Eye Doctor Edmonton | Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome

Chances are, if people use computers at work, or electronic devices at home, eye doctor Edmonton says they are likely to suffer from computer vision syndrome. This is a syndrome that is typically diagnosed when people have variety of symptoms related to their vision.

the symptoms that people should be aware of our eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. But also blurred vision or double vision. Particularly when they stop using a computer or electronic device. People can also get spasms of their accommodative systems as well.

Dry eyes another symptom, including redness, burning or itchiness. As well as people can end up having excessive tearing in their eyes too. However people need to understand that while dry eyes can be a symptom. Dryness can also cause computer vision syndrome.

In fact, the most recent studies done by Alberta, optometry Association indicates that dry climates such as Alberta. Have higher incidences of computer vision syndrome. Because of the climate.

Because of this, eye doctor Edmonton suggests that people use lubricating eye drops. If they use computers or electronic devices a lot. Or if they are already suffering from some of the symptoms associated with computer syndrome.

In addition to taking eye drops, another preventative measure for people if they have symptoms or not. Is to take regular breaks. And while some people think that means taking a break to read a book, or look at their social media this is not the case.


People need to take breaks twenty minutes from computer work or while using electronics. They only need to take a break twenty seconds. But they do during this twenty second is incredibly. He needs to focus on will looking at something 20 feet away from them.

The reason why people need to look at something 20 feet away. Is so that they can unfocused their eyes. So that guards against eyestrain. Because people are regularly focusing their eyes. Which can help relax the muscles and avoid straining them, and fifty.

For children who spend time on others at school. As well as use electronics at home. Eye doctor Edmonton suggests taking a break every twenty minutes from computers. And instead of taking a twenty second break. Children should take a break for twenty or thirty minutes. Ideally doing something that does not focus their eyes. Such as playing outside.

Ideally, adults and children should be very mindful about the electronics that they use while at home. So that they can minimize the potential of developing computer vision syndrome. However, since so many people use a wide variety of electronics.

Such as watching television, surfing on the Internet, and playing video games. This may be very difficult. Which is why they should be taking regular breaks.

If people have any concerns about the symptoms that they are experiencing. Or if they want to get tested. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a routine checkup. Where the optometrist will be able to ask specific questions. And look for physical symptoms. To help guard against this common affliction.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome

The more people are using electronics both at home and at work says eye doctor Edmonton. The more and more people are getting diagnosed with something called computer vision syndrome. There are several different ways that this syndrome can present in people. Through a variety of symptoms.

Ultimately, the reason behind computer vision syndrome is when focus their eyes too much thing so close to their face. For such a long period of time. Coupled with the constant stream of blue violet light that is embedded from those computers and electronic devices. Together creates this syndrome.

Almost all electronic devices emit blue violet light. From television use, computer monitors, tablets and cell phones. Which is the shortest wavelength of light says eye doctor Edmonton. And the shortest wavelength contains the most energy.

When light that has the most energy is constantly sent back to person, into their allies. This can increase eyestrain, fatigue headaches that people experience.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton says blue violet light can also start answering people’s brains. For example can suppress melatonin levels. Which is why they often have a hard time falling asleep at night. After they have been using an electronic device like their computer, cell phone or tablet.

This is why avoid using electronic devices up to an hour for bedtime, especially children. So that they can get the restful sleep they need to be able to function the next day.


If people are not able to get a restful and restorative sleep. The eyestrain, fatigue and headaches they experienced in the previous day will carry forward into the next. Causing more problems for people.

Since 50 to 90% of people who use computers daily will end up complaining about computer vision syndrome symptoms. Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis is the most susceptible to this.

However, it is not just an affliction by people who use computers for work. If people are spending a long time on their electronic devices at home. Even if they do not work, and them. Can end up getting computer vision syndrome.

If people are wondering about if they have or if they are prone to developing this syndrome. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton. Who will be able to look at their eyes and take a history.

While there is no specific diagnostic test that can diagnose computer vision syndrome. If the optometrist knows about the history of computer use. They will be able to look at their eyes during a routine eye exam for physical symptoms. Such as dry eye for accommodative spasms. So that they will be able to tell if a person is likely suffering from computer vision syndrome.

While prevention is the best treatment. There is a number of things that a person can do to minimize their risks. From taking breaks, to using eyedrops. In getting a prescription for computer glasses, or specially coated lenses that can minimize the effects of eyestrain and blue violet light.