Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Electronics Affect Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Electronics Affect Eyes

Many people are not aware of how computer and electronic use can affect their vision says eye doctor Edmonton. And that instances of computer vision syndrome is on the rise significantly.

Not only is this on the rise with computer and electronic device users. But also children are getting diagnosed with this more often than ever. And people in dry climates are also more affected than people in more humid areas.

And while many people are aware of how close up work can cause eyestrain. Computer vision syndrome is more than just tired eyes from focusing all day.

In fact, typical symptoms that can show up with people who are affected by computer vision syndrome can include eyestrain and fatigue. But they can also develop blurred or double vision. And this typically comes after people are done focusing close up. That they have problems focusing on things farther away.

Other symptoms can include headaches, dry eyes including red, burning and itchy eyes. As well as excessive tearing. And while dry I can be a symptom. Because many people often do not blink often enough when on electronic devices.

Dry eyes can also be a cause of computer vision syndrome. Which is why people are often more affected and drier climates such as in Alberta.

And in some more serious cases, people who have computer vision syndrome can end up with iced spasms of their accommodative system. It can be very difficult to live with.


And while computer and electronic use requires close-up work, which can cause eyestrain. It is also the blue violet light that is emitted from computers and other electronic devices. That cause a lot of the other problems associated with this syndrome.

The reason why the blue violet light causes a problem. Is because that is the shortest wavelength, and the wavelength that contains the most energy. Which means it is the light that is the most exhausting look at.

And while the close-up work for prolonged periods of time can cause eyestrain. Eye doctor Edmonton says the short wavelength can cause fatigue and headaches. Completing the multitude of symptoms that are associated with this syndrome.

The most effective treatment is actually prevention. And while many people can significantly minimize the amount of time that they spend on electronic devices. It is often impossible to expect people to stay away completely.

Which is why understanding how often people need to take breaks. And what those brakes need to look like is very important. For every twenty minutes of computer work. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends that people take twenty seconds to focus on something 20 feet away.

It is not simply enough for people to stop looking at the computer. But by focusing on something in the distance. Can help force their eyes to change their focus. So that they can get a break that they need to minimize eyestrain.

Many people can find relief of symptoms. Or avoid having symptoms in the first place. By minimizing electronic device use. And learning how often they should take breaks. So that they do not have to worry about having to find more treatments for this syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Electronics Affect Eyes

More people than ever before are using not just computers, but more electronic devices says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially as workplaces change. And many jobs that did not require computer or electronic devices before now have a large component associated with computers and electronics.

That and the increase of people using electronic devices at home such as cell phones and tablets. Mean that more people than ever before are being diagnosed with computer vision syndrome.

Even people who are sitting at a desk, with the computer in front of them may not realize that that is close enough to cause a problem. But the time that they spend on their electronic devices at work.

Coupled with their leisure activities at home. Means that any adults are spending over ten and twelve hours a day on these electronic devices.

Even children are on the rise for being diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. And this is often because they are using devices more often. And at an earlier age. It also because it takes less time on electronic device. For children to develop symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Children who are spending two and three hours a day on an electronic device can develop symptoms of computer vision syndrome. And their parents must know how often they need to take breaks.

My getting their child to take a break for every twenty or thirty minutes on electronic device. To do a completely different activity can be extremely helpful in helping children avoid developing symptoms.


However, if people do end up developing computer vision syndrome. And taking breaks as well as minimizing electronic device use. May not be enough to minimize or eliminate symptoms. So those affected should make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton.

There is a wide variety of treatment options that can help people whether they have corrective lenses or not. The first is using computer glasses. Which are very similar to reading glasses. But are designed specifically for helping people read electronic devices.

By using these glasses whenever people are on a computer or an electronic device. Can help their eyes focus a lot easier. Without working so hard. So that they can minimize the eyestrain associated with computer vision syndrome.

These lenses can be made to fit prescription glasses says eye doctor Edmonton, and even contact lenses. So that no matter what kind of corrective vision a person has or needs. They will be able to get computer glasses that can help them avoid developing computer vision syndrome.

Also, they will be able to get a variety of lens coatings on their glasses. That will significantly help as well. Including a reflective coating. So that light does not bounce off their glasses causing more problems.

And a blue light blocker coating. That can block the amount of blue light that reaches a person’s eyes. So that they do not end up getting fatigued, or headaches from that high energy light.

As computer and electronic use gets more prevalent. Our people will be affected by this syndrome. Making it extremely important for people to know what options they have.