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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dizziness Following a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dizziness After a Concussion

It is very possible for people to have damaged the visual systems in their brain following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. But not realize it. Often, because the symptoms are not obvious. And also, because it can take up to a week and a half for the symptoms to develop.

Because there are so many neural connections in the brain related to vision. It is quite common for people to end up damaging these parts of their brain during a concussion.

Even if people have experienced a very mild concussion. And did not lose consciousness, or get hit directly in the head. Can still suffer from vision problems. By having that section of their brain injured in the concussion.

Therefore, it is very important for people to recognize what symptoms they can experience. That points to a damaged visual system. There are some very obvious symptoms including double vision and blurred vision. They might even experience dry eye, or all eyestrain. But the less obvious symptoms include headaches, sensitivity to motion, balance issues as well as dizziness and nausea.

Not only can it take up to several hours or ten days for these symptoms to show up. But these symptoms can persist for a long time. 15% of patients who have had even a mild brain injury can find that their systems persist longer than a year.

Therefore, even if a patient suspects that they might have injured this part of their brain. Should go see an eye doctor Edmonton. To get a proper evaluation.


However, not just any eyed doctor will be able to help them with that. They need to find one that has training in neural rehabilitation. They will go through an evaluation very different from a typical eye examination.

The doctor Edmonton will check visual efficiencies in order to determine if the patient has suffered damage to their visual system. Such as checking there I tracking, their focus, their balance and motion sensitivity.

There are many different treatment options that are available for patients. Based on what symptoms they have, and the level of severity of their damage. The eye doctor Edmonton cannot prescribe a number of treatments that can minimize or reduce symptoms immediately.

While the patient is undergoing a vision therapy program. That will permanently heal the injury to their brain and their visual system. They can get glasses with a variety of tints in them.

To affect visual processing. That often have an immediate impact on eliminating symptoms. They may also prescribe glasses that have yoked prisons, that can correct a patient’s balance.

Depending on the severity of the damage to the visual system. The more severe it is, the more hours of this narrow optometric rehabilitation a patient will go through. And the eye doctor Edmonton can adjust the various levels that a patient goes through.

So that even if they have suffered a significant brain injury. They will still be able to go through this program.

It is very important for people to pay very close attention to all of the symptoms that they get following a concussion. And when they start noticing the symptoms, and exactly what they are. So that they can get a proper diagnosis. And treatment to heal their brain injury.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dizziness & Concussion

Many people may not realize that the dizziness they experience following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Can point to damage to the visual system of their brain. Even if the concussion that they suffered is extremely mild. Because there are so many visual systems within the brain. It is very easy that some of them can be damaged.

Dizziness is one of the symptoms of a visual system damage. Because many aspects of vision is required to help people balance. When this part of their brain is damaged, the symptom is dizziness. There are a wide variety of other symptoms that patients can experience. That they might not immediately relate back to a visual problem.

They can experience headaches, motion sensitivity, and nausea. In addition to dizziness and balance issues. In fact, this might go undetected. And patients who are undergoing a variety of other therapies. Including physiotherapists, or working with an occupational therapist. Might find that they are not healing as well as their therapists think they should.

If this is the case, and the patient is also suffering a variety of symptoms including balance, dizziness and motion sensitivity. They should think about working collaboratively with an eye doctor Edmonton. Since the visual system affects so many other parts of a person’s body functions.

When they get the appropriate neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy program. To work in conjunction with their occupational therapists and physiotherapists approach. This can help ensure maximum success of all of the therapies.


Ultimately, treating the visual system makes all other treatments much more successful. And most eye doctor Edmonton that have training in neural rehabilitation. While be more than happy to work collaboratively with a wide variety of other therapists. To help heal patients who have suffered a concussion.

Even people who are suffering from symptoms that are too severe. Can get help from visual therapy. The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to modify all of the activities within their therapy program. Designed to fit each patient, and their level of ability.

As the patient heals, and progresses. The visual therapist will be able to make the activities more challenging, so that the patient can continue to progress and heal from this injury.

It is very important that people recognize all of the various signs of visual damage. Following a concussion. So that they can recognize this in themselves if they start experiencing the symptoms.

It is also important that they understand that they do not necessarily have to lose consciousness, or even be hit in the head to be suffering from a concussion. And that if they start experiencing a lot of these symptoms, to get to the right doctor immediately. So that they can get a proper diagnosis. And start receiving the treatment that they need in order to properly heal.