Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome Explained

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome Explained

Many people may not realize that dry eye syndrome is as common as it is according to eye doctor Edmonton. And that 90% of adults experience some symptoms of dry eye in their lifetime.

While many people may be suffering from symptoms of dry eyes. They may not realize that the symptoms that they are experiencing are caused by not having enough tears. Or may actually be caused by not having a good enough quality of tears.

A common scenario that eye doctor Edmonton sees on a regular basis. Is that patients come into the clinic. Thinking that they need to have an eye exam, because their vision is blurry. They assume that they need a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Because of this blurriness.

However, upon examination, eye doctor Edmonton discovers that their prescription is fine. And that dry eye is causing the blurred vision.

How dry eye blurs people’s vision. Is because the lubricant provides a nice smooth surface on the eye itself. So that light can pass through the eye easily, and that is how people see clearly.

When an eye lacks lubrication. It is very rough, causing the light to bounce off the eye in a variety of ways. That will cause unclear vision, or what patients describe as a blurred vision.

Therefore, patients need to understand that if they are experiencing blurred vision. The culprit might in fact be dry eyes. And they should consider if they are experiencing any other dry eye symptoms as well.

What some other symptoms of dry eye syndrome includes burning, itchiness, red eyes. Sometimes people feel like their eyes are sandpaper, or that it feels like they have a foreign body in their eyes.


Another surprising symptom of dry eye syndrome includes excessive tearing of the eyes. Many people may be confused that a symptom of dry eye syndrome is excessive tearing.

And excessive tearing happens, when a patient does not have enough tears lubricating their eyes. Or they do not have good quality tears lubricating their eyes. It causes a reflex action in the body to produce excessive tears.

Unfortunately, these tears are not lubricating, so it does not do anything to help minimize the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

There are some environmental factors that contribute to dry eye syndrome. And especially in Alberta, where the environment is extremely dry. People experience symptoms associated with dry ice syndrome with an increased frequency.

Also, people who smoke, or are around smokers a lot during the day find that they have dry eyes. People who are around strong fumes for their job, excessive computer use, and some medical conditions. Can all cause a patient to develop dry eye syndrome.

Luckily, patients can get tested for dry eye syndrome at their optometrist. And there are many different diagnostic tests available that they can use to determine if a patient has this. And if they do have dry eye syndrome, how severe it is.

By treating the causes of dry eye syndrome as well as the symptoms. Can help patients see clearly, and be more comfortable with their eyes.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome Explained

Dry eye syndrome is incredibly common, especially in adults according to eye doctor Edmonton. This is because the majority of adults eventually experience symptoms associated with dry eye.

While there are many environmental factors associated with dry eye syndrome. Some medical conditions can also cause this syndrome. Such as people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory conditions as well as thyroid disease.

If a patient is suffering from any of these conditions. Managing those health conditions is an important way to control dry eye syndrome. As well, eye doctor Edmonton says many medications can also cause people to develop dry eyes.

There are other factors that contribute to people developing dry eyes. Including getting eyelash extensions, people who have tattooed eyeliner, people who smoke, and people who use computers a lot throughout the day.

When patients go to eye doctor Edmonton, and get diagnosed with dry eye syndrome. The first thing that they will work on is changing the patient’s environment. In order to remove irritants to naturally treat dry eye syndrome.

This often includes stopping eyelash extensions, reducing and limiting computer time as well as taking frequent breaks while on a computer. And limiting exposure to environmental triggers such as smoke for example.

The reason why they will look at treating and changing environmental air tends first. Is because doctors have found that the other dry eye treatments will be more successful. If the environmental irritants are removed first.

The next thing that an eye doctor will do is prescribe eye lubricants to combat the dry eye syndrome. However, patients need to understand that there are many different kinds of over-the-counter eyedrops.

And some eye lubricants are better than others. Some have more lubricating properties, and some even have anti-inflammatories in them to help make a patient’s eyes more comfortable.


As well, a great treatment is increasing the amount of omega-3’s that a patient has in their diet. And the doctor will discuss with the patient how to increase omega-3’s naturally in the patient’s diet.

As well as taking additional supplements. Because these supplements will help naturally increase the bodies ability to generate their own tears themselves.

Even a patient who uses warm compresses on the eyes, can help open up the tear glands in order to encourage the body to continue to produce more tears than it previously was.

If all of these treatments are unsuccessful. The next thing that the doctor will do is prescribe medicated eyedrops. And these medicated eyedrops are designed to help a body produce more tears on its own.

So that even when patients stop taking these medicated eyedrops. Their body will likely continue producing more tears in order to minimize the patient’s dry ice syndrome.

Other ways that patients can help themselves combat symptoms associated with dry eye. Or to simply prevent themselves from developing dry eye syndrome in the first place.

Include using humidifiers at home and work, drinking lots of water, getting a good amount of sleep. As well as quitting smoking if they smoke, eating foods high in omega-3’s, and avoiding environmental triggers whenever possible.

Since the majority of adults will eventually develop symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Understanding what they can do to minimize symptoms, or prevent them from developing this syndrome is extremely important.