Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Syndrome

Many people are suffering from dry eye syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. And in fact, especially in a dry climate like Alberta. 90% of adults experience symptoms of this chronic condition.

The first thing that people need to understand is what is dry eye syndrome. This happens when one of two things happens. Either a person is not producing enough tears. Or their body does not produce a good quality of tears.

In order for tears to be able to do their job in lubricating the eye. It has oil that is produced by the body, that will actually help provide nutrients to the eye, as well as ensure the tears stay in the eye, as well as keep the tears from evaporating quickly.

Regardless of the reason why people and up with dry eye. Either from not producing enough tears, or not producing good quality tears. They will end up with the same types of symptoms.

While some of the symptoms can help point to the problem, such as red, itchy or burning eyes. Or feeling like people have foreign bodies in their eye. Or claiming that it feels like the inside of their eyelids our sandpaper.

However, some symptoms of dry eye syndrome are less obvious. Including blurred vision and excessive tearing. The reason why dry eyes would cause blurred vision. Is because of the role that lubrication has in helping people see.

When light passes through the surface of the eye, the smoother they I is. The better vision a person is going to have. Unfortunately, the surface of the eye is fairly rough. But lubrication, the smoothness that surface out.

When a person has dry eyes. When light penetrates the surface of their eye and there is not enough lubrication there. The light ends up bouncing off of all of the rough areas that it passes through. Resulting in blurred vision.


People who have blurred vision typically do not complained that their vision is always blurry. That it is blurry most when they are tired such as at night. Or after spending a lot of time on the computer.

Why dry eyes would result in excessive cheeriness however. Is because of how the body responds to not having enough lubrication in their eye I.

When a person starts experiencing dry eye symptoms including blurry eyes, burning, itchiness or redness. Their body tries to correct the situation, by flooding the eyes with tears.

Unfortunately, these tears that a body floods the eye with. Lacks the oil that is necessary to keep the eye feeling lubricated.

When this happens, a person will continue to have the dry eye symptoms. Causing the body to continually flood the area with more tears. Resulting in excessive teary or watery eyes.

When patients find that they have symptoms associated with dry eyes. One of the most important things that they can do is make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton.

Who will be able to give them several diagnostic tests. To find out why they have dry eyes. This will help their eye doctor Edmonton created a treatment that can help them eyes symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Syndrome

It is extremely important for people to understand what the causes of dry eye syndrome is according to eye doctor Edmonton. There can be several environmental factors. As well as factors caused by what people are doing or not doing. As well as physical reasons why people have dry eye syndrome.

Environmental factors can include things like be an extremely dry climate such as Alberta. And in fact, 90% of Alberta adults will experience dry eye symptoms. Because of how dry this climate is. People who live or work in smoky, or feeling filled environments will also very ends dry eye symptoms.

People can also have blocked tear ducts. Or have atrophy in their tear producing glands. Which causes them to not be able to have tears produce. Or hypertrophy in their tear producing glands. That causes tears done to being blocked.

Other physical causes can be people who are suffering from medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease or other inflammatory conditions.

And there can be several things that people are doing directly. That can cause dry eye symptoms to occur. Such as spending excessive amounts of time on the computer without taking breaks. Doing things like avoid getting eyelash extensions. Or feeling to drink enough water body to be dehydrated.

One of the first things that eye doctor Edmonton will do when people are complaining of dry eye symptoms. Is help them make the necessary changes to minimize symptoms. Such as using a humidifier if they are in a dry climate.


Minimizing computer use whenever possible. And taking enough breaks when using the computer if it can’t be avoided. What they recommend for breaks, is every twenty minutes.

Looking away for 20 seconds, anything farther than 20 feet away. This will give their eyes the break needed to stop focusing so hard, and minimize drying out.

The next thing that they recommend, is eating foods high in omega-3 such as for. Or taking only three supplements. Because this can help increase the lubricating nature of their tears.

Warm compresses can help open up glands that are blocked or that are swollen. In order to encourage them to cause tears to flow.

If this does not fix many peoples dry eye syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton will have eye lubricants that they can suggest. Or dedicated eye lubricants that they can prescribe. That will help manage dry eye symptoms.

Some lubricants have more lubricating ideas than others. Some can even have anti-inflammatory properties that can help. If these things were not enough. The medicated eye lubricants. Contain medicine that encourage the body to start loosing more tears on its own.

Together with the other symptom minimizing efforts. A patient can significantly reduce their symptoms. However, people need to keep in mind that this is a chronic condition. That will require lifetime maintenance. To ensure symptoms don’t return.