Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Symptoms

It is extremely important for people to manage the symptoms of dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. Because not only can it be uncomfortable. It can also cause people to have difficulties seeing.

In fact, many people make an appointment for their optometrist because they are having trouble seeing. And make the assumption it is because they needed new prescription of glasses or contact lenses.

However, the reason why dry eyes cause people to have learned vision. Is because of how the by uses light to be able to see clearly.

What having lubricated eyes does, is allow the surface of the eye to be very smooth. So that when light passes through the eye, it does not bounce off of anything as it goes through, so people have clear vision.

When people have either not enough tears, or there is not enough lubricating oil in the tears that they make. What happens is the surface of the eye is very rough because it is dry. And the light will bounce around on those rough patches.

The light bounces around, people typically will see blurred, but sometimes double vision. Because of dry eyes.

This is why many people are very surprised when they go to their eye doctor Edmonton for an eye exam. And instead of getting new glasses, they end up with a prescription for eyedrops.

Other symptoms of dry eye includes excessive tearing. And people are also bewildered when they go to their doctor complaining of teary eyes. Getting a prescription for eyedrops.


However, the reason why they get eyedrops when they have excessive tearing. Is because when their body does not produce enough tears, or good-quality tears. The bodies reflects is to flood the area with tears.

However, these tears that the body produces in response do not contain any lubricating qualities. Therefore, they will either flow directly out of the patient’s eyes, leaving them with no improvement on the lubrication of their eye.

There are many different types of eyedrops that they can get. From eyedrops that have a lot of lubricating factors. You eyedrops that even have anti-inflammatory properties.

Two prescription eyedrops that their eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe. That contain medication that can help the body produce more oil that is necessary to lubricate their eyes.

Even using these eyedrops long-term can cause the body to start producing that oil itself. However, in order for this course of action to be beneficial long term. Patients also need to take care of a lot of the environmental factors that cause dry eye as well.

One of those environmental factors is a dry climates. Which is why so many adults in Alberta suffer from a dry eye syndrome.

It can be extremely beneficial for people to start using a humidifier both at home, and at work if possible. So that they can combat the dryness, that would cause their tears to evaporate off their eyes.

By knowing what the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is. Can help patients seek out the right diagnosis when they experience the symptoms. So that they do not have to live with blurred vision, or discomfort long term.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Managing Dry Eye Symptoms

There are so many different treatments to dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Because there are a lot of different causes of dry eyes.

While a lot of causes can be environmental from climate, to being in a smoky environment, or working in a place where there are a lot of fumes. Even excessive computer use both at home and at work can cause dry eye syndrome.

But also, there are medical conditions that can cause dry eye symptoms. Such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, as well as a wide variety of various inflammatory conditions.

Medications can also cause dryness to occur. And with age, tear production gets worse. Often as the tear ducts become blocked, start to atrophy.

In order for people to understand what that is the cause of their dry eye symptoms. They can go to their eye doctor Edmonton for a routine eye exam.

There are many different diagnostic tests available to diagnosing dry eye syndrome. And the optometrist will start with family history, and testing of the modality of the tears in order to see if they are normal.

As well as measuring the patient’s tear production as well as tear evaporation rate. The kind of tears that a patient needs has oil in them, so that the tears can stay in the patient’s eyes. As well as the oil helps keep the tears from evaporating.

There optometrist will also be able to look at their tears underneath the microscope as well as look at the cells of the cornea. And physically check the tear producing glands.


Sometimes, the glands can swell which is called hypertrophy. Or can atrophy, means they start to shrivel. And both cases causes the tear ducts as well as the glands that produces the oil to be blocked.

Depending on which one of these causes contributes to a patient’s dry eyes. Is what their eye doctor Edmonton suggests they do to combat their symptoms.

For people who use computers excessively, they will be asked to take frequent breaks about every twenty minutes. And minimize the time they spend on the computer away from work.

For people with medical conditions, controlling those medical conditions is an important way to control dry eye syndrome.

Even leading health their lifestyle, such as drinking lots of water, and eating foods that are high in omega-3. Can help increase tear production. As well as increase the oil in those tears that are lubricating.

If making these environmental changes do not minimize the symptoms enough. Then the optometrist can move on to different treatment options. That can improve the symptoms significantly.

Ultimately, since 90% of the adult population and Alberta will eventually suffer from dry eye syndrome. Being aware of what they can do proactively. Can help minimize symptoms, and help delay the onset of this chronic condition.