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Eye Doctor Edmonton | See an Eye Doctor After A Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | See an Eye Doctor After A Concussion

There are many reasons why a concussion patient should go visit and their eye doctor Edmonton. Even if they do not think damage happened to their visual systems. It is very likely that they did damage to their visual system in their brain.


Patients should understand however. That concussions symptoms can surface up to two weeks after the initial event. This is why patients should wait for two weeks after a concussion.

Otherwise, they could end up getting misdiagnosed. Which would result in more problems down the road. Especially because concussion damage is not likely to heal on its own.

Because concussion damage in the brain. Is typically damaged and broken connections in the brain. Which will stay damaged, unless a person sees a specialist. That can help them repair those broken connections.

This is exactly what I doctor Edmonton will do for patients. If the damage is bad enough. They will undergo optometric habilitation. Which is a type of vision therapy program.

That is actually considered physiotherapy for the eyes. And what it does is it repairs the connections in the brain, responsible for different visual systems. So that people can not only eliminate symptoms. But heal their brain.

It is also important for patients to understand. That optometric rehabilitation is permanent. Which means people are not likely to have the same symptoms persist. Because what is causing the symptoms is no longer damaged.

Optometric rehabilitation can also strengthen the brain connections related to vision. So even if they were not completely damaged. They can still be strengthened, which can help many different areas.

It is also very important for patients to understand. That so many other body functions require vision. Such as walking and running as well as balancing. As well as many other different body functions.


Therefore, if after experiencing a concussion. People do not have any visual symptoms. But are having trouble with balance, or need help learning how to walk again, they can also benefit from vision therapy.

In fact, not only are there thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision in some way. There are also three hundred connections in the brain related to vision says eye doctor Edmonton.

Therefore, it is very likely that even if a person did not sustain any obvious visual system damage. Like they are not experiencing eyestrain, or blurred or double vision.

They still could end up with lasting damage to the visual system. That are causing problems in other areas such as motion, walking and balancing.

This is why it is very important that patients who have suffered a concussion go see their eye doctor Edmonton. So that they can get the correct assessments done.

That will allow them to get the diagnosis that they need, to get the treatment to help them. And work in conjunction with their doctor and physiotherapist. To heal their brain, and get back to not.

Patients also need to understand. That any future concussions they have. Can undo the work of the vision therapy. And while they should avoid concussions as much as possible. If they have another one, they should definitely see an eye doctor.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | See an Eye Doctor After A Concussion

People may not understand that they have had a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially if they have not had any trauma. Or they have not had any accidents, which may lead them to not understand how they could have had the a concussion.

Causes a concussion, is anything situation. Where a person’s head stops moving suddenly, or switches direction suddenly. Which will cause the brain, which is suspended in brain fluid.

To hit the inside of the skull due to the momentum that it from the motion. And while this often happens during a head trauma.

Such as an accident that causes someone to hit their head like falling on the ground, or heading the ball in soccer. however, not all concussions results from hitting their head.

People can end up with a concussion if they have fallen with such force, even though they did not hit their head. Or if they were in a car accident for example. And got whiplash, but did not hit their head.

Therefore, people may not realize that they have suffered a concussion. Which is why they would not think to relate the concussion symptoms related to their visual system. Do a concussion that they did not know they had.

However, people should make it a point to see their eye doctor Edmonton on a regular basis. Because they will be able to see very easily. During the course of a typical eye exam. Our suffering from damage to their visual system.

That way, they can explain that they think the person had a head injury. And can do further diagnostic tests. That not only can help diagnose a person. But help them create a treatment that is going to be effective for fixing the damage.


It is very important for patients to understand what some common visual symptoms of a concussion are. And these symptoms can start anywhere from immediately after the concussion. To up to two weeks later.

Therefore, even people who are aware that they have had a concussion. Might not consider these symptoms a part of the concussion. Especially the ones that are less obvious that they are problems of the visual system.

Some of the more obvious symptoms are eyestrain, blurred or double vision. As well as being unable to focus or hold a focus. Difficulty reading, or following motion can also be symptoms.

And while these can be very obvious symptoms of eye problems. Other symptoms are less obvious. Especially when someone does not know that they have had a concussion.

These symptoms can include headaches, dizziness and nausea, especially triggered by motion. Balance problems, light sensitivity, just to name a few.

Therefore, it is very important that patients are aware of possible concussion symptoms. But that they visit their eye doctor Edmonton. On a regular basis. Or any time they start experiencing any of these symptoms.

While the fix might be as simple as a description for glasses. That can affect the symptoms. It might be something more involved. Requiring vision therapy. But the sooner a patient seeks treatment, the sooner they can live symptom free.