Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eliminating Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eliminating Computer Vision Syndrome

There are a wide variety of symptoms that make up the computer vision syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. And this comes from using more than just a computer. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop. Any digital devices can cause this affliction.

Not only because people are using more computers at work than ever before. But also because more people are using electronic devices at home and for their hobbies. This is becoming an extremely common syndrome.

Whether people are using their cell phones, their electronic tablets, or even electronic readers. In addition to their computers and televisions. More people than ever before are being diagnosed by eye doctor Edmonton is having computer vision syndrome.

In fact, they find that they are diagnosing people on a daily basis in their office. According to Alberta Optometry Association. 74% of all patients who are diagnosed with this syndrome. Experience symptoms on a daily basis.

Therefore it is incredibly important for people to know what treatment there is that can minimize symptoms. And what they can do themselves to help avoid developing symptoms in the first place.

Since a dry eye is a common symptom of computer vision syndrome. But also is a common cause of this affliction. Eye doctor Edmonton says when people use lubricating eye drops. This can significantly help not only minimize symptoms. But help people avoid them in the first place.


Other symptoms that people can that develop include eyestrain, from focusing too closely for too long. Which strains the muscles. But also fatigue, headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain.

And people who have developed computer vision syndrome can complain of blurred vision or double vision. Especially once they are done working on their computers or digital devices. And then try to focus on something farther away.

In fact, some people end up getting diagnosed. When they complain that at the end of their workday. They are unable to see the road which impedes them from being able to drive home.

This is commonly known as accommodative spasms. And even hours after person has finished working on their computer or digital device. Can find that their eyes will want to slip back into focusing on two close-up things. Causing a lot of irritation in the people who have this syndrome.

One of the easiest things that people can do to avoid developing symptoms. As having regular breaks. It is recommended that anyone who uses any computers or digital devices for any length of time. Get into the habit of taking a break every twenty minutes whenever they are on a computer or digital device.

This break only needs to be twenty seconds long. But it requires in a person focusing on something that is 20 feet away for a full twenty seconds. So that their online can stop focusing so hard and relax regularly throughout the day.

By doing this, it is often enough for people to avoid developing symptoms. So that they do not have to deal with the symptoms that are associated with this comment affliction.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eliminating Computer Vision Syndrome

If people think that computer vision syndrome is caused only by straining their eyes from focusing says eye doctor Edmonton. This is very in accurate. The reason why the name of the syndrome has computer in the title. Is because it is a lot more than just eyestrain.

Since computers as well as other digital devices admit something called blue violet light. This can cause additional symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and can even suppress people’s melatonin levels.

If people are not getting a good night sleep. That can exacerbate things such as eyestrain and fatigue in the next day as well.

Blue violet light is the shortest wavelength of light. Which means it contains the most energy. So when people are on digital devices for a long period of time. That high-energy light coming into their eyes can cause a lot of the problems associated with computer vision syndrome.

And while many people can find relief from this syndrome by taking regular computer brakes, and using eye drops. It is not always enough to minimize the symptoms.

If people have tried taking breaks and using eye drops. And are still experiencing a lot of the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. They should make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get a diagnosis. So that they can find appropriate treatment.


Using computer glasses diagnosed from their optometrist can be extremely helpful. Because it can help there I focus easier. Without straining so hard. But also, the computer glasses can come up with a blue violet light blocking coding. So that when people use their electronic devices. They are not hit with so much high-energy light.

Eye doctor Edmonton can also put an anti reflective coating on people’s glasses whether they are computer glasses or their prescription glasses. That can help minimize the number of light flares on those lenses. That can contribute to fatigue and eyestrain.

While there is no specific diagnostic test for computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton will be able to ask questions such as how often people are on digital devices every day. And then during the exam, they can look for physical symptoms such as dry eye or accommodative spasms.

Even during the exam, when the optometrist switches from close vision to faraway vision, they can see how much trouble eyes have been focusing. In order to diagnose people with this syndrome.

The sooner people are aware of what computer vision syndrome is. The sooner they can be aware of the specific symptoms. So that they can avoid them, and minimize them as well. So that they do not have to suffer with the symptoms for the rest of their life.

Many people tend to think that when they developed computer vision syndrome, that it is because they are getting older, and it is something that just happens. But by knowing this is a specific syndrome with treatments that can minimize those symptoms. Can help ensure people are able to see clearly for many years.