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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Consult an Optometrist After A Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | See Your Optometrist After A Concussion

It should be standard procedure to consult and I doctor Edmonton after anyone receives a concussion. For a variety of different reasons. Not only are concussions extremely common in this country. 3.8 million concussions occurring every year.

But because the visual system has so many connections in the brain. That there is an extremely large chance of damaging at least a part of this system any time a concussion occurs.

Therefore, contacting an eye doctor Edmonton as a routine procedure when a concussion happens. Can help people get diagnosed sooner. So that they can get treatment that can heal that part of their brain.

This is extremely important. Especially because a lot of the symptoms related to the damaged visual system are not necessarily obviously visual problems. While sometimes people might complain of dry eyes, eyestrain, and double vision immediately after their concussion. These might take days or a week or more to occur.

And there can be other symptoms of damaged visual system that are far less obvious. Eye doctor Edmonton says these symptoms can include dizziness or nausea, motion sickness, a sensitivity to motion out of the patient’s periphery. They could even be off-balance, have a hard time concentrating, need decreased brightness on their electronic devices, or need more frequent breaks in between reading.


While all of these things can be obvious to a knight doctor Edmonton that the visual system is damaged. This is less obvious for patients who have not had any training. Or whose symptoms might seem to come up unrelated to their injury.

Even patients who have had neuro imaging done will not always have the brain injuries show up on this brain scan. And the symptoms are slow to show up. All because of the altered metabolic activity in a patient’s brain.

Therefore, with how complicated and complex the situation can be. By making it a routine procedure to send patients to die doctor Edmonton with training in neuro-rehabilitation. Can help ensure patients get the diagnosis as quickly as possible.

The doctor Edmonton can come up with an appropriate treatment program. While working in conjunction with any of the other rehabilitation doctors. That a patient has been deemed necessary to see. In order to heal themselves of this brain injury.

All doctors will be able to work collaboratively together. Even if they are physiotherapists, occupational therapists or even psychologists. But they all work together, to ensure that all of their therapies complement each other. They are going to ensure maximum success for healing of their patient.

It is extremely important that the eye doctor Edmonton and the other therapists heal a patient completely from this issue. Because when it is not treated properly. Not only does it increase the risk for future concussions. But it also increases the severity of those future concussions. Making a larger and more devastating impact on a patient’s ability to function, concentrate, and live life normally.

Therefore, all doctors should realize that any patients with concussion should immediately be referred to an optometrist for a visual system evaluation.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Consult an Optometrist Post Concussion

It can be very difficult for patients to get a proper diagnosis after they have a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially because some injuries may not be very obvious that they are a concussion in the first place.

Concussion is ultimately a type of mild brain injury. That happens when a brain hits the inside of a person’s skull. A concussion can happen for a variety of different reasons. And can be the result of many different types of injuries.

Even people who were mildly injured, and did not even have their head hit. Can suffer from a concussion. If their head moved fast enough. And stopped suddenly enough. To allow the brain to hit the inside of their skull.

Because a person might not be very injured and end up with a concussion. Or a person might not even have their head hit. And still end up with a concussion. It makes it very tricky subject to diagnose correctly.

Therefore, when symptoms show up days or weeks after the incident. And are not specifically troubling initially. They can often go misdiagnosed. Or even have a patient not bring them up to their doctor. Because they do not seem related.

These symptoms can include cognitive fatigue, eyestrain, balance issues, sensitivity to movements, or nausea. However, to an eye doctor Edmonton these can be extremely telltale signs. Which is why the sooner a concussion patient can see the right professional. The sooner they can get an accurate diagnosis, and the right treatment.


In fact, sometimes people get a diagnosis of an eye system damage. If they are at an occupational therapist, or a physiotherapist. And they think that the patient is not feeling as fast as they expect.

The reason why this happens says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because visual systems can affect many different parts of a person’s functions. Making it difficult to heal certain parts of their body. If their brain is damaged visually.

A great example of this, is if a patient is trying to heal any injury. But they cannot walk on it, because they are dizzy. Therefore, it should be standard procedure for an eye doctor to be called in any time someone has had a concussion.

Also, if rehabilitation doctors are aware of this as well. They will be able to keep this in mind as they work with their patient. To know what signs to look for. That indicates they should contact an eye doctor Edmonton to work collaboratively with them.

The sooner patients are able to get the proper diagnosis. The sooner there able to get a proper treatment. That can help them heal from their injuries.

This is important to include other doctors in this diagnosis. Because some patients have these symptoms that linger for more than a year. And are not able to definitively tie them to their concussion. And so they end up suffering for years when they should not have to.