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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Do You Know You Had a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Do You Know You Had a Concussion

For many people, they are very aware that they have had a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Because they were in an accident, or hit their head. And that symptoms showed up soon after the event.


However, this not the case for all people. Because concussion do not necessarily follow head trauma. And can have symptoms showing up after two weeks later. That may not obviously be related to concussion, from what people understand.

Concussion is where the rated hit the inside of their skull. Often because their head changed directions or velocities very quickly. Which cause the plane to continue moving, after the head had stopped.

Because it is a brain injury. What typically happens, is that the connections in the brain can become weak. Or completely lost, and effect many different parts of a person’s body. That are controlled by the brain.

One example of this, is lost connections can cause people to lose the ability to speak, or even walk. Requiring a speech therapist or physical therapist. In order to help fix those connections, and heal the body.

The same is true for vision says eye doctor Edmonton. And when a person’s visual system has connections that are broken or damaged. They can end with a wide variety of visual symptoms.

Within a day or two weeks of the incident. That may or may not be obvious that they are visual symptom system problems. Which is why visual symptoms of a concussion often go unnoticed.

Some common visual symptoms of a concussion include eyestrain. Like when a person has difficulty focusing on close up work. Or can focus on close-up work, but not for long periods of time.

They might have dry eye, because the visual system that causes them to blink is damaged. Which will cause them to not think as often as they should, and they will develop dry eyes.


Other common visual symptoms of a concussion include blurred or double vision. Either when they are tired, or after they have doing close-up or computer work for an extended period of time.

They might also have difficulty reading, difficulty focusing, or having trouble tracking movement. Such as focusing on a ball during a sports game. These are all visual symptoms of migraines that are obvious.

However, there are other visual symptoms of a concussion that are less obvious. Especially when they only show up weeks after the event. Can be overlooked by patients as well as doctors.

These visual symptoms that are less obvious include headaches, light sensitivity, balance problems. As well as motion sickness that includes dizziness and nausea.

Since there are many different symptoms parts of a person’s body that uses the vision system. Such as balancing, walking, or stop movement. If the visual symptoms are damaged.

People might end up with a difficult time with those actions, and where their physiotherapist say that they have a problem walking. I doctor Edmonton would say once they heal the vision system of the brain.

They will have a much better time rehabilitating everything else. Which is why it is important people visit their optometrist following a concussion.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Do You Know You Had a Concussion

If people did not get hit in the head, and did not experience symptoms for a couple of weeks, eye doctor Edmonton says they might not realize that they had a concussion at all. In fact, most concussions do not involve being hit in the head.

Because a concussion is a brain injury. People need to understand how that affects their body. To understand why they need to seek out the appropriate treatment.

Such as an eye exam with their eye doctor Edmonton. After such a traumatic event. When they understand this, it makes it obvious why they should talk to a variety of doctors.

When a person hurts the tissues in their body, they might hurt, get bruised. Which takes time in order for the body to heal the damaged tissue. And it might take a few days or weeks or months.

When they break a bone, they need to time. The order for the body to bring white minerals to the bone. In order for it to repair itself. This can often take several months to complete.

However, when it is a problem with the brain. It is not a bruise that needs to hear. And it is not a home that needs to amend. Happens when the brain gets injured, is that the connections get lost or damaged.

Those connections are responsible for everything in the body, from involuntary actions like breathing, and blood circulation. To vision, speech and motion.


These damaged connections can cause a problem to have a difficult time doing these things. To the body losing the ability to do those things, until those connections are repaired in the brain.

This is why is very important that people see the right specialists following a concussion. So that they can get the right treatment, that can heal the connections that it been damaged.

When a patient sees their eye doctor Edmonton after getting a brain injury like a concussion. They will be able to do diagnostic tests. That can tell them what areas of the brain have damaged.

That can help them come up with the right treatment plan for their specific injury. The reason why it is important to go to an eye doctor Edmonton. Is because the visual system affects so many other parts of a person’s body.

And if they have damaged their visual system. They may have a hard time learning how to stand up and balance, or even walk. Because the part of the brain that is responsible for the visual part of that motion. Will be damaged.

Therefore, the best treatment for concussions. As a holistic whole body approach. Where the doctor, physiotherapist and eye doctor Edmonton work in conjunction with each other. To heal a person’s entire body and mind.