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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Can Damage Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Damage Vision

Many people are unaware of what a concussion is says eye doctor Edmonton. Which leads to having a complete inability to understand why they might have a wide variety of symptoms.

A concussion is a type of mild brain injury. That happens when the brain hits the inside of a person’s skull. Because it does not matter what part of the brain that was hit, that defines a concussion. It can end up hitting either side of a person’s brain, the front, or even the back.

This can end up with a wide variety of symptoms showing up. But even more  Is that symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after the event. To ten days later.

Therefore, when people experience a mild concussion. And then experience seemingly unrelated symptoms a week and a half later. They may not associated with the concussion. It can cause a significant delay in receiving treatment.

This is why many people advocate for patients who have suffered a concussion. To seek an evaluation from an eye doctor Edmonton. That has training in neuro-rehabilitation.

They will be able to do an assessment that can help see whether there is damage to the visual system. By checking visual efficiencies like I focus and I tracking. As well as motion sensitivity and balance.


This will help the eye doctor Edmonton determine if a patient has damage their visual system in their concussion. And create a treatment plan to help them heal.

In fact, while they are working on their rehabilitation program. They are also able to prescribe glasses to the patient. That either have a variety of tints in them that can improve their visual processing.

Or the glasses can contain something called you prisons that can help a patient regain their balance. And while these glasses are not going to permanently help the symptoms. They can improve them. While the patient helps heal their brain.

Regardless of the level of damage that a patient has to their visual system. There eye doctor will be able to customize the activities to fit each patient and their ability level. As their brain heals, the doctor can make the activities more challenging. To help heal more aspects of the patient’s brain.

Even if a patient has not seen an eye doctor yet. They might be receiving help from a variety of other rehabilitation doctors. Such as occupational therapists, psychologists or physiotherapists.

If those rehabilitation doctors think that the patient is not necessarily healing as fast as they think the patient should. This could be an indication that the patient has damaged their visual system.

The reason why, is because the visual system affects so many other parts of the brain. That when they are unable to heal certain parts of their brain through occupational therapy or physiotherapy. It might be because the visual system needs to heal first.

Eye doctor will be able to work collaboratively with the other doctors to come up with a unified approach to helping treat the patient. To ensure that all parts of their brain can heal.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Can Damage Vision

While there are 3.8 million concussions that occur every year in this country says eye doctor Edmonton. Concussions are still very misunderstood by the people who are victim to them.

While a concussion is a brain injury. Even those who suffer from mild concussion can have symptoms that linger for a year or longer. This is why those people who have suffered a concussion. Need to seek treatment for all symptoms as soon as they can.

However, it can be very difficult to do. Because if people have suffered a mild concussion. Symptoms can show up a week and a half later. And can seem unrelated to their injury.

And if a person has damaged their visual system. The symptoms that they will experience a not be obviously I related. While some of the symptoms can including dry eye, eyestrain and double vision.

Many symptoms that point to a damaged visual system. Include headaches, problems with balance, increased sensitivity to motion, dizziness and nausea.

Because of how these symptoms present. Many people do not draw the conclusion that they need to see eye doctor Edmonton.


In fact, because there are so many different connections in the brain that deal with vision. For example 300 neural connections in the brain and thirty-two centres in the brain that are vision related. Damaging any part of the brain, comes with the risk of damaging part of the visual system as well.

It should be standard that any doctor who sees a concussion patient. Should send them to eye doctor Edmonton that has training in neuro- rehabilitation.

They will be able to do an assessment in order to help figure out if the patient has had any damage to their visual system so that they can engage in the proper therapy program to heal their brain.

The eye doctor Edmonton will set up a specialized neuro-optometric rehabilitation program. To help the patient heal the specific parts of their brain that were damaged by the concussion.

The biggest problem with this comes when patients have suffered a concussion. But they are not aware that they have. If they have received an injury, but did not specifically hit their head. They may believe that they have not suffered a concussion.

Even if patients did hit their head. One common misconception is that a patient will have had to lose consciousness in order for it to be classified as a concussion. This is also not true. Because regardless of if a person loses consciousness or not. There brain can be damaged.

Therefore, anyone who is engaging in sports should understand what classifies as a concussion. So that not only can they seek the treatments they need. But that they can stop playing the sport when they get injured. So that they do not end up causing more damage to their brain by continuing to play that sport.