 10% of all concussions have a person lose consciousness. However. If a concussion does result in a loss of consciousness. The doctor needs to be informed of that. Because it increases the severity of the brain injury.

Therefore, even people who have had a minor injury that did not involve their head. Might have in fact received a concussion. It makes it more difficult to diagnose. Because symptoms do not show up immediately after the injury necessarily. And some of the symptoms that show up, are not very obvious that they are related to a brain injury.

However, it is very important for people to understand that there are so many visual systems in a person’s brain. That there is a extremely good chance that they have damaged some aspect of their visual system in the concussion. It important that they see an eye doctor.

The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to give them an evaluation to verify if they have any damage to their visual system. And then come up with a great treatment plan for the patient.

This is very important to do, because if a patient is to depend on understanding that there symptoms are related to a concussion. They may never get treatment. Some typical visual symptoms related to a concussion might be dry I, eyestrain, and double vision.

But there may be a wide variety of other symptoms. Such as a loss of balance, dizziness or nausea. And having hypersensitivity to motion in their peripheral view. Or just an increase in motion sickness in general.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Therapy After A Concussion

Concussions can be very serious brain injuries says eye doctor Edmonton. Because even if they are mild. They increase persons risk of future concussions. And it increases the risk of even minor injuries being more severe.

Therefore, patients need to heal their brain completely. To minimize their risk. And to be able to gain their proper brain function back.

However, if they are unaware of all of the symptoms that they may experience. That point to brain injuries. They may end up getting treatment for their confession. But not thoroughly or properly treating all injured parts of their brain.

There are three hundred neural connections in the brain related to vision. And thirty-two centres in the brain that deal with their visual system. Because there are so many different connections in the brain related to vision.

When someone has a concussion. There is a extremely good chance that at least some of those connections or centres were damaged.

When doctors understand this, they can send their patients to annoy doctor Edmonton that has training in neuro-rehabilitation. In order to get a diagnosis.


The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to give an assessment different from a routine eye exam. That will be focused on testing the visual efficiencies of the brain including my focus, I tracking, and balance just to name a few.

This can be immediately helpful. Because the eye doctor will be able to give the patient treatments that can reduce or minimize symptoms immediately. Such as glasses that have tents in them that can improve their visual processing. Glasses that have yoke prisms in them that can impact and improve a person’s balance.

By treating the symptoms immediately. Can help the patient get back to some sense of normalcy in their life. And which will allow their eye doctor Edmonton to come up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation vision therapy program. That can focus on various visual activities. That will help a person improve the efficiency of their visual system. To eliminate visual issues and heal their brain.

This is extremely important. But there I doctor will also be able to work in conjunction with the other rehabilitation doctors that they may be working with. Such as their psychologist, occupational therapists and physiotherapist. To ensure they are all working collaboratively with each other. To ensure that all of the treatments they are all using. Work together to help the patient heal their brain.

Even if a person’s brain injury is extremely severe. There eye doctor Edmonton will be able to modify the neuro-optometric rehabilitation program to the level that the patient requires. And as the patient heals. They can modify activities to their level. So that they can keep improving and healing their brain.

This is why it is very important for any patients who have suffered a concussion. To see an optometrist as part of their routine treatment. Because there is an extremely high likelihood that a person will have damaged at least some parts of their visual system. That only an optometrist can help heal.