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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Impact Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Impact Vision

While many people understand that a concussion is a brain injury says eye doctor Edmonton. They may not realize the wide spread implications to the visual system. That a concussion can cause them.

The reason why a concussion can impact the visual system so often according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is because of the vast amount of connections in the brain. That deal with vision in some way or another.

In fact, thirty-two centres of the brain. Relate back to vision in some way. Whether it is communication, things like hand eye coordination, balance or even walking and running.

People use their vision in many ways, in order to do many things with their body. And the visual connections in their brain. Our scattered all over the place in their brain.

This is why chances are very high. That a person who has had a concussion. Will likely end up with some form of visual system damage. Because no matter what part of the brain is hit in a concussion.

That will contain some connections related to vision. Which can cause of those systems to stop working properly. Or stop working entirely, causing many problems for patient.

Because the visual system is contained in so many different parts of a person’s brain. There can be an extremely wide variety of types of symptoms.

Some of the symptoms are extremely obvious, such as headaches, eyestrain or blurred and double vision. Just to name a few of the ways that a person’s visual system can be affected.


Two less obvious symptoms. Such as dizziness and nausea, as well as light sensitivity and balance problems. That might leave a person wondering why they are all of a sudden nauseous when they are in a moving car.

And some symptoms are downright puzzling, such as dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. And why dry eye is related to a visual system problem. Is the part of the visual system that is broken.

Is the part that regulates how often a person blinks their eyes. Therefore, they do not think is often and end up with dry eyes. When they might think that there dry eyes is simply caused by computer use, or living in a dry climate.

This is why it is very important that a person is aware that they have had a concussion. That they go see their eye doctor. But not too soon after their injury.

They should wait at least two weeks, but ideally one month before seeing their optometrist. In order to get a complete evaluation of what is going on with their brain.

The reason they need to wait at least two weeks. Is because a person might not have all of the symptoms that they are going to get. Because symptoms can show up fourteen days after an injury.

And by waiting for a full month, eye doctor says any symptoms that are not serious might have gone away. Allowing optometrist to have a full understanding of what is going on in their brain.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Impact Vision

Many people may understand that they might have blurred or double vision immediately following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. But when they have no symptoms immediately after the injury.

And additional symptoms follow fourteen days later. They may not realize it is from the same injury. And they may brush off these symptoms. Not realizing that they are caused by a brain injury.

The reason why so many people may not realize that they have had a concussion. Is because they make the assumption. That concussions are only possible when they have a head injury.

And while it is true, head injuries will cause a concussion. This only makes up a small percentage of cases. With far more people ending up having a concussion. Who do not have a head injury first.

Whether they have fallen on the ground, but did not hit their head. Or if they were in the sporting event such as football and got tackled but did not hit their head.

Or got checked into the boards but did not hit their head. All of these things could result in a concussion, without realizing it. Even a much more severe events, such as a car accident causing whiplash.

Good all results in a concussion, even though head injury is notably absent. And even the slightest trauma to the head can sometimes result in a concussion.

Such as heading a ball in a soccer game. As long as their head stopped moving or changed directions fast enough. That their brain would not be able to stop, as it suspended in brain fluid.


Therefore, it is very important for people to understand that they may have symptoms. That if they are unexplainable. They might point to a brain injury. Even if they cannot remember what caused it in the first place.

In fact, eye doctor Edmonton says many people come in for a routine eye exam. Inking that they simply need a different prescription of glasses. Or that they symptoms that they have are related to something else.

Such as dry eyes or blurred vision being a part of using a computer too much for work. Or that light sensitivity was just something that happened as they got older.

When all of these things could be caused by a brain injury. That happened from an undetected concussion. Therefore, annual exams with eye doctor Edmonton is extremely important.

There are many different treatment options that patients can undergo. From specific prescription glasses. That can minimize or eliminate symptoms.

Two a vision therapy that can actually help heal and retrain the brain. To fix those broken or lost connections. That cause the visual symptoms that they are experiencing.

In severe cases, patients might have to undergo visual therapy for several weeks or even several months. But ultimately, they need to know that the therapy is a permanent solution.

And they will be able to enjoy being symptom free for the rest of their life. As long as they can avoid getting another concussion that can cause the problem to occur again.