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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing the Visual System From Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing the Visual System From Concussions

People may not realize that they are suffering from visual problems following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. And often, these symptoms can persist for months or even years.


One of the reasons why people may not realize that they have suffered lasting visual damage. From a concussion that they may have had years ago.

Is because not all of the symptoms of damage to the visual system following a concussion. Our obvious that they are visual problems at all.

With patients often believing that the symptoms that they are experiencing our related to something else. Or they do not even realize that the symptoms that they have are anything other than getting older.

For example, many people start having difficulties focusing their eyes. This can be close-up or far away. But having people assume that the problem is that they are getting older.

And not that they have damage to their visual system caused by a concussion. Or, a person might end up having balance problems, or find that they get dizzy or nauseous related to motion.

And have people assume that they are starting to get motion sick as they age. When that is not the problem at all says eye doctor Edmonton.

This is why it is very important for people to have regular annual eye exams with their eye doctor Edmonton. So that they can discover any visual problems that people have.

That might have been related to another injury such as a concussion. That they can treat the symptoms, and fix the problem. So that people do not have to live with symptoms for the rest of their life.


Other symptoms that people need to be aware of. Include having a difficult time tracking motion, lured or double vision. Balance problems, light sensitivity.

As well as having a problem getting their eyes to focus. Or having trouble maintaining that focus for any length of time. If a person has experienced these symptoms.

They should make an appointment with their optometrist. There eye doctor will be able to look at enough of their visual system during a routine eye exam.

If they think that it is possible that they have damage from a concussion. They can book the patient in for a more involved exam. In order to do a wide variety of tests.

That can conclusively determine if a person has damage to their visual system caused by an injury. And what the best course of treatment should be, to treat the symptoms and heal the brain.

While many people can be helped with simple prescription glasses. Others require visual rehabilitation. Similar to physiotherapy for their eyes.

The length of that treatment will be determined by how much damage a person has. And how severe their symptoms are, which will change with each patient.

Ultimately, a lot of visual problems can be helped. If people visit their optometrist, and get the proper diagnosis they need to get the treatment that will help them.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing the Visual System From Concussions

Many people have suffered concussions in the past says eye doctor Edmonton. And not even know it. Because they often think that concussions are caused by a brain injury.

And while a concussion is caused by trauma that causes the brain to hit the inside of a patient’s skull. This does not have to be caused by head injury. Just an injury that causes the patient’s body to move.

At a different velocity than their head. And suddenly stop, or change directions. This can be enough for the brain to hit the inside of a patient’s skull. And cause damage to the brain.

And since concussion can happen from any angle. Causing any part of the brain to be hit. Eye doctor Edmonton says a wide variety of symptoms can be the result.

However, it is extremely common for the visual system to be damaged during a concussion. Simply because there are so many different parts of the brain dealing with the vision.

For example, eye doctor Edmonton says that there are thirty-two centres of the brain related to vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain dealing with vision.

This is because vision is required for such a wide variety of other bodily functions. Such as balance, and walking, running. As well as reading, and writing for example.

Therefore, despite the fact that the brain can be hit on any side and result in a concussion. That it often has visual symptoms as a part of that injury.


This is why it is so important for concussion patients. To make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton. As a part of their rehabilitation.

What is more important to note, is that their optometrist will be able to work with their other rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapists. For a whole body, holistic approach to healing.

They might even find that their physiotherapy is not as effective. If they are not also healing their visual systems at the same time. Therefore, getting an opinion from an optometrist.

As well as their doctor or physiotherapist. Is going to be an important part of healing thoroughly from their concussion. So that they do not have to end up with symptoms for the rest of their life.

Whether they are going to fix the visual system first and then work on their body. Or if they are going to do it the other way around. Or even at the same time.

All of the doctors will work well together. In order to come up with a treatment plan that can help patients heal as thoroughly and effectively as they can.

Therefore, if people have experienced a concussion. Or if they are experiencing symptoms visually that they cannot explain. They should make an appointment with their optometrist.

And get the assessment that they need, to determine what the best treatment will be. To heal their brain. As well as eliminate items that they are experiencing.