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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing Damage From Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing Damage From Concussions

If someone has suffered from a concussion, they often think of going to a doctor or physiotherapist but not necessarily an eye doctor Edmonton. Even though chances of them damaging visual systems and their brain being quite high.


In fact, over three hundred connections are in the brain related to vision. With thirty-two centres of the brain having some aspect of vision involves in that function.

Therefore, not only are there a lot of connections in the brain dealing with vision. But those connections are throughout the entire brain. So no matter what part of the brain got injured during the concussion.

People are extremely likely. To have some vision problems stemming from the concussion. Even though they may not realize it, because the symptoms can be very vague.

Some symptoms that are common following at concussion. And can show up anywhere between hours after the event, or up to ten days following the injury.

Headaches, eyestrain and dry eye. As well as blurred or double vision, at various intervals. Whether this is when they try to focus, or when they stop focusing. Or when they get tired, this is very common.

People may say that they have difficulty reading, or focusing either their eyes. Or putting together a complete thought such as when they are reading and have to reread their sentences over.

Often, eye doctor Edmonton says they can focus close up or far away. But then they cannot hold that focus for more than a few seconds. And these can all be damage to the visual system.

However, there are even more symptoms that a person can experience following a concussion. That are not as obvious that the problem is with the visual system.


People may find that they have difficulty balancing, causing them problems when they are standing or walking. Or that they have extreme sensitivity either to light or motion.

Getting dizzy or nauseous when they were not motion sensitive before the injury. And these can all be symptoms caused by damage from the concussion to the visual system.

Luckily, making an appointment to see their eye doctor Edmonton. Can help patients get the diagnosis that they need. To find solution to the problem. Whether it is treating the symptoms.

Or having patients undergo neuro optometric rehabilitation. Vision therapy is often called physiotherapy for the eyes. And actually fixes and strengthens connections in the brain related to vision.

When they make an appointment for their eye doctor Edmonton. They will undergo a lengthy examination. That requires several different diagnostic tests.

Not only to determine exactly what parts of their visual system have been damaged. But also the severity of the damage. So that they can come up with a treatment plan that will not only fix the symptoms.

That can heal the brain, so that the damage that is causing the symptoms will be healed. This can take several weeks or several months. What is a completely permanent solution.

It should be standard procedure for any person who have suffered a concussion. To go to their optometrist for an assessment. To help heal parts of their brain that they may not realize have been damaged.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing Damage From Concussions

There are many things that can point to damage to a visual system following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. However, if the problem is a person does not realize they have had a concussion. That can be a lot more difficult for them to diagnose and treat.

Many people are under the misconception. That they have to have been hit in the head. In order to suffer from a concussion. Which causes many concussions to go undiagnosed and untreated.

How a person can get a concussion. Is any time their head either changes direction quickly, or stops moving at the rate that it was months moving. This will cause the brain which is suspended in brain fluid to hit the inside of their skull.

It can happen on any part of a person’s brain. Either side, or the front or back. Each is why the symptoms of a concussion can be extremely varied.

Not just related to the severity of how hard the brain hit the inside of the skull. But what part of the brain, can dictate what the symptoms are, and how severe they are as well.

Therefore, if people have fallen, and not hit their head. They could have caused the brain to hit the inside of their skull hard enough. To have a concussion and not know it.

Other situations that cause concussions to people without having a head injury. Is if they have been in a car accident and received whiplash. Or if they have been playing sports, and received a hit from a fellow player. But did not hit their head in the process.

Even some other activities that might not necessarily be considered head trauma. Can cause concussions says eye doctor Edmonton. Such as a soccer player heading of the ball.


Therefore, it is very important that people continue their annual eye exams with their eye doctor Edmonton. Because often, their optometrist can identify damage from a concussion.

With a routine eye exam. That will cause them to want to conduct more tests in order to find out how much their brain has been damaged. And help them come up with a treatment plan.

The treatment might be as simple as prescription glasses. Or getting coding put on their lenses that can help. Such as a coding that has a prisms and it to help with balance issues.

Or tinted glasses to help with motion sensitivity or light to sensitivity. And can effectively treat symptoms. So that people can get back to living a normal life.

However, if they have significant brain damage to the visual systems of their brain. They may need to undergo optometric rehabilitation. To fix connections that were lost in the brain in the injury.

And strengthen those connections in the brain, so that the symptoms not only can be reduced. But completely eliminated. And this optometric rehabilitation is permanent.

Regular routine eye exams are an important way. But ensure that people are not suffering from visual system damage. And not know it, that can be causing difficult to live with symptoms.