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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How a Concussion Affects Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Affect Vision

Even though there are 3.8 million concussions diagnosed every year, I doctor Edmonton says it can be very difficult to understand all of the symptoms. The reason why, is because there can be a variety of different ways that the concussion damages the brain.

Depending on where the brain was damaged when the concussion occurred. As well as what how hard it was hit. Can cause a lot of different symptoms to occur in people suffering from a concussion.

What is worse, is that symptoms may present as soon as immediately following the injury. Up to ten days after the incident. And the variety of symptoms are all dependent on where the brain was damaged. And how much.

Making it very difficult for doctors to say what symptoms concussion suffers should be experiencing. Because of this, many symptoms may not be obvious that they are from the concussion.

People need to understand what a concussion is. It is a type of mild brain injury. That happens when a person is either hit in the head. Which causes the brain to hit the inside of a person’s skull.

However, if the person receives an injury to their body, with such force, it can cause the brain to hit the inside of a person’s skull. Which means it does not require a hit to the head in order to be a concussion.


Because many people believe a concussion needs to have hit to the head. Many concussions go on diagnosed. Due to the nature of the injury itself.

Another problem, is that many people believe that in order for it to be a concussion. The person must lose consciousness. And this is also untrue. Patients who lose consciousness only represents 10% of all cases of concussions.

Because of all of the differences in how concussions can occur. And the severity and symptoms of the concussions. Many people may be walking around with problems or symptoms. Related to an un-diagnosed concussion.

When concussions affect people’s vision. Especially when they are unaware that they have had a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. It can affect treatment significantly.

It can cause people to not get the right treatment that they need. Or to think that there is a problem with another part of their body. When it is actually related to their visual system.

An eye doctor Edmonton would be able to easily diagnose the problem. However a patient must need to know that they should go see an eye doctor for the problems they are experiencing.

When people understand what can be classified as a concussion. And that they should see a doctor right away. Can help ensure that they get the diagnosis they need. So that the subsequent symptoms that they are experiencing. Can get properly treated.

The sooner a patient can recognize this, the sooner they can get the diagnosis. And treatment that can help them heal completely. So that they can minimize the risk for future concussions.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How a Concussions Affect Your Vision

It can be very difficult to diagnose many symptoms of a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Because of the wide variety of symptoms that may occur. The reason why, is because a concussion can damage many different parts of a person’s brain.

Depending on the different parts of the brain that are affected. It can show up in a variety of different symptoms. One of the most under-diagnosed symptoms of concussion are the symptoms related to the visual system.

For example, a person who has a concussion that they have damaged their visual systems include dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches, double vision, and blurred vision. But there can be also some to that are less obviously visual. For example, people might have a hard time balancing, they might be very sensitive to motion, and get motion sickness. They could even have dizziness, or nausea.

If a person has a concussion, these symptoms might not show up for ten days. And because they take so long to appear says eye doctor Edmonton. They may not be immediately diagnosed to be a part of the concussion.

Especially if the concussion a person suffers from is very mild, the visual symptoms might not be immediately diagnosed as related.


However, if a person suffering from a concussion can see an eye doctor Edmonton within a short period of time. They are going to be able to find out if they have damaged their visual system through an evaluation different than the typical eye exam.

The eye doctor Edmonton needs to have training in Nero rehabilitation. Then they will be able to check the visual efficiencies of many parts of their eye function. Such as I focus, I tracking, both in sensitivity as well as balance.

Once the eye doctor Edmonton has been able to figure out if they have damaged their visual system. Not only can they use treatments to minimize or eliminate the symptoms. While they go through a vision therapy program called neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

The doctor will be able to create a program that is based at the level that the patient is at. And as they progress, modify the activities so that they continue to fit the level of damage they have. So that they can get the help they need.

If a patient is already seeing other therapists. Such as a psychologist, a physiotherapist, or an occupational therapist. Then they will be able to work collaboratively together. It is important that all the therapists work collaboratively together. So that all of the therapy that they can do can complement each other.

And often, when a person can get their optometrist on board with all the rest of their therapists. The amount of improvement that they can see in all of the other areas can be vastly improved. Because so many visual systems are related to all of the other areas of their body.

The sooner people can get the proper diagnosis. The sooner they are going to be able to start the right therapies that are going to significantly increase their ability to heal.