Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eye Problems From Computer Use

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eye Problems From Computer Use

One significant problem that many people who use computers a lot is called computer vision syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. While 50 to 90% of all computer users suffer from vision problems. This number is on the rise primarily due to the number of electronic devices in use.

Computer vision syndrome is not limited to only people who use computers. But is a wide variety of symptoms that arise. When people are using electronic devices for a significant portion of their day.

It is not just limited to computers. People who use electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers, and cell phones suffer from computer vision syndrome. As well as television whether it is watching programs or movies, or using the television to play video games.

Add that to the number of people who use computers at their job. And many adults spend over ten and twelve hours every single day on these electronic devices.

What causes the syndrome, is primarily eyestrain, caused when the I has to stay in focus in order to read computer and electronic devices. The eye muscles have to work extremely hard for a long time. And when people do not take adequate breaks. This can result in computer vision syndrome.

However, eye doctor Edmonton says any activity that a person is doing close-up without taking breaks can cause eyestrain. But computer vision syndrome is particularly bad. Because of the blue violet light that emitted from electronic devices as well.

Not only can this add to the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But it can also interrupt peoples sleep patterns. Especially when they are on their electronic devices just before bed. Causing people to feel fatigued. Because they are not getting a restful quality of sleep. Which can contribute to continued eyestrain the next day.


While one of the obvious solutions is avoiding using computers and electronics. However this is not practical says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially as many people have to use computers as part of their work.

Even children are being diagnosed being diagnosed more often with computer vision syndrome. And even they are now being expected to use computers in the classroom.

On average, and adults will get a diagnosis after using electronics for approximately twelve hours a day. Unfortunately, children have to use electronics far less in order to develop the same problems. Children can develop computer vision syndrome after as little as two or three hours every day on an electronic device.

And while abstaining from computers and electronics is not always possible. Patients should understand how important it is to take breaks. Every twenty minutes, both adults and children need to take a break from their electronic device.

Adults should focus their vision on something that is 20 feet away for twenty seconds. While children should move on to another activity for 20 to 30 minutes. Before going back to computer work again.

By understanding what computer vision is. And what causes it can help people ensure that they take enough breaks. And minimize their electronic device usage. So that they can avoid the problems associated with the syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eye Problems From Computer Use

The instances of people who suffer from computer vision syndrome is on the rise says eye doctor Edmonton. And the most recent study done by Alberta optometry Association indicates not only are the numbers rising. But in places that have dry climates such as Alberta. More people than ever are being diagnosed with this syndrome.

The symptoms that are associated with computer vision syndrome include eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. That are caused when the eye muscles have to focus for so long without rest. However, dry eye is another common symptom.

Dry eye can show up as red and excessively teary eyes. Or eyes that are burning, stinging and itchy. However not only is it a symptom of computer vision syndrome. It can also be a contributing factor to developing symptoms as well.

Because of that, instances of this syndrome is on the rise in many dry climates. Which is why eye doctor Edmonton often suggests people using lubricating eye drops. Before they develop symptoms as well as afterwards as well.

Other symptoms that are associated with computer vision syndrome. Include blurred vision and double vision. And many people might think that this happens because the eye is tired, and cannot focus. And this is not actually true.

Eye doctor Edmonton says because the eye is spending so much of its time intensely focused. That if people do not take enough breaks, at the end of their day when they leave the computer. There I will not be able to relax quickly. Which will result in blurred vision any time they tried to see something far away.


Not only can this impede their ability to do things like drive home. But it can take a long time to relax, so that they can focus on things farther away. Which is why it is incredibly important for people who are using computers on a regular basis. To take breaks often.

However, taking breaks is not always enough to eliminate symptoms. Which is why many people end up seeing eye doctor Edmonton. Upon a diagnosis of computer vision syndrome. The optometrist will be able to prescribe a number of treatments including computer glasses.

These computer glasses are specifically designed for use with the computer. That helps the eye focus. So that it does not have to work so hard in order to see the work on the screen.

They also can give treatments to glasses such as an anti reflective coating. That can stop light flashes on the lenses, which can contribute to eyestrain. They can even have lens coatings that can block out blue violet light. That is given off by electronic devices.

And when using these glasses whenever they are on an electronic device. Can help minimize feelings of fatigue. And even can help people fall asleep easier. If they are using their electronic devices at night.

If people are experiencing any number of symptoms in their eyes or vision that are worrisome. They should call their optometrist to arrange for an appointment. To get the diagnosis and treatment that will most beneficial for them.