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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage to the Visual System After Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage to the Visual System After Concussions

It is very common for a person to have their visual system affected following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. This is because there are so many parts of the brain that deal with vision.

In fact, there are over three hundred connections in the brain that deal with vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision in some aspect of their function.

Therefore, no matter what part of a person’s brain was affected by a concussion. There was the front or back, or either side. There is an extremely high chance that a persons visual system was affected.

In fact, it is extremely common for people to have problems with their visual system and not even know it. Because it is not yet standard for concussion patients to visit their eye doctor Edmonton.

For complete routine assessment. They often visit their eye doctor Edmonton after they try physiotherapy. And are not making as much progress as their therapist thinks that they should be making.

The reason why, is because whatever parts of their body that they are trying to heal. Such as learning how to balance and walk. Or learning how to write again.

All use some aspects of visual system. Which can only heal the body so much. When a person still has a damaged visual systems caused by the concussion.

What makes it even more difficult. Is it is very common for many people to be unaware that they have suffered a concussion. Especially when they have had a mild injury, that did not include a blow to the head.


And when they do not have any immediate symptoms following the concussion. And the symptoms show up anywhere between ten days to two weeks afterwards.

People often have their concussion as a distant memory. And attribute their symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision. Or think that their light sensitivity and dizziness has a different cause.

In fact, all of the various symptoms that people can end up with that point to a vision system damage. Are not as obvious as many people think. Which can delay treatment.

Or cause a person to delay going to their eye doctor for an assessment. Because they think the problem is caused by something entirely different.

Some of the symptoms that people need to be aware of. That point to a damaged visual system. Include headaches, eyestrain, and blurred or double vision. These are some of the most obvious symptoms of a damaged visual system.

However, other problems can include difficult the focusing or staying focused. Having a hard time following motion, or trouble reading because they cannot follow a line.

Dry eyes, light sensitivity, dizziness and nausea. As well as balance problems can also point to a damaged visual system. The key to getting the right treatment, is diagnosis in the first place.

This is why it is very important that concussion patients do make it a priority to see their eye doctor after a month following their concussion. So that they can get the right diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage to the Visual System After Concussions

If people have experienced damage to their visual system following a concussion, eye doctor Edmonton says the damage can be reversed with the right treatment. This is incredibly important to know, and can help encourage people seek treatment from the right source following a concussion.

Happens during a concussion, is that when the brain hits the inside of the skull. Which can end up causing connections in the brain to be damaged or broken. Which can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

After a concussion, if patients are experiencing some symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and blurred or double vision. As well as having trouble focusing up close or far away.

Or having trouble staying focused. These can all point to a damaged visual system, that is quite obvious. However there are less obvious symptoms of a damaged visual system as well.

One of the less obvious symptoms is dry eye. Because the part of the brain that was damaged, is what regulates how often people blink. Therefore they do not blink nearly as often as they should.

And people might end up thinking that there dry eyes caused by climate, or the fact that they are on their computer for a long time. The problem actually is a damaged or broken connections in their brain.

Other less obvious symptoms include light sensitivity, dizziness and nausea, especially triggered by motion. As well as having trouble balancing.


However, eye doctor Edmonton can permanently heal the broken in damaged brain connections. And this is a process called vision therapy rehabilitation. which is often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes.

This process can take several weeks or even several months or longer. Therefore, the optometrist can also prescribe glasses that can minimize symptoms.

While a patient is undergoing treatment. However, even though this process can take several months. It is a permanent way to fix the damaged and broken brain connections.

So that when people experience fewer symptoms. Or those symptoms are completely eliminated. And when they do eliminate those symptoms, that affects will be permanent. Because the damage will be completely fixed.

Whether eye doctor Edmonton can completely eliminate symptoms. Or significantly minimize them. It often can help people lead a completely normal life. Even if they have been dealing with symptoms for many years.

The reason why many people might be experiencing symptoms for years. Is because unlike the body, when the brain has been damaged by a concussion. The brain does not to heal that damage itself.

Therefore, it is very common for people to be living with concussion damage for years. But after receiving vision therapy, can live a completely happy and normal life, free of symptoms.

If patients think that maybe they have had a concussion, and are suffering from symptoms from that damage. They can always make an appointment with their eye doctor.

And get a proper assessment, that can let them know if they are suffering from concussion damage. And if so, what treatment plan they can utilize to fix that.