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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Double Vision After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Double Vision After a Concussion

Although it is quite common for people to have double vision following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. There are a multitude of other symptoms. That point to a damaged visual system.

What makes this even more complex. Is the fact that not all symptoms of a concussion show up immediately following the event. With many symptoms showing up two weeks later.

However, some of the symptoms of a visual system being damaged. Are less obvious than people know. Which can cause a lot of people to suffer with symptoms of a damaged visual system. And not to be aware of it.

Some of the more common symptoms that can point to a damaged visual system. Include eyestrain, dry eye, as well as blurred or double vision. And people saying that they have difficulty focusing.

Or once they focus they are not able to hold it. Or they cannot read or track motion. And while these are very obvious symptoms of a visual system that has been damaged by concussion.

If these symptoms develop up to two weeks after the event. Many people might overlook them. And may not consider this part of the concussion that they experienced. Because they showed up so late.

And when the symptoms that they experience. Or less obviously related to vision system being damaged. This can cause a lot of people to not realize that they have a damaged visual system related to their concussion.

Some of the less common symptoms that they should be aware of. Include balance problems, dizziness and nausea. Especially when triggered by motion. As well as light sensitivity, and headaches.

However, if they are able to get in to see their eye doctor Edmonton two weeks after concussion. No matter what symptoms they are having. They can figure out what parts of their brain have been damaged.


The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to conduct many different tasks. That can determine if a patient has damaged eye muscles, if they are having a difficult time focusing or viewing images.

Or even if the tissue themselves have been damaged by the concussion. So that the optometrist can come up with the correct treatment to not only minimize symptoms. But heal the damage.

In some mild cases, the right treatment can include prescription glasses that can minimize symptoms. Or coating on the glasses. That can minimize symptoms.

And for more serious cases. They should undergo vision therapy, to fix the connections in their brain. And then, the glasses that they are given by their optometrist.

Will minimize symptoms while waiting for the the vision therapy to work. The vision therapy might take several weeks or even several months.

Although once people take vision therapy. The effects are permanent, because the brain will have their connections healed. So that people do not have to participate in vision therapy for the rest of their life.

Because these problems can persist for years. Even if a person has suffered a concussion many years ago. They can benefit from vision therapy.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Double Vision After a Concussion

It is very important for people to understand if they have had a concussion, what the symptoms can be says eye doctor Edmonton. Because while a lot of symptoms can be very obvious.

People can very easily damage different parts of their visual system. And not even know that they have damaged anything. Especially as the symptoms are not obvious.

The reason why it is very easy to damage the visual system. Is because the brain has over three hundred connections that relates to vision. As well as thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with the vision system in some way.

Whether it is communication, walking or standing. Or hand eye coordination. All of these different activities can be very difficult. Depending on what part of the visual system is damaged.

And it is very likely that part of the visual system is damaged during concussion. Because as vision impacts many parts of the person’s body. No matter what part of the brain is damaged during concussion.

It is likely that part of the visual system was affected. Just because of how widespread those brain connections are. Therefore, people need to understand the symptoms.

So that if they have had a concussion, they can be aware of what they should be looking for. So that they can get to their eye doctor as quickly as possible. For proper diagnosis.

Double vision is very common, although it might come across as blurred vision. And people may not think that this is a huge problem. Because they have clear vision some of the time.


However, having clear vision part of the time is even more troubling. Because it points to damage that needs to be healed. Instead of something like eyes needing a new prescription for the glasses.

Other symptoms can include difficulty tracking motion, having a difficult focusing or staying focused. As well as people who have a hard time reading, because their eyes cannot stay focused on a single line of text.

Even dry eye is a symptom of broken visual system. Because it affects the part of the brain that tells the eye how often it should blink. Which has people developing dry eyes.

They might assume is part of their computer usage, or the fact that they live in a dry climate such as Alberta. And while these are the most obvious symptoms. There are even more unusual symptoms to be aware of.

Symptoms such as having light sensitivity, or dizziness and nausea triggered by fast motion. And having a difficult time balancing or walking. When people experience these, they should also get to their eye doctor Edmonton quickly. For diagnosis.

The benefits of seeing an eye doctor Edmonton. Is that they can undergo optometric rehabilitation. Which not only can heal the damage thoroughly. But the effects are permanent as well.

Even if a person has been living with this damage for many years. They can undergo vision therapy. And fix the missed connections in the brain in order to be able to see and effectively.